About This Blog

On the Mark was created for the more than 15,000 team members at Texas Children’s today. Our workforce cares for more than 10,500 children and women daily, and has 4.3 million patient encounters a year. This blog illustrates what an amazing organization Texas Children’s is because of the dedication of those who work here and lead tirelessly to make a difference, advance medicine and provide the best possible care to everyone we touch.

Here, I’ll share some of the truly inspiring encounters I have with many of you, as well as my personal insights, leadership philosophies and organizational priorities. My hope is that On the Mark is a dynamic place where you and I can connect, so I welcome you to join the conversation. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Access this blog from any device. On the Mark can be viewed from any personal or work computer, mobile phone or tablet, any time. Just go to www.onthemark.org.
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  • Tell me what you want to read about. Tell me your ideas, give your feedback, or share something you think I should highlight here. Just send an email to onthemark@texaschildrens.org.
  • Tell me your stories. As much as I enjoy sharing my insights and stories with you, I love hearing your stories. Share them with me, and I may write about them in future blog posts or invite you to do so as a guest blogger.

Enjoy your visit at On the Mark … stay a while and be inspired.