One mission, one focus

December 12, 2018 | (21) Comments

Last year, Dignity Health and Catholic Health Initiatives announced plans to merge their operations, and a few months ago, Baylor Scott & White Health announced its intent to merge with Memorial Hermann Health System.

These mergers will consolidate four sizeable systems into behemoth operations, and that seems to be a trend. In the last 18 months alone, there have been 197 health care merger and acquisition transactions announced. So it stands to reason that faculty and employees here might wonder, “Is Texas Children’s considering merging with another health system?”

The firm and resolute response to that is, “No.” Texas Children’s has no plans to merge with another system. Here’s why:

We care about our people. Remaining committed to Texas Children’s mission is just as important for our staff and employees as it is for our patients and their families. One of the most significant impacts, when systems merge, is the dilution of culture, and we will not sacrifice our culture or the people who have nurtured it. Texas Children’s is who we are because of who you are. We take immense pride in the culture of excellence and passion for patient care that we all share. It is the hallmark that distinguishes us. I simply cannot imagine Texas Children’s with a leadership team operating the organization for our people from a remote location in another state. Our leadership team is here, engaging and working with you to make decisions that directly impact you and our patients and families. That is our vision for our future.

We’re growing the right way. When you see nearly 200 health care mergers and acquisitions in less than two years, it’s hard to ignore. Some health care systems are growing tremendously. Some need financial stability, and others are simply expanding market share. That’s why growth continues to be important to Texas Children’s. We know market share matters. Size matters. But the way Texas Children’s grows matters to us most. We’re growing aggressively, but we’re thoughtful about our expansion – it is always aligned with our mission to advance patient care, education and research for children and women.

We’re staying focused. Texas Children’s Hospital was founded to care for children. And when we expanded our scope to include women’s services, this was a natural evolution that allowed us to create even healthier futures for children by first taking care of women who would someday become mothers. We now care for women at every stage of life and for children before they are even born. At nearly 65, Texas Children’s is the youngest of the nation’s top children’s hospitals, yet we are leading advancements in medicine for children and women around the world. We have built Texas Children’s as a system intently and passionately focused every single day on advancing and advocating for the health and well-being of children and women. We will not veer from that. Our ability to provide this focused continuum of care is in the best interest of families who seek our expertise and consistently experience exceptional outcomes because of it.

We’ve never been better. Texas Children’s just closed a phenomenal fiscal year … again. We opened the Lester and Sue Smith Legacy Tower, expanded our business to Austin, we’re financially strong, and we’re ranked among the top four children’s hospitals in the U.S. These are just a few highlights of an impressive year, and this year is like so many others we experience at Texas Children’s, time and again. Our capacity to invest in state-of-the-art facilities and continue to expand so that we can provide care in the right place at the right time for our patients speaks to our strategic vision and sturdiness, our ability to respond to the ever-increasing demand for our services and to the exceptional care we provide.

When we say we are one amazing team, we mean that. We have one mission here, one focus and, as a single, cohesive team, we are all moving toward a single destiny for Texas Children’s. Together, we are defining our tomorrow and pouring our passion, best ideas and energy into a promising, sustainable future for us and our patients for decades to come.

21 Responses to “One mission, one focus”

  1. Jenny Little

    Texas Children’s values and our focus on women and children are what make us truly unique and successful – and we will only get better! I’m so proud to be a part of this #OneAmazingTeam with #OneMissionOneFocus!

  2. Lauren Westerfield

    I’m glad to hear that TCH is planning to stay independent for the foreseeable future. I think that cohesive, independent leadership and really being rooted in the communities allows TCH to be the most responsive to the needs of the families we serve. Healthcare management has enough red tape without adding mergers and distant oversight from individuals who aren’t familiar with local needs and nuances. I’m curious to see how the Baylor Scott & White merger with Memorial Hermann will affect referrals, given that TCH is affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine and Memorial Hermann is with the UT system.

  3. Florence Anyanwu NP

    I am so blessed to be a part of this great organization. May the good Lord continue to direct our leadership team and provide them with the wisdom they would need to take this organization to a phenomenal level.

  4. Vanessa Voldbakken

    Thanks Mr. Wallace for your faith in us as one team to stay the course and strive to become the numero uno childrens hospital in the good old US of A. Words can’t explain how proud I am to be a part of team Texas Childrens.

  5. Leo Conway

    I agree 100% with everything you said. Anyone that has been here for just about any length of time will concur that the culture at TCH is unmatched anywhere in the Medical Center. Employees stay here for a reason. Merging would certainly dilute that.

  6. Annette M. Garza

    AWESOME Message, Mr. Wallace. I totally agree! Thank you for the update and your response..“No.” Texas Children’s has no plans to merge with another system.”
    TCH is stable, is focus, and has a mission that only can lead us to much more success!
    I am a very proud TCP employee who is very blessed to be working with a very successful organization. I look forward to our future!

  7. Kasey Vernon

    Thank you, Mr. Wallace for your steadfast commitment to the health of children and women in Texas. After a wonderful five year tenure at TCH, my family and I relocated to College Station (whoop) in 2013. As a speech-language pathologist, I had the opportunity to work for other local healthcare providers but was unable to find one with a fraction of the research-driven, patient and family-centric and compassionate care that defines TCH.

    Because of that conviction for BEST-patient care, I re-hired in June of this year knowing the impact TCH has had and will continue to have for decades to come. While a 600 mile weekly commute is a sacrifice (and yes, I would love to see a location in the Brazos Valley) I know that with the core values and infinite passion we share as an organization, my efforts are worthwhile.

    • Lisa Landry

      I agree! I recently moved to Austin and still commute to TCH because of how much I believe in the organization. I hope TCH will open a hospital in Austin in the future but am glad to have our presence there with the urgent care and specialty clinics!

  8. Cassandra F. Jackson

    Mr. Wallace thank you for your candor regarding the stability of the TCH organization. At this moment in time, it is refreshing to encounter a leader dedicated to preserving the culture of the institution he serves. I too look forward to the future and your unwavering determination to meet the needs of our families and employees.

  9. Mary Tietjens

    Mr. Wallace, Thank you for your leadership and vision. I have had the honor of watching Texas Children’s grow, over many years, and I’m confident that your guidance is at the core of our success. Valuing people remains your steadfast cornerstone philosophy and I appreciate the example you set for our Texas Children’s family.

  10. Chari Eastman

    Mr. Wallace – thank you for the reassurance and candor regarding the future of Texas Childrens Hospital. I started at Texas Childrens in 1987 and stayed for many years. I just recently returned “home”. I have been a part of a hospital merger and the dilution of the culture is a very real aspect. It also destroys the confidence the employees have in the organization. It has been a pleasure and a privilege watching Texas Childrens blossom and grow into the amazing organization it is. Thank you for your honesty and reassurance. Thank you for your initiation and perpetuation of the culture!

  11. Natalie Burns

    Thank you for your thoughtful response to these recent announcements. There are many reports that demonstrate that these large mergers dilute the company culture and make healthcare more expensive for patients. I’m so proud that TCH remains committed to its vision to provide the best healthcare to women and children in our community.

  12. Ketrese White

    Thank you for taking the time to share updates on this recent trend in healthcare. I appreciate your open and transparent leadership, thank you for always placing our mission at the forefront of all decisions. I am proud to work for an organization that is committed to the health of women and children, your leadership is instrumental in our successes to date. The future of TCH is absolutely STURDY!

  13. Paola Alvarez-Malo

    Your steadfast commitment to our mission is the reason I left the energy industry to come to TCH. I couldn’t be prouder to work at an organization so clearly focused on what is important for the healthcare of children and women.

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