Endless possibilities

October 12, 2018 | (67) Comments

Maxim no. 9: Leadership development is hiring the best, developing them and retaining them.

Last week, I celebrated 29 amazing years at Texas Children’s, and when I look at how much we have grown as an organization both in size and scope it takes my breath away.

The growth of our workforce has also been simply incredible. When I first came to Texas Children’s in 1989, we had about 1,400 employees. Today we are 14,000+ strong. We have grown so much, but more important than just growing is having employees who grow and develop with the organization, and it doesn’t just happen by accident. At Texas Children’s, we invest purposefully and unceasingly to ensure that each of you have the growth opportunities you want so that you can enjoy long, rewarding and fulfilling careers here.

Back in 1994, when Andrea Crayton – or Dré as many of us know her – walked in as a new employee for her first day of work at the McDonald’s restaurant at our Medical Center Campus – it was the start of an amazing professional and personal journey. Dré started at McDonald’s but soon after joined Texas Children’s, working for several years in Environmental Services and Valet Services. She left for a bit to earn her Associates Degree in Respiratory Care and returned to Texas Children’s as a respiratory therapist. As a member of Texas Children’s Kangaroo Crew, she spent several more years helping safely transport some of our most critical patients.

Throughout the years, Dré has continued her education, taking advantage of Texas Children’s tuition reimbursement program. Last December, she took the most exciting walk of her journey yet – a walk across the stage to receive her Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care, graduating summa cum laude! I’m so proud of Dré and all that she has accomplished, but her journey isn’t over yet. Now Dré is pursuing a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in healthcare, while working as a respiratory clinical coordinator at The Woodlands Campus, where she’s closer to home.

Every step of the way, Dré says she’s had two things in her favor – aspiration and inspiration. Her amazing spirit drove her to keep learning, and she says she’s grateful for the mentoring and advice from dynamic leaders like Jennifer Bee, Michelle Riley-Brown, Dr. Jeanine Graf, Gail Parazynski, Garry Sitler and Ketrese White. More importantly, whenever and wherever she looked to challenge herself, develop new skills, or advance within Texas Children’s, there was an opportunity available and tools to support her.

Dré’s story is similar to so many of you here – I know many of you who have dedicated your careers in a single department while others have pursued new opportunities across the organization as you’ve gone through different stages of your lives and careers. I’m so proud that Texas Children’s is a place where all employees can grow and learn both personally and professionally. Texas Children’s is a place where there are no limits, and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

I truly believe our commitment to your professional growth and development is our greatest investment – because when you are happy and thriving, the possibilities for our collective success are endless!

I’d like to hear from you … have you had an interesting career journey at Texas Children’s? If so, briefly share your story. 

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67 Responses to “Endless possibilities”

  1. Nicole Sheets

    My journey with Texas Children’s started even before my career did- by doing my capstone (internship) on 14WT. I did 12 shifts with a nurse on nightshift from September-November and she provided me the opportunity to care for patients as if I was their nurse for the night. When the time came to apply for a Graduate Nurse (GN) position I knew exactly where I wanted to be- 14WT.

    I was so happy when I was selected to fill one of the GN positions for nightshift on 14WT. It was intended for me to be precepted by the same nurse I worked with as a student, however, I had the opportunity to witness her career grow as the became a PCM (patient care manager) right when I started.

    Shortly after I reached my one year anniversary with TCH I had the opportunity to experience career growth of my own (while keeping my same position). I became chair-elect of our Unity Quality Practice Council (UQPC) and shortly there after became Chair of our Unit Quality Practice Council. It provided me the opportunity to have a “behind the scenes” look at operations, how changes were made from evidence based practice, and how we ensure that our patient’s get the highest quality care possible. It also provided me with the opportunity to experience an informal leadership role and opened the door for me to become Chair of the Global Quality Practice Council.

    Being Chair of the Quality Practice Council also opened the door for me to become a magnet escort and champion and is now providing me with the amazing opportunity to attend the magnet conference.

    So Texas Children’s is amazing because you can experience career growth as a nurse not only by getting a promotion or moving into formal leadership, but by taking on informal leadership roles as a bedside nurse! The career growth opportunities at TCH are endless and almost fall right into your lap.

  2. John Nickens

    Great job Dre! You are a great example of applying your talents and leading by action. You have capitalized on all the incredible opportunities Texas Children’s provides to each team member to grow personally and professionally – certainly I am a product of TCH, Mr Wallace and that incredible culture. You have my admiration and encouragement! Onward and upward 🙂

  3. Anthony Bentley

    I have had the honor and joy of working with Andrea for the past 15 years on the Kangaroo Crew. Through a decade and a half, Dre and I have been on many adventures together in the battle against pediatric and neonatal critical illness, you could say we have been together through thick and thin. I cannot think of a better person to point out as a shining example of an employee who exhibits unparalleled dedication; to this institution, and care of critically ill children and families. Dre, for all of us on the Crew – you are a hero, to your patients – you are a lifeguard, to Texas Children’s Hospital – you are a pillar. So very proud of my Dre, we love you very much.

  4. Norma T.

    Thanks for sharing! Now that was inspiring! 🙂
    I too have worked in several different roles while here at TCH. I am thankful for that tuition reimbursement! I once thanked someone in a leadership role for recognizing me, the little man at the bottom of the totem pole. His reply to me was “It is the bottom of the totem pole that supports and keeps everything upright.” No matter who you are or what role you may play here at TCH, we can ALL make a difference with our patient lives.

    • Betty Chatmon

      Dearest Norma T, you’re never the little man at the bottom of the toten pole. I believe that if everyone could walk a day in the others shoes, they would have a greater appreciation for the job ea of us do. We’re a body of workers. and we need all parts to function properly.

      Some people view themselves as a critical part of the job, thou there are positions that require more …We are all essential

  5. Regem Biyo

    I just started as a new grad nurse in July, and I am so happy that TCH is where I get to start my nursing career. Growing up in the Houston area TCH has always been the choice for care for my family. When I was hospitalized in TCH my senior year of high school, I told my nurse “I’m just going to go to nursing school across the street and come right back to work here!” That is exactly what I did! Your story Mrs.Crayton is so inspiring, giving me an encouraging message that I truly am where I am meant to be to grow not only professionally but personally. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Alva Mixon

    I am so proud of Dre! She has an amazing spirit and she deserves everything she has worked for. I have seen her work tirelessly with the Kangaroo Crew and in the EC as a respiratory therapist. Push on Dre, the sky is the limit!!!

  7. Stephen Cox

    For 4 years I have been with TCH with this goal in mind. To further my education, and to work my way up the ranks. Thankfully, with the tuition program, i am able to further my education an pursue better advancement options within our great organization.

  8. Jerry Garcez

    After my son was treated here at TCH I knew needed to be part of this organization. I had witnessed the culture and standard TCH had for its employees from my son’s bedside. From my first day as an employee I have been shown and continue to see why TCH is the way it is. The people. Starting from the top, Mr Wallace has given us the example. We all want to take care of our patients and we want to do it well. I’m proud to be a part of TCH.

  9. Jennifer Bee

    Dre’ and I have many memories together while on the Transport Team. Her drive, dedication and passion has inspired many to grow and continue to live for our mission. I feel honored to be included in her list of mentors that have been an inspiration in her journey. She has inspired me in my journey as a leader and friend. I am so extremely proud of your journey. Love you always – JB

  10. Nicole Bolden

    I love this story, it’s such an inspiration of us new comers at TCH to keep striving to reach our goals and that is always room for upward mobility within our organization. I am currently in graduate school and sometimes i want to quit, but hearing Dre’s story reminds me of why i’m doing it in the first place.

  11. Lucia Del Valle

    What an inspirational story of Dré. Congratulations on all your achievements!! I began my employment with Texas Children’s Hospital in September 2014. I was amazed at how quickly my work was recognized and how much appreciation was shown by my colleagues. I was promoted from an Ambulatory Service Representative I to a II within less than a year’s time. I am currently enrolled at San Jacinto College trying to earn my Associates Degree in Health Information Management and hope to eventually transfer to the Health Information Department once I earn my degree. Thank you Texas Children’s for offering tuition assistance, it is an amazing benefit to have because school can get extremely expensive. I look forward to graduating in 2020 and continuing to grow within the Texas Children’s Organization.

  12. Eliana Victor

    I started working at Texas Childrens in October 2007, two children, an associates degree and 11 years later I find myself again taking advantage of the tuition assistance program in hopes that some day I can join TCH as a nurse. Thank you TCH and Mr. Wallace for the opportunity to further ourselves and our careers, we TRULY appreciate it!

  13. Congratulations,Andrea you are a true example of true determination and sheer tenacity. Equally I would like to thank TCH for creating an environment of quality growth that not only allow, but encourage an environment of growth both professionally and personally. Andrea (Dré) while you have accomplished and demonstrated a vast amount of knowledge over the years, I’m sure that anyone who has spent even a minute amount of time around you will confirm you are an even greater person. Thank you.

  14. Olga Chen

    Andrea, thank you for sharing your story. My employment journey at Texas Children’s has only just begun….4 months ago. However, right after graduation and at my first job with ECI, I recall getting lots of referrals from Dr. Maria Rossell at TCP (1995). If I had questions about the referral or the diagnosis, Dr. Rossell was one doctor I could call, and knew she would get back to me soon. Years later, when I delivered my first child (2008), I had not chosen a pediatrician but by pure coincidence, it was Dr. Rossell who came to check on us the day after delivery. I had never personally met Dr. Rossell, but when she showed up to my room that morning I knew she would be my child’s doctor. To me, Dr. Rossell represented exceptional care by a pediatrician as well as a whole organization, Texas Children’s. The family kept growing so we moved out the suburbs, se we could not keep Dr. Rossell as the pediatrician for my 2 children, but I’m made sure that they are still being seen by a Texas Children’s pediatrician. In other words, I’ve grateful that family receives exceptional care by Texas Children’s providers and now I also get to be apart of that team!

  15. Byronae Boyette

    Mr. Wallace I enjoyed this post! Progression is a major step in obtaining success. Sometimes you have to start at the bottom and work your way to the TOP! In January 2010, I started as a LVN working at the TCP after-hours clinic in Spring. After completing my RN degree at San Jacinto College in 2012, I transferred to the Main campus to be apart of the Graduate Nurse program. This program was beneficial in helping me transition into my new role and responsibilities as a RN. I worked on the 11th floor (ortho/surgical) unit for 4 years! Now I am a staff nurse in the outpatient pediatric surgery clinic in the Mark Wallace Tower. I am graduating with my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing in December this year! I can truly say that I have accomplished so much and I would not have been able to do that without the amazing benefits offered at TCH. Andrea’s story was so amazing to read. I love my job at TCH and I am grateful for all the opportunities offered. Texas Children’s is an important part of my life not just professional, but personally also. I had the pleasure of delivering my now 18 month old twins at the Pavilion for Woman. I experienced excellent care and had a wonderful experience.

  16. Michelle Fatheree

    I am so proud of this young lady and honored to have a pleasure of knowing her! I met Dre’ in college and she has always been a hard worker, with enough motivation for her and anybody that needs it. She is the epiphany of so many things, dedication, hard working, determination, caring, loving, empathetic, fun, just to name a few. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting her, she is a ray of sunshine. She does give tough love, but that’s because she really and truly cares! I see her rising to the top of her career and doing outstanding things, it’s only a matter of time!! Keep up the good work, this is a great accomplishment and says a lot!!
    Congratulations to you, Andrea D. Crayton, YOU ARE A SHINING STAR!!!

  17. Betty Chatmon

    Coming to TCH has come with many challenges and opportunities for me. I now realize that one of my God given purposes, is to allow my habits and actions to make a difference in the lives of all, parents as well as kids. Often times just a warm smile or compliment, means so much. You never know what a person is or has gone through. You may see the joy, but you don’t know there struggles
    I choose the job that I love, and as a result of that decision, it doesn’t feel like I’m working, it feels as thou I’m making everlasting memories and making a differerence,

    For me I don’t need to win medals to be successful, My success comes from within…When I have parents as well as kids come to my desk and say they just needed to see me to feel better, or they tell me that the encouraging words that I shared with them helped them go a little further. It helps me to be more grateful for whatever state I find myself in. People will not forget how you make them feel.
    I’m often reminded that everything you need to accomplish your goals is already in you.

  18. Ketrese White

    Thank you for sharing your journey, it has been nothing short of amazing! Your dedication and commitment is evident, I cannot wait to see the positive impact you will make as you continue your journey. You have an amazing spirit, I hope you continue to be fearless in the pursuit of everything you want to achieve. May your light always shine BRIGHT!!!

  19. Jennifer Herrington

    Andrea!!! This beautiful woman knows how to care for not just the patient, but the whole family. My daughter received a lung transplant at TCH in June of 2013 after five long, unpredictable months inpatient and we had the privilege of being cared for by Dre. Although that year was the hardest year of my life, I still have many great memories tucked away that involved Dre’s beautiful smile and spirit. I had no idea about her “story” and path to success, and now I love her even more. Please keep saving kiddos and helping Momma’s like me along the way. Thanks for giving your heart and soul to TCH and my family. Dre’s grit and determination are a true inspiration.

  20. Sheranda Fesler

    Developing and retaining them is key. All of us have leadership potential within us and you don’t need to be in a formal leadership role to demonstrate leadership (thank you to all of our informal leaders on the units!). Developing our teams, getting to know them and what’s important to them, and giving them a reason to stay is crucial to our continued success. Thank you for this!

  21. Rosemary Campo

    I was privileged to start with Texas Children’s Pediatrics in Sept 2007. It has been an amazing journey and what a honor to be a part of the Best Places to work. This organization not only has the Best of Care and Mission for our patients, but the LEADERS that make it happen every single day. God Bless Mark Wallace and Texas Children’s Hospital !

  22. Heather Lauterbach

    My journey started at Texas Children’s in high school when I was a patient here. I then went on to nursing school, where I was granted a clinical here in the CICU. I now currently work here and it is such an honor to work at the same hospital that once treated me.

  23. Jennifer Anderson

    I am very proud of Andrea! She is a graduate of the RRT-BSRC program at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas. I had the privilege and honor of teacher her. She was an excellent student and excelled in the program. I am excited to hear that she is pursuing her Master’s degree. She is an amazing person and an asset to the Respiratory Therapy profession.

    Thank you Andrea for inspiring others to keep learning and growing.
    “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

  24. Christina Mao

    Dre’s story is one that I don’t hear enough of and would love to continue to see. Thus far, I have had a short experience here at Texas Children’s but I really would love to be here for the long haul. Straight after college, I was at a standstill in my life. I didn’t apply to graduate school and was unsure of what I should do. Should I study and work part time till I have an opportunity to apply to grad school? Should I start applying to all sorts of odd jobs just to see what interested me? Well, long story short, after a 9 week Health IT program at University of Texas at Austin, I had the opportunity to intern at Texas Childrens. I took this chance to really talk to everyone I could- I asked questions, took notes, tried to help in every way I could in the position I was in, and after the 2 week internship was done, I got a call some months after for an offer to stay on as a paid PMO Support Intern. I was ecstatic and so full of hope and determination. I still am. It has been a little over two months of working here and I have to say that I have learned and done so much in this seemingly short amount of time. I have collaborated with project managers, system analysts, directors, and more. I am so thankful for this opportunity to work here and will always remember the times I’ve had here. Texas Children’s is truly an enriching environment and the work here in the IS PMO department is inspiring as I hear about patient stories where some updates or fixes have really impacted their care. I am supporting a project and even have started a project from the project setup phase. I can’t wait to learn more and really believe in this hospital, its values, and the fact that if you put in hard work, you will learn so much and get rewards far greater than pay.

  25. What an inspiring story! 29 years at TCH is a huge accomplishment!

    My journey at TCH started as an SLP graduate student in the spring of 2014. In 2015, I was fortunate enough to receive a call from my current manager to return to outpatient therapy. I am grateful for that call because I am so happy to be back at TCH. Our leadership team truly cares about our needs, the needs of our patients, and patients’ families.

  26. Krista Atchley

    What an amazing story/journey!
    I have only been here about 3.5 years but I chose nursing due to its endless possibilities from bedside, to data collecting and outcomes measurements, to now a leadership role. I have tried to make the most of my career and possibilities and that is what led me to Texas Children’s. I started out working for another children’s hospital, one typically in the top three spots of US News, and I was responsible for the data for some of the answers for that report in my last job. I saw TCH coming up in the numbers year after year. At first I was scared and then I decided to investigate. I approached the TCH vendor table at a conference in Scottsdale in February 2015. I congratulated them on coming up in the rankings and all of their jaws dropped. I was soon handed a business card and asked if I wanted to come check it out sometime and that made all the difference. I was so intrigued by Legacy Tower and all that could come by such a bold move half way across the country. By May 2015 I had sold my home and moved west to begin my time here at TCH in the Heart Center. We have expanded twice, we are settled into the new Lester and Sue Smith Legacy Tower and I have learned so much in my short time. Cannot wait to see what Texas Children’s has in store for all us in the future. The possibilities really are endless.

  27. Sonia Prakash

    I enjoyed reading about Dre’s aspiration and inspiration! What a fantastic role-model. It’s wonderful to see how she values TCH and how TCH values her as well. I am a “boomerang” nurse – I was with TCH in Houston for 4 years at the beginning of my nursing career. And now I live in Austin and have joined the Specialty Care Clinic – so excited to be a part of the TCH family and help start the Austin chapter. TCH has a great culture and I’m proud to be part of this wonderful organization.

  28. I was privileged and has been an amazing journey and honor to be a part of the #1 Place to work Texas Children’s, I am very proud to be part of an organization that supports its employees and provides education support .

  29. It is heartwarming to see examples of employees who start out in a junior position and work their way up. It results from a culture of recognition and opportunity. And most importantly, from feeling like you’re part of an overall team at TCH and wanting to grow with the organization. I’m a Baylor employee but working in TCH (Feigin Center) and over the last few years I’ve seen the place grow, watched the Legacy Tower get taller every day during construction, saw the amazing circular bridge go up, and a big increase in patients and visitors. This place is amazing architecturally but also so big that one can get lost. It is always a pleasure to help visitors who appear to be lost to find their way. There are times when I don’t know how to direct them to where they were going, but within seconds other employees who pass by are eager to jump in and help direct them—every time. It’s obvious there is a sense of shared, helpful community spirit, and a sense of pride in working here no matter who writes your paycheck.

  30. Latisha Fisher

    Andrea story is simple amazing, not only do I knew her professionally but I also have the honor in knowing her personally. Congratulations I am so proud of you Andrea!! This small testimony is a reminder that all things are possible. You are truly a ray of sunshine, to not only the patients but to others. Thank you for your determination, movtivation and inspiration! KUDOS!! 🙂

  31. Lee Evey

    Congrats Dre on this recognition. Your journey has been inspiring for many and I am proud of all you have accomplished. I wish you much success in continuing this amazing journey..

  32. Helen Grosskreuz

    My career journey at TCH began in 1985. I’ve had the privilege of practicing in three distinct areas along the way – NICU (inpatient), Diabetes/Endocrine (ambulatory), TCP MSO (primary care operations). Each role was perfect for me at different points of my career. Opportunities at TCH are limited only by your imagination!

  33. Giselle Guzman

    Congratulations Dre! I’m sooooooooo happy for you!!!! I met you here when I started back in 2011 and you have always been such a positive, caring, and inspiring person. Keep up the GREAT work. Hard work always pays off. 🙂

  34. I have lived in the Houston area all my life and in all that time Texas Children’s Hospital has been a staple of care and excellence. I never imagined that one day I would be blessed to work for this company. I started as a occupational therapy student in 2013 at the Sugarland Health center. It was 12 of the hardest and most rewarding weeks because not only was I getting a chance to work with the population that I loved, but I was getting to work at a place that was a part of my community. As soon as I graduated I applied at that very same location I worked at as a student; however, at that time it was not meant to be. Almost 4 years later I decided to try again. This time it was meant to be and I started back in February. I have only been with TCH for a little over 7 months, but I am happy to be back and working at this company which helps so many.

  35. Ashley Hamilton

    My career journey at Texas Children’s began in 2013 as a part time employee. While a single mother at the time, I was privileged to obtain a Master in Business Administration; all while working 12 hour shifts in the EC. I too, was fortunate to receive assistance through the tuition reimbursement program. Texas Children’s provides the greatest opportunity for all employees to excel within this establishment. Texas Children’s assists in birthing your fullest potential and this is exemplified in the support provided to enable you to succeed.

  36. Wow! Congratulations, Dre! Your story is incredibly inspirational!
    I started as a graduate nurse in July 2016 in the West Campus Emergency Center. I gave birth to a wonderful little girl in July 2017 and briefly returned back to night shift in the Emergency Center. In November 2017, I transferred to TCP PMG as a triage nurse. I was able to take my knowledge of triage in the emergency center and apply it to my current position. Working clinic hours means that I get quality time with my family. I can see myself having a lifelong career at Texas Children’s. I am excited to see what the future holds.

  37. Rachel Beasley

    I love hearing stories of those who have truly made TCH … Family. It is amazing to be a part of an organization who values the person and encourages growth within the family. Several of my team members have parents who work at TCH. The bond of loyalty creates a distinct advantage for leading.

  38. Rachel Edwards

    My career at TCH began in 1995 as a Medical Technologist in Blood Bank. Since then, I’ve transitioned to other Pathology sections and titles such as Coagulation Technical Specialist, Lean QA Coordinator, Point of Care Testing Manager, and now as Sr. Project Manager. I’ve had the privilege to work with many dedicated medical directors, administrative leaders, and frontline staff. TCH will help you grow as an individual and as a leader. If you can’t see the opportunities in front of you, have faith and keep going they may just be around the corner. Be patient, be kind, and be useful.

  39. What an amazing journey you have had at TCH! You have set a great example of what can be accomplished with hard work and perseverance. I also took the opportunity to earn my BS in nursing with the tuition reimbursement program.

  40. Taylor Ruthstrom

    I started at TCH in December of 2016 for the Woodlands campus. I spent my time training at both West Campus and Main Campus and then had the honor of being part of the team to open a brand new, beautiful hospital! I was able to experience all 3 of our campuses and actually take part in opening one of them.

  41. Nareemon Kasmai

    My journey at TCH started nearly 6 years ago. I’m a UCA in the Women’s Specialty Unit and have seen the amazing care being given here. It inspired me to continue my education so that I can too provide that care. I’m currently in my final semester of nursing school and hoping to continue my journey at TCH as an R.N. I’ve loved my time here and am looking forward to continuing this journey.

  42. Nelson Castellon

    My Career at TCH started as a patient care assistant. Within a couple of years TCH equipped me with the support and tools needed for me to advance my career in nursing – graduated with my baccalaureate degree and obtain many certifications. I am fortunate enough to continue to work for an amazing organization that has given me so many opportunities to advance both personally and professionally.

  43. Euphemia Rogers

    I joined the TCH family on Feb 22, 1988. Yes I can’t believe it’s been over thirty years.
    I started out as a Unit Clerk on 5N/5S unit in the Abercrombie building.
    I was encourage by my manager Joanne Scott to pursue my nursing degree. I applied for the RN program at HCC, did not get accepted therefore I applied for admission to HCC LVN program and was accepted immediately. My manager allowed me to work every weekend since I had to attend the program Mon-Thursday. With the help of TCH Reimbursement program, I was able to afford my classes. I completed the program in 1 year. 4 years later TCH offer a scholarship to all employees who wanted to go to RN school, all you had to do is write an essay stating why you wanted to become a nurse. This scholarship paid for one day off ( to study)and you worked 24 hours on the weekend
    ( Sat/Sun). They provided a tutor, paid for my books and my Kaplan preparation course which help prepare myself for the nursing board. The only requirement was to keep passing my classes with a C or above. I graduated in 1 year ( LVN-RN Transition Program).
    I returned back to school when TCH had the Partnership with UT-Arlington and obtained my BSN in Nursing. I thank TCH for all the educational resources and opportunities.
    That why TCH is the number one Children’s Hospital in the Nation :).

  44. Nicole Guerra

    What an amazing women and such an inspiration. I have almost met my 4th year with TCH and absolutely love it. I can not picture myself anywhere else. I was referred by a classmate who saw me walk in with scrubs and asked me “Are you an MA and do you want a new job and have school paid for?” I thought what an odd question to say to a stranger but I was ready for a change. Then she went into more detail. I sent her my resume that same night and applied online. I had interviewed before but unfortunately did not get the position so I was a bit discouraged. But the following week I was speaking with a recruiter and next thing I knew I was in orientation with so many new and returning TCH employees. Now looking back it was the best decision I have ever made. Although, I am still in school and working full-time and having to take care of a very active 8 year old, I am so thankful for these opportunities. Reading stories like Dre gives me motivation to know I will reach my goal soon and to never give up. TCH has really been a blessing to me and my family.

  45. Congratulations on 29 years! I just finished my bachelors in healthcare management thanks to TCH and their reimbursement program. I’ll see what my future holds! Good luck to you Dre!

  46. Debbie Sarich

    What an amazing and inspiring story! I celebrated my 1 year anniversary with TCH yesterday after I moved from New York. I have much respect for this organization and all it has accomplished. With 28 years of experience, I hope to continue to share and grow in my expertise among other very qualified and dedicated employees!

  47. This is inspiring to say the least. I’ve only been a short 2 years but so far, I’ve loved the community I serve and knowing that I make a difference here. I’ve had the chance to really connect with people who take what they do seriously and want to bring out the best in their teammates.

  48. Elizabeth Shrout

    Thank you Dre in sharing your story. As I scrolled along, I recognized one fellow nurse. I have had the joy of working with Euphemia along her path and different parts of her career. Thanks for sharing your story! When working as a Float RN in Acute Care, you get to know many faces. You don’t always know the back story. Actually I did my “independent study” Spring 1986, graduated from UTHSC, then moved for my fiancee/husband. So TCH was my second job as I arrived about the same time Mark Wallace started, January 1990, that’s right 28 years of service. I have worn many hats over the years in many specialties from NICU, PRCU to Acute Care, including HemeOnc. Now I have been on the 14th Floor Pulmonary Adolescent Medicine Endocrine Unit. I have learned much along the way and keep learning something new each day! How this place has grown under Mark’s leadership and vision is amazing!

  49. Victoria Gomez

    I was a Director of Housekeeping for over 20 years, I worked for the Four Season, Westin and Marriott Hotels. I started my dream job with Texas children hospital on March, 2015, I was hired to take over The Center as an Operations Manager. I’m blessed to be able to serve our community. We have Tangula and Kris at the Centers they are excellent leaders, and my amazing leaders at the medical centers Elex and Vic that are always ready to give their support.

  50. Vince Kiel

    Very inspiring, Dre!
    It reminds me of hearing Mark Wallace speak at my new hire orientation meeting in 2015. He said something to the effect of “Each of you was hired because you are the best person in the world to do your job. Now it is my job to make sure you stay at TCH until you retire.”
    It seems that what Mark said is true!

  51. Nathan Money

    Though I’ve only been here for 3.5 months, I’ve already been amazed at the availability of resources and knowledge at TCH. In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve identified mentors in life, work, and research and have made great progress.

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