Celebrating our Team of Physicians on National Doctors’ Day

March 30, 2022 | (16) Comments

It is my honor to represent On the Mark for this exceptionally special occasion. Today is National Doctors’ Day, and I want to take a moment to honor Texas Children’s remarkable team of physicians for their commitment to the patients we serve from all around the globe.

I’ve been at Texas Children’s for almost 25 years and one of the reasons I remain dedicated to this institution is because of my physician colleagues. I have never been a part of a team of doctors who collaborate so effortlessly and seamlessly for the betterment of the children and women who need our expertise and skill. These men and women give their all day after day because caring for people is what they were called to do.

It is a privilege and an honor to do what we do as physicians, and it is in many ways a part of our identity. You have chosen perhaps the most impactful profession that there has ever been or will ever be — providing care to people.

If you’ve never been faced with this situation before, put yourself in the shoes of a parent who is handing their sick child to a doctor. Can you imagine the trust that they’re placing in that team of physicians — in you — to properly care for their child and to do everything in your power to help cure and comfort them?

That trust alone is an honor and it is inspirational.

However, I will be the first to address that as physicians, every triumphant moment and every calling comes with incredibly difficult seasons. The past two years alone as we’ve continued to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, we have faced challenges that I don’t believe we ever thought we’d see in our lifetime. Aside from the physical toll this virus has left on so many families, it has also heightened the difficulty of the sacrifices we make as physicians.

In a field where much of our work revolves around interpersonal interactions, we quickly found that although social distancing and wearing masks ultimately keep us, our patients and their families safe, we’ve unfortunately lost parts of what makes providing medical care so special.

As a physician, the high-five after a child braves something they once thought was scary, the small touch of comfort provided to a family as their child is wheeled into a procedure, and the simplicity of a smile is something I miss the most — and I know you miss it too.

I ask you that in those moments where you’re exhausted, doubting if you can make it in this field another day, please remember why you chose this career. Healthcare has never needed experienced doctors more than today.

Over the course of my career and after many conversations with physician colleagues, I’ve discovered that one of the main reasons doctors choose this profession is because people look to us for care and comfort during the times in their lives when they are most afraid. I truly don’t know that there is any higher calling than this.

In my most difficult moments, I think about the life of service that all of us at Texas Children’s have chosen, service to the most important people in this world — children and women. The courage and dedication that you have all shown through every triumph and every hurdle have been a source of profound inspiration to me and so many others.

I’ve never been prouder to be a doctor or more humbled to work with colleagues like you. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for the families that come to us in their most difficult — and their most joyous — times. From one physician to another, Happy Doctors’ Day.

Larry H. Hollier Jr., MD
Surgeon-In-Chief and Chair of Texas Children’s Department of Surgery

16 Responses to “Celebrating our Team of Physicians on National Doctors’ Day”

  1. I am happy to be a physician at TCH because I get to work with the best group of doctors I could hope for. They are industrious and resilient. They are prominent and humble. Like the nursing staff, they go above and beyond. Happy Doctor’s Day to all!!!

  2. Kim Frawner

    Happy National Doctor’s Day to all of our amazing physicians! I’m so thankful to have thoughtful, kind, and energetic physician partners to work alongside of each day. Each of our physicians play an integral role in making TCH the amazing organization it is! Thank you for all you do, every day!

  3. Janet Winebar

    Dr Hollier,
    I have always appreciated the amazing physicians I have been blessed to work alongside during my career as a nurse at the bedside and then as a nurse leader. Your words remind and deepen my awareness of the challenges and sacrifices you, as physicians, face. The grace in which our doctors approach our patients and families truly inspire me personally and help make TCH a truly special place!

  4. Roula Zoghbi Smith

    Happy National Doctors’ Day! The resilience and dedication of our doctors to our patients and families has never amazed me more. Thank you to all who have navigated these challenging times in an effort to continue providing the high quality and compassionate care our patients need and deserve.

  5. Kara Abrameit

    Happy National Doctor’s Day to our amazing physicians! The Texas Children’s family is blessed with the most talented, caring and outstanding specialists and primary care physicians in the world. I am humbled to work alongside of our physicians daily and am eternally grateful our physicians choose Texas Children’s and our patients every day.

  6. Paul K. MInifee MD

    Happy Doctor’s Day!!
    I am richly blessed to work in this environment that provides excellent, expert and collaborative care to a range of patients, from the common to some with rare and exceptional complexities that boggle the mind. I am so proud that we have received administrative support to stay true to the mission of providing care to all children. Thanks for fantastic physician and administrative leadership.

  7. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with wonderful, dedicated Texas Children’s doctors as an employee for 26 years and especially as a parent of a young man who’s had a two major surgeries at TCH since he was two months old. I’ve placed my trust in the hands of not only Texas Children’s doctors, but also the hospital care team especially the medical laboratory professionals. Thank you!!

  8. Crystal Sallans

    It is such privilege to work along side our physician partners. Thank you for being kind and compassionate to our patients and families during some of the most challenging times in their lives. Happy National Doctor’s Day!

  9. Shannon Zerber

    During my 18+ years at Texas Children’s, I’ve been blessed by relationships with our amazing physicians. I am so thankful for all your expertise, compassion, and dedication to our patients, families, and team members. Thank you for all you do! Happy Doctors’ Day!

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