Until we meet again

November 3, 2015 | (24) Comments

A few months ago I was sitting with Amber Tabora and Angela Hudson, leaders in our Marketing/PR Department, and I told them I had an exciting idea. As an organization, we had lots of great things happening: tremendous, rapid growth of our workforce and patient volume, three huge capital projects underway, and everyone was working at full throttle, and had been for quite some time.

I said, “Guys, let’s do something big. Let’s get out there and try to reach every Texas Children’s employee and show them how much they are appreciated.” Essentially, I wanted to celebrate who we are, all the amazing things we do together every day and everything that makes our organization’s culture so special.

Together, we came up with the One Mission, One Culture, One Amazing Team events – seven hospital-based celebrations. But I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to get out and see every Texas Children’s team member at all 73 locations throughout Greater Houston. I told Amber and Angela that it had always been my dream to go on a tour and visit all of Texas Children’s locations within 24 hours. Yes, I really said within 24 hours. They were all in—at least, until I added that part about doing it all in one day.

Of course, we’ve grown much too big to see all of Texas Children’s in a single day. It actually took 10 days and about 80 hours, but we did it! After seven One Mission, One Culture, One Amazing Team events at the Main Campus, West Campus and Nabisco building, we embarked on a whirlwind, 73-stop One Amazing Team tour. Over the course of three and a half months, we visited all of Texas Children’s locations throughout the community, and it was better than anything I ever dreamed.

Click here for the One Amazing Team tour gallery. 

Traveling with a core team of 10 people, we covered about 750 miles on a bright blue, fish-themed Texas Children’s shuttle bus, and we met nearly 1,800 staff and employees. I’ll admit it’s difficult to make time to do something like this – we spent full days on the road – and it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to travel from place to place. But this tour is hands down one of the best things I’ve ever had an opportunity to do. The investment of time and energy was invaluable, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

It was quite an experience to see up close and in person the amazing impact and imprint of Texas Children’s. Many times throughout this journey I wished I could take the entire Texas Children’s team along with me so each one of you could experience what I did. Because it’s not until you visit our locations all over the city that you can even begin to appreciate how much Texas Children’s is doing to change and advance care for children and women.

At every stop, I saw the shared pride and commitment of all the physicians and employees. I talked to practice managers about the families they serve, and I learned about ideas they’ve implemented to extend our reach and broaden access to health care in their communities. I learned about all the ways, big and small, that so many people are leading the way to ensure our patients’ sometimes complex social and clinical needs are met.

It moved me to see how we are serving so passionately in underserved communities, providing families and children with options that would otherwise be beyond their reach. I spoke with parents and kids, and I heard how their care providers, our people, are like members of their families. And the best part? People at every location told me about their close-knit teams – amazing teams – and I saw over and over how they embody and embrace our fabulous culture.

This is an incredible organization, and all of you are really special. You have heard me say that many times, and honestly, we probably all say it so much that sometimes it may seem trite. But it’s really quite remarkable that we are a workforce of 11,000 people with such diversity of interests and experiences, skills and beliefs. And yet, we have such indisputable passion for serving our one mission.

I’m truly humbled by all of the employees I met along the way who have taken the time to let me know how much they appreciate my stopping by to meet them and their teams. And of course everyone asks, “Are you going to do this again?” Without a doubt, yes. Just maybe not quite as soon as next year … In the meantime, continue your work of serving our families, and know that I appreciate everything you do. And most importantly, remember that no matter how big we get, the contributions each of you makes are valued. Each one of you is essential to our mission, and together, we will always be one amazing team.

Stay tuned for a video of all the highlights from the tour.  Until then, here’s a gallery of some of my favorite moments on the road: One Amazing Team tour photo gallery.

24 Responses to “Until we meet again”

  1. Diane Scardino

    Thank you for your commitment to EVERY location in the Texas Children’s family! It was exhilarating to be part of the tour team on a few of the rides…every stop, every tour, every selfie, every waiting room full of patients that need us, and every hug of an excited staff member or physician who proudly showed off the area of TCH where they serve…. Truly an experience to see One Amazing Team!!

  2. Eva Alcorn

    Mr. Wallace, thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to share with us. Your presence brought to us and left with us a spirit of JOY that yet resonates even now among the office. Leadership does influence and determine outcomes not some of the time, but all of the time – You are a true example of this!! We appreciate you and thank God for your leadership!
    Forever Grateful
    TCP Midtown

  3. Laura Hardy

    We are proud of our community teams who bring the Texas Children’s culture closer to home for our patients and their families. We very much appreciated the opportunity to talk with you and share how our one mission and culture translates so far beyond the hospital walls. Thank you for your commitment to our teams everywhere!

  4. Stan Spinner, MD

    I had the pleasure of being on many of those tours with you, and the experience was nothing less than inspirational. Many of our TCP physicians and staff continue to talk about your visits with them. We are all so blessed to work for such an amazing organization. No other CEO of a major corporation would have done this, and I know I speak for our TCP family when I say thank you for being our leader. You truly lead by example every single day.

  5. Tally Priesmeyer RN

    Thank you so much for visiting our office. We enjoyed meeting with you and showing you all around our place. We are proud of the work we do here and are grateful to work for an organization that supports us in all aspects of our job.

  6. Michelle Lawson

    Our team in Kingwood was very excited to have you visit the newest health center! We are all very committed to taking the culture of excellent patient care from the hospital and bringing it closer to our patients in the community. We are proud to be a part of the One Amazing Team!

  7. Ana Arizmendi

    It was a pleasure to finally meet Mark Wallace in person even though it felt as though I had know him forever. His personality was like a ray of sunshine at “Westchase”! I love working for TCH & TCP as we are one big family that takes care of all children.

  8. Tori Baker

    Thank you for taking the time to visit us at The Centers for Children and Women. We are very proud of the work that we do and to see the energy and excitement of the staff was amazing.

  9. Kay Tittle

    Thank you so much for making this commitment. It meant more to everyone than you can imagine. It was an honor to be a part of the team!
    Thank your for serving as an inspirational role model!

  10. Ujiro Okiomah

    Thank you Mr. Wallace for visiting the Center for Children and Women in July. The staff was ecstatic to see you and I cannot count how many “selfies” you took with the team. Texas Children’s is a great company to work for and we appreciate your leadership over the years. Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to share with us at the Center.

  11. Tangula Taylor

    It was great to have Mr. Wallace and other executives visit The Center for Children and Women locations. What a statement this makes to the front line staff! What a statement this makes for Amplifying Unity!

  12. Pat Coleman

    Mark, it was such a pleasure to be part of this great adventure for our practices. Everyone was so excited and overcome with joy preparing for, during and after your visit. I can’t tell you how exceptional of a leader you are and that we are all honored to be part of your One Amazing Team!!!
    Thank you!!

  13. Kimberly Rosinski

    Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit all of our locations. It was an honor to have you visit the CBO. The staff were inspired and energized to see how much support we get from our leaders here at TCH. What a great place to work! We are “One Amazing Team!”

  14. Tricia Jensen

    The Clear Lake Health Center team was delighted to host the One Amazing Team tour! Your enthusiasm and passion for building relationships with staff and families was inspiring to all. Your 73-stop tour truly exemplifies “Leading Tirelessly” and “Amplifying Unity” . Until we meet again, we will keep on reflecting the smiles you shared with us to our patients and families.

  15. Kim Colello

    I felt so honored after Mr. Wallace and his “One Amazing Team” visit! I believe the entire CBO felt this way, in fact after the “Visit” one Employee was so impressed she changed her mind about relocating out of state and stayed on with TCP! Mr. Wallace is an inspration to us all and we are blessed to have him as our CEO! I hope to be part of his “One Amazing Team” for many years to come! #TCH&TCPleadershipRocks!

  16. Alysha Grant

    It is such a pleasure to be apart of an organization that shows appreciation for employees and makes an extra effort to convey the mnessage. It is always great to see and put hands on those in upper management with words of genuine encouragement from the source not in an email or by paper. The personal touch is always a plus! “One Amazing Team” and I’m glad to be apart!

  17. Lee Ann Gerhart

    It was great to see you at our Kingwood Facility. You were gracious in listening to all we had to say, as well as some great questions for us. Thank you for being dedicated to making Texas Children’s such a great place to work!

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