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The work is not done

My wife Shannon and I watched the Oscars Sunday night, as did about 23 million people across the world. She...

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A dream realized

Note: Dr. King’s words of inspiration and passion for equality were captured in the 2019 special tribute video. A dream...

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Attitude makes a difference

Written by Guest Blogger: Shannon Holland

Maxim No. 5: The key characteristics to look for when selecting people are a winning attitude and a strong work...

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Striving for excellence

Written by Guest Blogger: Kristi Lemmert

Maxim No. 4: We all should have our own definition of leadership. When I think of what leadership means, I...

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Taking ownership

Written by Guest Blogger: Gary Bradshaw

Maxim No. 3: We lead in our professional lives and in our personal lives. As both a senior project manager...

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Leadership is a choice

Written by Guest Blogger: Tiffany Bittner

Maxim No. 2: Leadership applies to everyone. I started my role at Texas Children’s Hospital in November 2018 and quickly...

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Your leadership story

Written by Guest Blogger: Daniel Osmand with an introduction by Mark Wallace

Back in April, I asked you to share how my Leadership Maxims apply to you and your roles at Texas...