Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands Celebrates 5 Years!

April 13, 2022 | (16) Comments

Today we celebrated the 5th anniversary of Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands, and what an exciting and special day it was!

I can still remember the day when our leadership team realized that we needed to bring a pediatric community hospital to The Woodlands to care for the children and families north of Houston. We had already been serving the area for years through Texas Children’s Pediatrics and Texas Children’s Health Plan, but we knew that there was so much more to be done.

What began as a vision and a dream of bringing Texas Children’s specialized care to the communities north of Houston has now surpassed everything I could have ever imagined — and it is all because of our One Amazing Team and the tireless commitment you give to our patients and their families.

Because of you, the first five years at Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands consisted of more than 825,000 completed appointments and over 47,500 surgeries. The Woodlands Emergency Room has also welcomed more than 265,000 visits. Wow!

Most importantly, every single one of these appointments represents a family who was provided world-class care, right in their own backyard.

Every time I have the opportunity to look out on this beautiful campus, I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude and pride. I am so incredibly proud that Texas Children’s recognized the need and made the move to bring a community hospital to The Woodlands. And I’m even prouder to know that we have some of the very best people who give their all to our patients each and every day.

When I think of a community, I think of people. I think of fellowship, commonalities and a shared purpose. And I firmly believe that Texas Children’s The Woodlands represents just that. Together, all of you make up this beautiful community of compassionate and talented caregivers who share a common goal and calling — to care for children and their families when and where they need it most.

Our hospitals, and the people who make them into a community, are what make a difference for so many families. We’ve seen immense success with Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus and The Woodlands, and that is exactly why we’re bringing Texas Children’s Hospital to Austin in 2024! There is truly nothing greater than the community we’ve created for our patients, and I hope you know that we couldn’t have done it without you.

To the Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands team, thank you! The past five years have been nothing short of remarkable, but I want to let you know one thing — we aren’t done growing and we definitely aren’t finished yet! Congratulations, and here’s to the next five years at Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands!

16 Responses to “Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands Celebrates 5 Years!”

  1. Frank Stowell

    Congratulations! Thank you to all those who always give their best each day to serve the children and their families during their encounters with Texas Children’s Hospital. You are THE BEST!!

  2. Paige Schulz

    Congratulations friends and colleagues in the Woodlands! It is a pleasure working with you and witnessing the incredible care and service you provide in the Woodlands community.

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Brittnie Wright

    Wow! Can’t believe it’s been 5 years!! What a joy and pleasure it’s been watching this grow! Time flies when you’re having fun!

    Thanks Mr. Wallace for all the love and support! I sincerely appreciate your vision and leadership! I’m so thankful to be a part of this organization and the wonderful Woodlands community where we are able to make such a dynamic difference and impact to so many!

    Go TCH and go Team Woodlands! This is just the start!

  4. Ketrese White

    Thank you, Mr. Wallace! It’s been an extraordinary 5 years, this milestone wouldn’t be possible without the vision to bring world class pediatric care to the north region. I echo those sentiments, we aren’t finished yet. Looking forward to the exciting journey ahead!

  5. Nicole Edwards

    Happy 5th Birthday, WOO Crew! It has been an incredible 5 years for our campus! I am thankful for each person within our campus and the commitment they have to our patients, families, and their peers. Cheers to another 5 fantastic years!

  6. Matt Timmons

    Happy 5th Anniversary to the amazing Woodlands team! 5 years has flown by- thank you for serving the north region community…looking forward to the next 5 years!

  7. Melanie (Mel) Johnson

    I can still remember watching the construction out the window of the Health Center in the St. Luke’s building every day. It was so exciting to watch the entire process from start to finish. The tree topping at the new Woodlands campus was so much fun and we were able to sign our names on the concrete pillars that support the EC. The day we got to walk the halls for the very first time was so exciting and I remember feeling very emotional knowing all the good that was about to come to our patients, their families and our community. Here we are 5 years later and I can honestly say the pride I feel every time I come through those doors is overwhelming. We really are ONE AMAZING TEAM and I am so honored to be a part of Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands! Cheers to 5 years! Happy Birthday!

  8. Kimberly Troupe

    Where do I begin? Well, by saying, “It’s a BLESSING to work with such an amazing team.”
    We work hard, laugh hard, and even cry hard here in the Woods, but we do it with each other, for each other, and with and for our families.

    Happy 5 years, and looking forward to many more!

  9. Jackie Ward

    I remember the topping off ceremony so vividly! The energy was so high and the local community participants were so thrilled to have top quality pediatric care coming to The Woodlands. Truly a vision translated into reality! Happy 5th Anniversary Woodlands team!

  10. Bobbie Jehle

    What an experience it has been to be apart of TCH The Woodlands for the past 5 years. Although the numbers are very impressive showing all the lives we have touched, the most impressive part is the team that makes it all happen. The Woodlands team is the truest example of the ultimate TCH culture. It is the team that makes it a success and this one is by far #OneAmazingTeam!

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