Thank you for another successful Leadership Maxims series

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The second installment of my Leadership Maxims series recently ended, and I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did!

I love this series because it gives me a chance to share my Leadership Maxims, and it’s also such a great opportunity to spotlight amazing leadership throughout the organization. I’m so proud of the employees who were highlighted in the series for their outstanding service, and I was… Read More

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A winning wager


During a recent conversation with my colleagues about how well Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women is doing at caring for women, mothers and babies, we wagered how many little ones would be delivered at the hospital in fiscal year 2018.

My educated guess was 6,250. And wouldn’t you know it? That is exactly how many precious babies our expert clinical staff brought into the world between October 2017 and September… Read More

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The face of Texas Children’s


Maxim 10: The best companies in the world are those that have outstanding frontline leadership.

When you’re blessed to lead an organization as successful as Texas Children’s has been, people often want to know the secret. They ask all the time, “How does Texas Children’s continue to do so well?” And the funny part is, it’s no secret at all. In fact, the reason for our success can be found… Read More

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Endless possibilities

Andrea Crayton

Maxim no. 9: Leadership development is hiring the best, developing them and retaining them.

Last week, I celebrated 29 amazing years at Texas Children’s, and when I look at how much we have grown as an organization both in size and scope it takes my breath away.

The growth of our workforce has also been simply incredible. When I first came to Texas Children’s in 1989, we had about 1,400 employees…. Read More

Category: Culture, Maxims of Leadership, Recognition

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