Houston Astros: Striving for Greatness

November 7, 2022 | (8) Comments

They did it! Our Houston Astros are the 2022 World Series Champions! I cannot begin to tell you the pride and joy I felt throughout the post-season, but especially while watching our ‘Stros conquer the World Series once again. This team played with heartfelt passion and a resilient spirit unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and I am tremendously proud to support such a phenomenal organization.

It’s no secret that the Astros have dealt with their fair share of hardships after their 2017 World Series win but through every moment, the Astros rose above it all and showed the world just how powerful it is when a team works together.

As I watched the Astros’ incredible season, I could not help but think of all of you and all that we’ve accomplished at Texas Children’s together over the years.

Compared to many, Texas Children’s is an exceptionally young hospital. We have not even celebrated our 70th anniversary, while the vast majority of our peers have been serving patients for more than a century. Yet while being one of the youngest — similar to our World Series MVP, Jeremy Peña — we certainly had the confidence to aim high above what anyone ever expected of us.

As the “rookie” of children’s hospitals nationwide, Texas Children’s decisions have at times been met with naysayers — those who said we would never achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Yet here we are today standing at #2 in the nation, and while we are proud of what we’ve done, we are nowhere near finished.

Collectively, we’ve created a hospital that is dynamic in every way. We’ve taken risks that no one else would, and it has allowed us to grow, teach others and serve more patients than we ever thought possible. Every time we celebrate a grand opening, additional space or new programs, we are already thinking of what’s next. We are always planning for what our patients will need in 5, 10, or even 20 years. And we continue to battle those who say we can’t — through every obstacle and setback, we continue to overcome.

If the naysayers had their way, the Houston Astros would have never reclaimed the World Series title. But just like the One Amazing Team at Texas Children’s, the Houston Astros continued to rally together, they continue to strive for greatness, and they too continue to overcome.

I cannot wait for what the future holds for the entire city of Houston as we celebrate this well-deserved victory, and I have a very strong feeling that just like Texas Children’s, the Houston Astros aren’t quite finished yet.

Way to go ‘Stros!

8 Responses to “Houston Astros: Striving for Greatness”

  1. Monica Beasley

    I was so excited throughout the Astro’s journey. It was such an exciting time for Houston. I especially enjoyed the “WIN”, because I won a $4,000 mattress from Gallery Furniture!
    I am also so proud to be apart of the TEAM at Texas Children’s! We are all “WINNING”

  2. Frank Stowell

    Very pleased about the success of Texas Children’s Hospital and the Houston Astros. Both local institutions with worldwide reach and recognition. Both with solid and consistent leaders steering the team through the high and lows of their journey to greatness. These are thrilling times for all to embrace with great Houston pride! GO TEAM!!!

  3. Kaitlyn Chana

    It was awe-inspiring to watch the Astros claim victory and clinch the title on the home field on Saturday night! The Houston Astros are the 2022 World Series champions, and this team achieved this greatness by setting a goal and going for it. They were committed 100% to the outcome and put their perseverance, dedication, and energy into being their best and showing up for one another. That’s a similar philosophy we carry at Texas Children’s; we defy the odds with grace and grit and continue to dream bigger by seeking to be the best at improving the lives of women and children. Both organizations have more within their stories, and these recent chapters are just the beginning of their legacies.

  4. Megan Helfers

    Nothing is more inspiring than witnessing a group of individuals band together to work towards a shared goal, especially while being met with scrutiny and doubt. It is amazing what all can be accomplished when working together as one amazing team!

  5. Denise Tanner Brown

    Mr. Wallace,
    I love the comparison to the rookie and World Series MVP, Pena! Every time he went up to bat, I had high expectations of his performance and he delivered every single time. As with TCH, we are “rookies” when compared to other pediatric institutions in the nation, but when we step to the plate, we knock out the park every single time.


  6. Charmaine Patterson-Victor

    Teamwork; when we all work together, we all win together! The Astros proved it can be done and I love how my TCH family demonstrates this as well. I’m proud to be to a Houstonian and a part of our TCH family!

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