Creating Our Future

October 3, 2022 | (28) Comments

Last month, I reached my 45th anniversary in the Texas Medical Center and tomorrow I proudly celebrate 33 years as President & CEO of Texas Children’s Hospital! As you can imagine, celebrating two significant anniversaries so close together always has me thinking back on what has brought me to this very moment.

The ability to look back on our lives at all the things we’ve done, including moments we wish we could change is an incredible gift, but looking ahead with the hope of a beautiful future is just as special.

Throughout my life, I’ve met many people who become anxious when thinking about tomorrow — oftentimes, many can’t explain why. I’ve frequently wondered why the future has the ability to frighten us. Whether it’s the fear of change or fear of the unknown, fear of the future is something we have all experienced in one way or another.

One of the best things I could have ever learned about preparing for the future was from educator and author, Peter Drucker. My favorite quote of his is, “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” I hope this quote sounds familiar to you because I’ve shared it with you before and I can promise you’ll hear me reference it again.

 “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

It’s honestly very simple, but it takes courage. It takes hope. And it takes thinking differently and leading differently.

This is the epitome of Texas Children’s story. For every success we’ve celebrated as an organization, there were those who said we could never do it. For every dream we’ve had to grow and expand the care we provide, there were hurdles and barriers telling us no. But together, we overcame all obstacles and still continue to create a healthier future for children and women everywhere — every day, we continue to create a future that is bright for Texas Children’s.

We’ve been hard at work developing a strategic plan that will create the future all of you, our patients and their families deserve and I look forward to unveiling even more details over the coming weeks.

No matter what changes may come our way or what the future may bring, one thing that will never change is our vision, mission and values. They are the fruit of our foundation and embracing these guiding principles is what makes Texas Children’s and all of you the very best team I have ever led.

As we step into a new fiscal year, I encourage you to define your own personal and professional vision and values. Do not be afraid of what lies ahead but instead, look to how you can create a better future for yourself, your colleagues, your loved ones and Texas Children’s

28 Responses to “Creating Our Future”

  1. Frank Stowell

    Happy Marktober and congratulations on another successful year at Texas Children’s Hospital! There have been so many achievements for us to embrace with pride. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Texas Children’s.

    Best wishes for all of our colleagues, you and your loved ones.

  2. Alene Whitesides

    Mr Wallace I appreciate your leadership and steadfastness! You have demonstrated strength, wisdom and courage during the expansion(s) of TCH. I have been with TCH since 1997 and seen tremendous changes as well. I’m proud to be here serving TCH patients/members and collaborating with the best team ever to reach our goals! I appreciate your generosity to your employees and looking out for our wellbeing as well.

  3. David W

    Congratulations on your 33rd year at TCH and 45th year at TMC Mr. Wallace. Grateful for your leadership and service with heart !!! Thank you for your vision, encouragement and support for your employees in so many ways over these past years. Support for: employee families, patient families, Garage 19, 25-Year programs, bonus programs, reduced employee meals, diversity and so many more. Bless you !

  4. Thank you Mr. Wallace and Congratulations! Let me say that Texas Children’s is the reflection of your vision: full of stamina, hope, and faith in the future. I have worked in every hospital as a outsource provider before coming to work with this amazing family 10 years ago, and I have to say that Texas Children’s is the most vibrant and full of creativity, color, great culture of all, and I love it. Thank you for making us to be part of your vision!

  5. Tommie Allison

    Congratulations to you it’s has been a pleasure sharing an anniversary of 33 years with such a great CEO and leader, Texas Children’s has grown a great deal under your leadership, wisdom and knowledge. thanks

  6. Franceda Hawkins

    Mr. Wallace a big congratulations on 33 years with Texas Children’s Hospital and 45 years in the Texas Medical Center . I started at TCH in 1990 and I remember your words were and still is lead by example. I saw first hand your dedication to TCH and the staff, it was in the early 90’s and I was one of the PICU staff that could not get to work because of the flood waters and you came to my home to pick me up during that terrible flood event. I remember the white SUV you were driving, It was a very memorable moment for me that the CEO of TCH picked me up for work. I often share this story because from that day forward I knew that Texas Children Hospital was under a great leader(CEO). Thank you for showing us what a great leader looks like, Thank you for your compassion, dedication. and Service with a Heart.

  7. Codi Adams

    Congratulations! Although I have been here at TCH a few short years, I am thankful to lead tirelessly next to a wonderful leader! You constantly show grace and humility. It is no wonder that you’ve been here for 33 years. Happy Anniversary on both of your special days.

  8. Shane Ford

    Such an inspiring quote! Thank you for sharing. What an accomplishment…33 years! Congratulations! We appreciate your vision, dedication, example and legacy that you have forged.

  9. Jane Cranston

    Mr. Wallace, your words of wisdom always inspire me!
    I am grateful and humbled by the opportunity of being a part of the TCH one amazing team.
    Congratulations on the wonderful leadership years, and thank you for your brave and sincere commitment to TCH family!
    May God continue to shine his blessing upon you!

  10. Katie Kalenda-Daggett

    Mr. Wallace, thank you for your beautiful reflection today. You have changed the landscape of healthcare here in Houston and far, far beyond. It’s a privilege to lead in healthcare, and more importantly, it’s a privilege to help lead the mission of Texas Children’s in this phase of our organization’s history. During times of uncharted progress, like now, innovation and greatness accelerate. Thank you for leading us through this pivotal time of acceleration so that we may continue to reach new heights in serving children, women, and their (& our!) families around the world.

  11. Bobbie L. Conner, BS, RT(R)(T)(M)(CT)(BD)(ARRT)

    Congratulations Mr. Wallace! You are a true inspiration and I consider myself blessed to work along side some of the very best care providers in the world. We really are “One Amazing Team” and I look forward to many more wonderful years here. Again, congratulations on 33 years, we couldn’t do it without your leadership.

  12. Margaret Stuberfield

    Congratulations Mr. Wallace on your 33 years at Texas Children’s Hospital and 45 years in the TMC. You have left a mark on this hospital and on this community. You have shown that vision and passion with hope can make things happen. Thanks for your commitment and support to the employees of Texas Children’s and for being a truly great leader. Happy Anniversary!

    • Mark A Wallace


      Oh yes, I spent a lot of time taking care of Mrs. Fondren in my early days at Methodist. Would take her to lunch at Kaphans—shop at Sakowitz—-look at the bluebonnets around Brenham—Rice home football games. She was very kind to me and all of the Fondren/Underwood family were most grateful. Many good relationships came from my years with Mrs. Fondren—-I loved her.

  13. Alisha B. Lee, MBA ~ Texas Children's Health Plan

    I am grateful for being a part of a Great Organization! Mark, Thank You for a heart to SERVE our children and women but also your employees! I truly believe the greatest gift we give everyday is servanthood to others! We are unstoppable!

    Thank You, Mark, for your leadership! #Tomorrow, Together

  14. Eva Alcorn

    Mr. Wallace, Thank you for standing firm, allowing nothing to move you, always giving of yourself fully to the work. We appreciate you and thank God for the gift of you! Happy Anniversary

  15. Edwin Nwamadu

    Congratulations Sir.
    Thank you for the impeccable leadership style and selfless service.
    It is highly appreciated and worthy of emulation.
    It is leadership by example and inclusion.
    I pray for many more glorious years ahead.

  16. Juanna Brandon

    Thank you Mr. Wallace for your service and dedication. You are truly an inspiration. You have been bold, courageous, and most of all connected to your team for many years. We are forever grateful for you as our leader of our wonderful organization. I pray that God continues to bless you and your family and most of all Texas Children’s Hospital. Happy anniversary to you!

  17. Kelli Kulik

    Happy 33rd Anniversary with TCH and 45th Anniversary with TMC, Mr. Wallace! I am fairly new to TCH (I have only been here for 3 years now) and although I am just starting out in my career, I look forward to many years ahead with this wonderful institution. You have cultivated an innovative workplace and your commitment to the employees is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your dedication to the children and women of our community and thank you for showing your support to all employees so that we can continue to provide the best care for our patients and their families. I cannot wait to see what the future holds – I know that great visions will continue to come to life under your leadership. I am so proud to be part of this #OneAmazingTeam!

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