On a mission for 65 years!

January 31, 2019 | (28) Comments

On September 12, 1962, President John F. Kennedy gave one of his most famous speeches and spurred the United States toward one of our most decisive endeavors in history.

In his address that day, Kennedy outlined plans to greatly expand our space program. He told the audience we would lead the race for space and put a man on the moon before the end of the decade – a feat that would test the limits of human ingenuity and scientific innovation like nothing before.

Needless to say, his vision became reality – seven years later, we put a man on the moon. Since then, we’ve sent satellites to the far reaches of the galaxy and beyond. Most recently, we landed rovers on the surface of Mars. And it began right here in Houston – an ambitious pursuit of a mission fulfilled by the pioneering spirit of our city’s people.

If you look out from Taussig Auditorium in our beautiful new Texas Children’s Heart Center on the 16th floor of Lester and Sue Smith Legacy Tower, you can see Rice Stadium just a few blocks to the north –  the place where President Kennedy gave his aspirational speech that day and called the people of Houston to action. It gives me chills to think about it. And it’s impossible for me to think about that incredible moment in history and not draw a parallel to another historic day when the people of Houston saw a bold vision through to reality.

It was February 1, 1954 – the day Texas Children’s Hospital first opened its doors.

1954 Texas Children's Hospital exterior -2-

That was 65 years ago today. It might seem like a long time ago, but when you consider that the nation’s other top hospitals have been around for 130-plus years, it’s pretty astounding to think about what we’ve accomplished … in half the time.

We opened with a single three-story building, housing 106 patient beds. We had 4,558 encounters that first year. Today, our hospitals house 959 patient beds, and we’re the largest and most comprehensive pediatric and women’s health care organization in the nation. Between Houston, Austin and College Station, we’re providing care in more than 90 locations, including Texas Children’s Pediatrics, Urgent Care and OB/Gyn practices, Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinics, Texas Children’s Specialty Care Clinics, and The Centers for Children and Women. And we had more than 4.3 million patient encounters across the Texas Children’s system in 2018.

In only 65 years, we’ve been the first to achieve some of the most astonishing breakthroughs in pediatric health care. As I think of our milestones and achievements, I am filled with immense pride. I feel humbled and honored to share in the legacy of Texas Children’s and to be a part of history with all of you. It’s our one amazing team that makes these miracles happen every day.

So celebrate and make a big, bold wish for Texas Children’s today … we’ve proven we can achieve anything we imagine.

Happy 65th birthday Texas Children’s!

Click here to watch a video highlighting our accomplishments over the past six plus decades.

28 Responses to “On a mission for 65 years!”

  1. Alysha T. Grant

    Just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TCH!!! and how ironic the day it falls on not just with John F. Kennedy but the 1st day of February “LOVE Month”… and this organization is ALL about sharing and spreading the love. Day in and day out we care for out patients as we are all ONE BIG FAMILY. I am proud to be apart of this organization and all that it stands for.

  2. Dennis Indiero

    Happy Birthday TCH! The things that this organization has been able to accomplish in only 65 years is remarkable. TCH is truly blessed, and is a great example of what can be accomplished when you do things the right way and for the right reasons. Proud to be a part of One Amazing Team!

  3. Krisanne Graves

    Thank you for tying these two giant accomplishments together, Mr. Wallace. As I consider the growth, change and diversification that I have personally witnessed at TCH since 1992, I am often astounded that we have been able to stay so laser focused on our mission of providing the best possible care, education and research for children and women. Happy birthday Texas Children’s and thank you Mr. Wallace.

  4. Michael Brown

    Immensely proud to be a part of such a fantastic organization. I’m looking forward to all of the great things our team will do in the future. Happy Birthday Texas Children’s!

  5. Celeste Trejo

    Amazing Accomplishments, truly honored to be employed by TCH. I was once hospitalized at 9 years old at TCH main campus, that was in the 80’s and I remember getting extremely great care from the staff. My son was hospitalized at TCH West Houston five years ago and I stayed with him the entire stay and I couldn’t thank the staff enough for their compassion and excellence in healthcare. The legacy continues. Happy Birthday TCH and many more……

  6. Angela Banks

    This is a celebratory day, 65 years and we at TCH are still going STRONG!! I am so happy to be apart of this organization and you Mr. Mark Wallace is an AWESOME leader. LOVE is always the key to success! Happy 65 years TCH. When we see our TCH staff lets celebrate with a 65 high five!!!

  7. La Tonia Moutra

    Happy Birthday TCH, I am so humbled and filled with gratitude to have recently joined such an awesome organization that is still leading in wellness for pregnant women, children, and infants. We continue to stand on TCH vision and legacy of medical innovation, research and care.

  8. Angela M Major

    What a blessing TCH has been to me! I was born in Los Angeles, CA in June of 1954. Who knew I would be part of TCH for the past 39 years. With TCH growing in leaps and bounds, I am proud to be a part of its continued growth. Happy Birthday TCH!!!

  9. Happy Birthday to wonderful and diverse TCH!
    Gracias por cuidar la salud de nuestros ninos y familias!
    Very Proud to be a customer and employee!
    Gracias Sr. Wallace!

    As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. John F. Kennedy
    If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. John F. Kennedy

  10. Christy Warring

    Mr. Wallace, love reading your blog! Happy Birthday Texas Children’s. It truly is amazing how much this hospital has accomplished in just 65 years. The work we are doing for our patients and the access we are giving them to the absolute best health care is such a joy to be a part of. Looking forward to spending many, many more birthdays here.

  11. Chrissy Fochler-Massey

    Happy 65th Birthday to all my fellow TCH coworkers! What a great company to work for! I have had the honor to be around for 25+ years, & our growth is amazing! My grandchildren are 2nd generation TCH/TCP patients, & my daughters recommend TCH/TCP to all of their friends. Here’s to another many years TCH!

  12. Frank Stowell

    This is a wonderful accomplishment. Let’s shout it from the rooftops! Let’s put this message on the billboards! Congratulations to all who make Texas Children’s Hospital so special.

  13. Alisha B Lee (TCHP)

    HAPPY SWEET BIRTHDAY, Texas Children’s!!! I am proud that I can share in the legacy of working for such a renown organization. My daughter has been with Texas Children’s all of her life (10Years) and now in the past (2.5 Years) I have been bless to start my Career here. I am grateful for the visionaries of this organization and grateful for the pediatric care and love you all have extended to my family over the years.

  14. LaWanna Meade

    Congratulations to EVERYONE who serves our patients at TCH, the greatest pediatric hospital in the nation! May I please say – anything is only as great as its leader! Mr. Wallace, it is because of your visions and hard work that we can all bask in the achievements and success of Texas Children’s. As you said, we are only 65 years young and just getting started. Somebody made the BEST decision ever made when they brought you on staff. You have taken the reigns and led us on an AMAZING journey! It takes the right leader to do that! Sure, there are many leaders who have business skills, there are those with wisdom, others with visions, leaders who have a HEART for everyone, and then there’s you! You brought it ALL to the table with your AMAZING ability to UNIFY and EXCITE everyone, which is also a big part of TCH’s success! Working together. TEAM WORK makes DREAMWORK! WHAT AN HONOR to work at TEXAS CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL!!!! Thank you, Mr. Wallace, for your vision, your sacrifice and for leading us to this place in time, where we get to work to enrich and make better the lives of so many precious children here at Texas Children’s Hospital! BLESSINGS!

  15. Pamala S. Pennington

    Happy Birthday TCH! It has been 65 sweet years. Because of the very qualified doctors and staff, I’m sure there will be 65+ more years to celebrate! This is truly a blessing!

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