A winning wager

October 12, 2018 | (19) Comments

During a recent conversation with my colleagues about how well Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women is doing at caring for women, mothers and babies, we wagered how many little ones would be delivered at the hospital in fiscal year 2018.

My educated guess was 6,250. And wouldn’t you know it? That is exactly how many precious babies our expert clinical staff brought into the world between October 2017 and September 2018. This number has grown consistently every year since we opened the Pavilion for Women in March 2012, proving that our decision to provide women, mothers and babies with a full continuum of high-quality, expert health care was the right move.

Nearly seven years ago, the opening of the Pavilion was one of the most surreal moments in my years at Texas Children’s. That day was an incredible culmination of events that started in 2005, believe it or not, over a casual cup of coffee with David Fine, then-President and CEO of St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital.

As David and I were talking, he suggested that St. Luke’s was ready to shift away from women’s services. With the same assurance I had when I guessed the number of babies delivered at the Pavilion for Women this year, I immediately and literally raised my hand and said, “I want in. We’ll take it.”

I knew that no organization in the U.S. had conjoined a leading children’s hospital with a women’s hospital providing ob/gyn, maternal fetal medicine and other women’s services. This was a really big, novel idea that, honestly, a lot of people hesitated to embrace. But fortunately, Texas Children’s Board, leaders, staff and employees are not like most people. So this seemingly impossible idea quickly became a reality that our Board and leadership were passionately pursuing.

Within a couple years of that fateful cup of coffee with David, we were starting construction – Texas Children’s Hospital was building Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women. And our mission became that much bigger.

As we continue on this incredible journey and trajectory, I am confident it will keep getting better and better. In fact, I’d bet on it!

19 Responses to “A winning wager”

  1. stephanie Yaus

    As a new TCH employee, I have never been so excited to work for such a great organization, the amazing things that occur here daily , and for me to be a small part in the journey I am forever humbled, I have utilized the Pavilion and such a wonderful team we have.!!

  2. Bhavana Babber, MD

    As a Texas Children’s Pediatrician and mother of two I am so proud of the Women’s Pavilion. My daughter was born there on 12.21.16 and I was able to experience 1st hand the high quality care amazing staff and warm atmosphere I have heard so much about from so many families!

  3. Latrice Epps

    My niece had both of her children here at Pavilion for Women. She niece has great things to say about her prenatal care, delivery, and assist with breast feeding. It makes me proud to say I work for Texas Children when your family has good things to say about your company.

  4. Christina Mao

    This concept of having care from even before life even starts is what I believe to be great and will help families have a lasting relationship with this hospital and create a sense of comfort and security for the children that are born and seen for all their childhood years.

  5. I am so proud to be a part of TCH. Excellent staff, leadership, atmosphere and top notch quality patient care.

    *Embrace Freedom
    *Lead Tirelessly
    *Live Compassionately
    *Amplify Unity

  6. Geidi Rodriguez

    I really admire the work the pavilion offers for women of all financial backgrounds. They truly care about people, especially of the children. I work in the business office and recently took a trip to the pavilion and my eyes teared up as I walked pass the different departments, especially when I passed through the special needs kids and children with cancer. It definitely made me feel that what we do here in the patient financial services really does make a difference and because of that work, these facilities can continue to care for the patients.

  7. Maria Griffin

    As an employee I am proud to be a part of such a positive culture of people striving for greatness everyday! As a patient, I can not say enough about the care that I receive! We are also part of the 6250 and the staff are truly like family to us!

  8. Jasmyn Crump

    After having my daughter at the Pavilion for Women on 08/06/16 dealing with breastfeeding, post-partum, and just being a new mom in general..it felt great to know that my second family “TCH” was on my side every step of the way! I’m so happy that I can spread smiling faces throughout the day and create a warming environment like the Pavilion did for me and my family. I am forever grateful to be apart of such a great team and can’t wait to grow even more within the company.

    – Thank you so much!

  9. Vince Kiel

    I did not realize how unique TCH is with it’s Pavilion for Women strategy! Identifying a need and executing a strategy to address the issue seems to be the “Secret Sauce” that makes us so successful.

  10. Veronika Javor

    I was privileged to deliver both of my children at the Pavilion for Women and when I experienced postpartum complications, I knew I was in the best hands with our medical teams. I’m so proud to work with our Pavilion for Women in my role on the PR team and to have personally experienced the excellent care our teams provide.

  11. Leslie Williams

    Texas Children’s has the unique capability to provide exceptional specialized care to both women and children. Since opening, The Pavilion for Women has made great progress in impacting the care of women and children.

  12. Melba Rivera

    Being part of the team that reaches out to our high risk pregnant mommies is a very rewarding job. The importance of prenatal care and providing support to women who have difficult pregnancies, is so important for healthy mommy and baby. I truly believe that any women who is pregnant should have the kind of care that TCH and TCHP provide. Proud to be part of this family.

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