The Dream Team

March 27, 2019 | (11) Comments

For the next couple weeks, between the NCAA playoffs and the regular NBA season games, basketball fans like me will relish the daily dose of both young and seasoned athletes exhibiting extraordinary skills on the court. I love this game and the excitement around it this time of year. And one of the things I enjoy more than seeing my favorite teams win is seeing how they win. Good basketball games are fast-paced, and when the score is tight and the clock is winding down, you see talent and teamwork at its finest.

One of my absolute favorite illustrations of that teamwork is the Dream Team – the 1992 Olympic men’s basketball team that brought together some of the greatest players the game of basketball will ever know. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Clyde Drexler, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Larry Bird, John Stockton, Karl Malone … just amazing.

They were coached by Chuck Daly, who was the head coach of the Pistons at the time. He had a couple of championships under his belt, and even though he built a roster of all-stars, he knew that didn’t make them invincible. In fact, his biggest concern from the start was how to get this team of all-stars to shelve their egos and play as a team.

Chuck had an idea. He had his group of NBA greats scrimmage against a team of NCAA college players just before their first Olympic qualifying game. And even though it’s still pretty hard to fathom, they lost. This team of incredibly gifted NBA players lost – and it was embarrassing. How did it happen? Chuck threw the game. He didn’t make adjustments or sub players. He just let them go for it out there on the court – awkwardly, disjointedly and, at times, even sloppily, each athlete playing to his own rhythm.

Chuck wanted them to see and experience that anybody can get beaten. Even a team of all-stars. He reminded them they would be competing against international players who were even better than the college players who’d just delivered that embarrassing loss. And he wanted them to be clear that they always have to be ready to play and play well.

So they got serious. Michael Jordan went to every single player and vowed he’d check his ego at the door, and he wanted them to do the same. They started practicing really hard and had some knock-down, drag-out scrimmages in Monte Carlo. Sportswriters have even described those scrimmages as some of the best games we’ll never see. Those relentless practices and their collective, unwavering focus removed the walls. Rivalries disappeared. They became friends and solid teammates.

By the time the team arrived in Barcelona for the 1992 Olympic Games, they were beyond prepared. That summer, the world watched their hard work and team dynamic pay off. In fact, they dominated every game, winning by an average of 50 points over their opponents. And, of course, you know the rest … Team USA walked away with the gold and a crushing record.

I enjoy reliving this story every time I happen to catch The Dream Team documentary on ESPN. It’s inspiring, and it makes me think about our very own all-star dream team at Texas Children’s. We have unparalleled nurses, physicians, employees, leaders and facilities, and we have an incredible reputation. But we do not rest and rely on that reputation. We work hard daily to elevate children’s and women’s health care to the next level.

I like this story about the Dream Team because, well, I love basketball. But secondly, it really is the ultimate example of how relentless determination, work ethic and teamwork pay off. It reminds us that as good as we are individually, we are exceptional as a team. And it’s about not losing focus just because you’re ahead of the game. Leads can vanish. Anyone can be beaten. We must always maintain our focus and commitment to Texas Children’s mission. We can never underestimate or be unprepared for the inevitable challenges that lie ahead. Ours is One Amazing Dream Team, and we’ve got to stay ready to play.

11 Responses to “The Dream Team”

  1. Peggy Kellum

    Thank you, Mr. Wallace, for telling us that story. I had completely forgotten about the “Dream Team” and your telling the story brought it all back to me. WOW, I love that you equated it to TCH as well.

  2. Rachel Beasley

    My favorite part of the story of The Dream Team is that it takes everyone being the best in his or lane to be the best! A group of individuals who are each exceptional can always lose but working together as a team and collaborating will always achieve better results. Thank you Mr. Wallace for leading by example and creating a dynamic team approach to every endeavor at Texas Children’s. Working with the best team is by far my favorite part of my daily job.

  3. Christina Mao

    Thank you Mark for sharing this story and how it relates to TCH and its mission. I can see that in this organization, the communication and collectiveness of the team is the most critical factor for reaching success. I love our mission and will work my best to serve it and to keep these words in mind!

  4. Nakeisha Archer

    I love this Mr. Wallace! Thank you for sharing and resurrecting this story. Everyday brings about new challenges as we strive to save and better the lives of the patients, families, and each other here at TCH. We absolutely have what it takes to overcome and continue winning. Everyday is game day! We accomplish extraordinary things together when we lay aside the egos & titles, start each day fresh with new grace, new focus, and renewed inspiration.

  5. Constance Taylor

    This message is so timely and relevant to us as we embark on a major upgrade to our Epic system. Thank you Mr. Wallace for reminding us that Team Work makes the Dream Work!

  6. Robynn Rankin,CPht

    Beautiful story and analogy. I feel honored to be Represented by an amazing wise Leader Mr. Mark Wallace.Team work i feel personally is the key to ANY successful corporation, the comparison is accurate because getting the job done is one goal, but sticking together through the rough and tough is another goal. Thankyou for sharing your story with the TCH team!

  7. Patricia Rahbani

    Thank you for sharing this inspirational story with us. It embraces the vision of TCH, but most of all it reminds us the motives of our jobs as leaders and as teams anywhere we are!

  8. Deitra Brown

    Thank you Mr. Wallace for the reminder that while we may be talented individuals in our own right, it takes One Amazing Team to carry out the mission and vision of TCH.

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