Maxims of leadership on display every day

August 1, 2017 | (97) Comments

“Leadership always influences or determines outcomes, not some of the time, but all of the time.”

If you have worked at Texas Children’s for even a few short weeks, you have likely heard or read this. It’s my first maxim in a list of 10 Maxims of Leadership that I began sharing with employees years ago. These maxims represent the philosophy by which I have led for many years, and they continue to guide me daily.

Over the years, these maxims have become more than my personal philosophy – they have become the core of our leadership culture at Texas Children’s. And nearly every day, I see some way in which these maxims are brought to life by employees who embrace leadership boldly and deliberately.

These employees, whether leaders by formal title or not, seek and find ways to make Texas Children’s better every day. They take personal accountability for making sure our patients and their families have the best possible care, as well as an exceptional experience. When they see a problem, they come to the table with a thoughtful solution. And in many moments of innovation, employees often come to the table with an idea that counters a challenge before it even happens.

These employees are the leaders who have made Texas Children’s successful for decades. They are the reason why we have and will continue to thrive and find ways to provide the high quality care our patients need, when and where they need it for decades to come.

And regardless of who we are and what we’re contributing to the organization, it’s always a good idea to share stories of exceptional leadership. So for the next few weeks, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I want to share just a few of the countless stories of shining leadership at Texas Children’s. We all play a vital role in the care of our patients and their families, and we all have an opportunity to do something every day that could change a person’s experience or outcome at Texas Children’s.

I’d like to hear from you … how has good leadership influenced the way you work?


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Over the next four weeks, Mark Wallace’s blog will highlight employees who demonstrate his Maxims of Leadership. Each blog post will pose a leadership question that you may respond to in the comments section of the blog post. And yes, it starts today with the question above!

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97 Responses to “Maxims of leadership on display every day”

  1. Clarissa Guzman

    Good leadership is the make or break for me within any organization. It is what either makes you want to get out of bed each morning, or causes you to hit the snooze as an employee. I’ve worked for an organization with poor leadership; where you never feel accomplished or able to succeed. Working for TCH, I know that I am supported, geniunely cared for, and respected as an individual. A person that feels appreciated will always do more than is expected! I strive daily to do more, be better, and reach higher to achieve enhanced patient and employee satisfaction. My leaders have set an example that I want to replicate. They haven’t created another follower, they have created another leader. I want my employees to feel heard, see results, and know that I am there to support them in any way possible; whether that means jumping into staffing, speaking to a patient/family, or being thier voice in leadership meetings. I want to demonstrate what is possible and hopefully inspire others as they have inspired me!

  2. Celeste U. Trejo

    Good Leadership has influenced me to be confident, see and embrace a common vision to achieve a goal in the workplace and to also apply those beliefs and vision not only with my work family and career, but with my personal life and family.

  3. Craig Lane

    Good leadership has allowed me to grow, learn and encourage others to work together to resolve issues and complete projects all while having the support and guidance of my leader.

  4. Danyalle Evans

    Good leadership has influenced the way I work through confirmation that doing the “right” thing isn’t always what is easy, but it is always what is right.

  5. Brad Dawson

    Good leadership has provided an environment for growth to become more proficient with my services to patients, manifesting into better patient care. Being under such good leadership has trickled down in to helping me become a better leader in aiding the growth of interns during their time at Texas Children’s.

  6. Thomas Hankins

    Throughout my years at Texas Children’s, I’ve been blessed to work under many great leaders. More so than anything their leadership taught me to embrace my strengths and be confident in my unique ability to bring something special to the organization. This impacts the way I approach work every day!

  7. Mary Ann Callejo

    I started as a new grad in the PICU many years ago. During my career at TCH, I have worked with many leaders from charge nurses, managers, ADs, educators, House Supervisors and Directors. I have been encouraged by various leaders to try different roles (i.e., preceptor, transport, charge nurse, house supervisor, committee member), and I was able to obtain valuable experience. As a new grad, I was focused on learning how to be a competent nurse in a stressful, critical environment. My leaders encouraged me and had confidence in me which gave me the extra push to pursue other goals. I am very thankful.

    • Shannon Holland

      Mary Ann – When I think of the great leaders I’ve had the privledge to work with, you’re at the top of the list! As my very first preceptor, you taught me compassion, patient-centeredness, and how to lead by example. I’m so thankful for your giving spirit and selflessness. Thank you for all you’ve done to make Texas Children’s a better place!

  8. Leslie K. Morris

    Q: How has good leadership influenced the way you work?
    A: Good leadership provides a strong support structure so that I can grow, learn and lead. It becomes evident in the spirit of how I do my work as well as the quality of the work being produced. Good leadership fosters open, honest communication and lots of opportunity for collaboration. Good leadership brings a confidence that boosts your ability to embrace challenge and change.

  9. Michele Boettiger

    Texas Children’s Hospital has an abundance of exceptional employees with a winning attitude and a strong work ethic. Peter Ducker has detailed leadership by stating, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” TCH does the right things by incorporating well-thought vision, purposeful intention, and innate integrity in every day practice to produce quality outcomes. The organization empowers employees to go above and beyond to make a positive impact while doing the right thing as a leader.

  10. Pathik Bhatt

    Good leadership has molded me to the person that I am today. During the course of my careers, I have been taught that mistakes happen. However, when you take ownership of your work, you are more likely succeed.

  11. Julia Sigren

    Working along side a good leader is awe-inspiring. It is clear that when they enter a room, their presence is welcomed and respected. I have had the opportunity to meet many great leaders over my career at Texas Children’s Hospital. They have taught my how to be strong, kind, approachable, and innovative. I have learned that with perseverance, intuition, and teamwork many dreams and goals can be accomplished. Above all, good leaders at Texas Children’s Hospital have taught me to lead as a passionate advocate for our patients, because they are so very precious. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi

  12. Anmol Ali

    Good leadership has influenced the way I work by allowing me to grow in the workplace. Coming in to a corporate hospital setting as a senior in college, there is a lot to be learned both from the finance aspect as well as understanding what the hospital stands for. Having everyone from the top of the executive chain to the IS Services Desk, everyone has made some impact in helping me with my personal and professional growth. Being an intern, a lot of what one does is “follow” rather than “lead” but at Texas Children’s Hospital I have the ability to become a leader despite my age and experience. As I grew over the months and learned new ways to be more efficient, I was able to become a leader for the next round of interns. Not only am I able to share my knowledge and experience with others but also am able to learn from them as well. As one of my professors used to say, a good leader is a good follower.

  13. Jenna Sneed

    Q: How has good leadership influenced the way you work?
    A: Good leadership provides vision, structure, and two-way “authentic” communication that I believe are the basic building blocks for getting work done. I also believe a good leader sets the tone in terms of a positive, results-oriented attitude; resiliency when there are setbacks; and a culture of accountability. Good leaders have influenced my work in that they are a stand for me to contribute even more than I thought was possible – inspiring me to give a little more, and in turn growing a little more.

  14. Amy Magruder

    Good leadership provides a model for me to emulate. I have leaders who encourage my questions and are willing to get me involved in decision making. They foster my growth and call me to higher levels of function. Good leadership has influenced me to reach higher and to keep a smile and positive attitude with my patients and my co-workers. Good leadership is invaluable in my professional growth!

  15. Barbara Shreffler

    The leadership that I have experienced since I joined this team in the summer of 2014 has not been good – it has been GREAT. This great leadership has inspired me to lead by example and to be the solution to problems that I believe I can help solve. My leaders have inspired me to do more and to embrace the mission of Texas Children’s Hospital. Everyday , I do my best to be present, focused, and positive. Some days I am more successful at doing this than others, but my goal is high enough that even on a day when my energy is not full, I’m in pretty good shape! I’ll keep trying for sure.

    My supervisor and all of the leaders in my department walk the walk. They are encouraging and engaged with me and my team. They are always there for us! We are succeeding because of this commitment to exemplary leadership. I am extremely grateful to work for such an extraordinary organization and with such fine people.

  16. Katie Crockett

    I have been on both sides. A staff nurse as well as a part of the leadership team. My experience with the leadership at Texas Children’s has helped me by giving opportunities for expanding my knowledge and supporting me to step outside of my comfort zone to grow as a nurse.

  17. Erica Henderson

    Having a good leader, has provided me the opportunity to grow professionally and recognize my strengths and talents. I am inspired by good leadership to continue to do excellent work for patients and families.

  18. Alysha T., Grant

    Q: How has good leadership influenced the way you work?

    We all have heard the cliché, Lead by example not only that but its starts from the top. With good leadership comes great work ethics along with great attitudes. Everything has a domino effect so when you have positivity swirling around the office it becomes infectious and others jump on board which provides a stimulating work environment filed with integrity and quality performance.

  19. Stephanie Dennis

    Good Leadership is essential in any workplace. Knowing that you have someone that has your back, is not only what makes you work harder, but makes you want to come back to work. Having a person you know you can come to and ask questions without repercussions, a person who encourages you to do better, and a person who has everyones best interest at heart is an exceptional quality to have. And I have found this as a new employee here at TCH. It makes me happy to work here, and eager to come to work everyday!!

  20. Lisa Setchfield

    Good leadership has inspired me to see beyond my self-imposed limits – to see what I am truly capable of. For me, this guidance and support has become the model by which I aim to lead, so that our TCH team can deepen their roots, bloom, and spread their seeds.

  21. Jewel Mitchell

    Good Leadership enables employees to be the best we can be. A good leader will work with employees to ensure tools are in place to complete any job. They will guide the employee to see the “big picture” to ensure good decisions and actually listen and respect an employees opinion.
    A good leader actually makes an employee feel cared about and respected. This makes the employee want to go above and beyond everyday.

  22. Lawrence Gross

    A leadership team that listens and responds to issues promptly and appropriately provides inspiration for front-line team members to do the same. Feeling connected to your leader reduces stress and improves communication – both key to effective performance in any organization. These qualities have inspired me to “bring my A-Game” every day.


  23. Bonnie Magliaro

    I feel there is no better way to describe the impact of good leadership on me than to think about TCH in the context of our Texans. Good leadership has helped me to bring all of myself (mind, body, & soul) to the field of my work, each and every day, without leaving anything off the field. I am a cheerleader for our patients and families because good leadership inspires that level of excitement for the work we do. I am the supporting water girl for our clinicians in terms of patient safety because they are the “cleats to the ground” people who provide the care our patients need. It is good leadership that supports me in supporting them because every role is valued and because every team member is seen as a leader in their own right. Good leadership promotes team success in conjunction with the individual success of STAR performers. That is what our greatest leaders do. It seems so appropriate for TCH and the Texans to be partnering on this leadership initiative. This speaks to me and how I view the impact of leadership on my life – individual relationships that inspire and lead to team success. Ultimately that translates to excellence in patient care.

  24. Christy Knowles

    Actions speak louder than words. Lead by example. These two phrases that we have all heard most of out lives are very relevant when I think of great leaders. You can stand there all day long and speak great words but it doesn’t say much about a leader if they don’t follow through. We have great leaders in our organization and we get to watch great leaders on our own hometown team, the Houston Texans. The amount of hard work and dedication that each of those men put in to achieve greatness on the football field. At TCH, we are all lucky to be part of such a organization that makes differences in children’s lives everyday. We couldn’t do it without the commitment from each and everyone of us with our great leaders to also achieve greatness in pediatric medicine.

  25. Wanda James

    The best leaders I have had at Texas Children’s have shown me that everyone can be and should be a leader, even if it isn’t in your title. Good leaders treat everyone with respect and are open to hearing the ideas and concerns of their employees or co-workers no matter their role. Good leadership has inspired me to always strive to be my best and never be afraid to ask the tough questions. At the end of the day, we do what we do for the patients, that’s what makes Texas Children’s great.

  26. Christine Youngblood

    Good leadership has significant influence and impact on the work I do. When good leaders are actively present and demonstrate professional and relational behaviors consistent with the organization’s mission, vision, and values it serves as a model for my role and behavior. I am privileged to work for and with a group of committed, dedicated, compassionate, and ethical leaders that are effective at carrying out their responsibilities and achieving successes. Because they lead by example and with purpose, I am able to clearly understand expectations for my role/responsibilities and behavior. I am influenced by the support of good leadership in my professional and organizational growth.

  27. Kim Frawner

    Strong leaders have inspired me that leadership is an obligation we all have. We must speak up and do what is right. Our value to “lead tirelessly” sums it up. Even if we don’t feel like it, we must still lead. This is what strong leaders do daily, and it is truly inspiring to all around them.

  28. Neki Shah

    Good leadership inspired me to apply at TCH one year ago- their goals of empowering their staff and encouraging professional growth has established such a great environment to work in and flourish!

  29. Colleen

    A great leader taught me that leadership means serving our people. This realization has changed the way I lead. Leadership does apply to everyone and its my job to serve those I lead. Serving takes into account the needs of our people and helps develop individuals and teams. By developing people, we are investing in the individual and the team.

  30. Q:How has good leadership influenced the way you work?
    A: Good leadership begets good leadership and allows me to soar. As a leader, I see strong leadership as the firm foundation on which I can stand. This leadership comes in the form of guidance and support and adds an additional layer of confidence to successfully lead my own team. That same foundation, if truly formidable, can benefit my team and the members they serve!

  31. Christy Paschall, STAR Kids Manger, Case/Disease Management

    Good leadership has influenced me to see others for who they truly are and genuinely care about the welfare of those that I work with and supervise. Good leadership has inspired me to put my genuine self forward, approach everything with my best, be transparent, be honest, and have integrity in all things. Good leadership motivated me to look for the bright side in the midst of discord and despair, be patient through it all, approach things with positivity, and strive to inspire others to follow that path. Good leadership has taught me how to be a servant leader, developing, growing and helping others to reach their highest potential. I am grateful to the good leaders who have so deeply molded me into a servant leader, reminding me to regularly take a personal inventory of myself, assuring myself that I am still acting with humility, encouraging others, developing others, genuinely caring about others, valuing diverse opinions, and cultivating a culture of trust. As I sat and thought about this question on good leadership, I realized that the first good leadership in my life was my parents. Throughout my nursing and leadership career, I have encountered influences, good and bad. It was the good leadership that has had the strongest, most positive and everlasting influence in my life and career. I applaud the good leadership.

  32. Alejandra Grimsley, NP

    I am lucky to be in a role where my boss has cultivated an environment where we all feel like contributing parts to the overall team. Dr. Zepeda has taught me that we are great leaders when we give others the confidence to lead as well. He trusts my judgment and with this it allows me to grow and openly ask and learn more. In my opinion, building trust, confidence, and showing that you care are important elements to being a great leader.

  33. Good and strong leadership characteristics are what I see around me in our clinic at the Palm Center everyday. as mentioned by Mr. Wallace in Leadership Maxims #6 and #7 leaders lead by example and many companies (even departments) are over-managed and undermanaged. I am glad to say that at our clinic, our leaders teach us to lead daily through their examples and are available for us to feed off of their positive energy in being the best employees we can be and respond within minutes of us reaching out with questions or concerns for our patients and their families as well as staff. This has prepared us to keep clinic running smoothly in the interim of a new manager.

  34. Good Leadership sets the foundation. Poor Leadership can break an office, team and an entire organization. Coming to work for Texas Children’s (this year), from another hospital within the medical center, I can proudly say the environment at TCH is none other! TCH employees come to work happy and ready to HELP others, weather it be a coworker, a patient, a parent or an outside vendor. My personal leadership is excellent!! Throughout my 90 days probation and continued training to date, the director of my department has continuously checked on my progress, spent one on one time with me and has made me feel important. My direct manager has done the same. I have been made to feel as important as anyone else on the team, regardless of being new. This builds trust. Trust in your management and organization will push you to work hard and to continue performing at an optimal level. Texas Children’s is by far the best organization I have worked for in my 10 years working in the medical center. And it all starts with the Leadership. Thank you Mr. Wallace for setting that bar of excellence!

  35. Jennifer Harris

    Good leadership has influenced the way I work by giving me the confidence I need to know that what I do on a daily basis is important and influential. As an Administrative Assistant (previously a Department Secretary), my role can feel quite insignificant at times, but Good Leaders have always reassured me that I am an asset to the team and to the bigger picture within the TCH organization. Not only do Good Leaders give me confidence, they also support and encourage me to strive for more as opposed to staying stagnant in my role(s). Not many leaders can genuinely do this, but so far, all the leaders that I have come into contact with at TCH have!

  36. Tyler Giess

    Good leadership influences the way I work every day. Leadership, no matter the job title, sets the example and expectations for everyone around them. I try to learn from those examples in order to further develop my abilities. Good leadership is motivating for those around them.

  37. Kristina Tucker

    Being able to come to work every day and manifest our team’s vision into reality doesn’t even feel like work, it is a joy! With the support, guidance, mentoring, and freedom from experienced leaders, newer ones have the opportunity to learn how to build teams based on the mission and values of the organization. I am so grateful to see this type of GREAT leadership modeled from my leader and many others!

  38. Hester De Jong

    I recognize the importance of leadership and I’m lucky to fall under 2 leadership umbrella’s. I fall under the social work department and I’m part of the Fetal and Maternal Clinic as a clinical social worker. The leadership in the clinic (together with all the staff ) has made me feel welcome, valued and appriciated. Leadership in the social work department has given me the opportuniy to grow, be myself and become a better person and social worker. It is a luxery to be part of both teams and I believe that great leadership will develop and nurture great people.

  39. Allen Milewicz

    “Leadership determines outcomes”–reminds me of one of my guidelines–“Be the cause of the effect you want to see.” This has inspired me to realize that I am responsible for what is happening, and if I have a different idea, then I can and should take action to bring about positive change.

  40. Annabel Carrizales

    Q: How has good leadership influenced the way you work?

    A: Good leadership has helped me keep trucking and giving my best effort even when work gets “tough”. When a manager, a lead or even a co-worker continues to do their best at all times, it makes you do your best as well. It’s a chain-reaction! I am a firm believer in leading by example!

  41. Monica Y Garcia

    Good leadership has helped me apply my skills and knowledge to the best of my ability. It has helped me grow and be confident in the work that I put forth daily. Good leadership makes me strive to always do my best and to continue to grow both at work and at home.

  42. Heidi B.

    “Lead by Exmaple”
    I have been lucky to have worked and work side by side with amazing leaders… and i don’t mean leadership staff. In this I include my colleagues. Anyone can tell you what to do and how to do it but it makes it a difference to learn and understand when you see the exmaple. Understand the reasons behind it. It’s easy to Talk the Talk…It makes a difference when you Walk the Walk.

  43. Deitra Brown

    How has good leadership influenced the way you work?
    Good leadership has influenced me to move outside of the box when presented with opportunities to improve processes and outcomes. My thoughts and ideas are well received and supported which encourages me to try something else or do something else, which has directly impacted my motivation and engagement. Ultimately, good leadership has influenced my productivity and plans to remain at TCH.

  44. Matt Goette

    Good (no, Great) leadership has had an impact on how I work at TCH by making me more efficient. I have learned important time management skills from key leaders at TCH, who have encouraged me to continually seek to use my time at work (and outside of work) wisely.

  45. Catherine Waites

    In the four years I’ve been a nurse on our unit, I’ve always admired the leadership qualities of Pam Sykes, formerly of housekeeping and now our USA. She has always gone out of her way to be helpful to everyone and runs a tight ship. She strives to keep our unit, in her words, “as clean as an OR.” She has the patience and people skills to sweet-talk a toddler into swallowing his medications and her dignified presence makes teenagers clean up their language. She leads by both example and instruction, showing us all how to always treat each other with respect and compassion while doing our absolute best.

  46. Elayne M. Duncan

    Good Leadership is modeled by the top executive and by his example we are fortunate to have the very best leadership to guide us. Following his example we all model caring, kindness and the desire to be the best we can. This shows each and everyday by everyone who works here. This is why I believe Texas Children’ Hospital is the very best place to work.

  47. Liz Owens

    Good leadership has encouraged me to believe that we can provide the very best care to each and every one of our patients here at TCH. A good leader encourages his or her followers to strive for perfection through knowledge and evidence based practice. I have had the privilege of serving under many good leaders here at TCH in the past 26 years. I cannot imagine this hospital without the leadership of Mark Wallace!!

  48. Summer Alexander

    Although I have only been with the organization for a few weeks, I have already witnessed great leadership qualities across various disciplines. My observations and interactions have motivated and inspired me to become a better leader. Good leadership is contagious, and I want to be able to spread it to as many people as I can.

  49. Amanda Austin Ward

    Good leadership has affected me in many positive ways. It has opened many opportunities for me to expand my experience and knowledge, helping me to grow both personally and professionally. It has helped me be more confident in what I do know and more inquisitive about what I don’t know. It has helped me learn how to maneuver my position, jump the hurdles, and successfully cross the finish line. Mostly, it has helped to make me a better leader. I hope that I am setting as good of a leadership example to my staff as I am seeing in my leaders.

  50. Sommer LaShomb

    Good leadership helps drive you to want to do your best and give more to your work. Working under a leader who values your contributions to the team, understands your role in the organization and supports and encourages your work can truly be the difference between a “job” and a “career”.

  51. Regina Wysocki

    Good leadership makes me feel confident to take risks and search for innovative solutions. When leadership trusts your work, and allows you the leeway to venture outside the box to creatively problem solve, I thrive! The maxim of “skating to where the puck is going to be, not where it is”, really resonated with me. I love the fact that Texas Children’s embraces this concept. I have only been with the organization for about a month, and I am so impressed with the culture and value placed on leadership at any level.

  52. Tiffani Love

    Good leadership has influenced my work by ensuring that my knowledge, skills and time are utilized on projects that focus on supporting the mission, vision and goals of Texas Children’s Hospital.

  53. Michelle Calderon

    I believe that there are born leaders and leaders who are shaped by the people in their life.

    I’ve been blessed to have been in the presence of so many great leaders in my life. They have influenced the way I work on a professional level and how I treat people professionally and personally. It all starts with what we are taught at a young age, “Treat others how you would like to be treated.” I believe that his applies in every situation.
    I experienced good leadership from my first job out of high school working in a pizza restaurant. I was taught to treat customers as guests of the establishment. If you treat customers with kindness and respect, they feel a connection to the employees and to the business. This same pizza restaurant believed in employee growth by continued training and mentoring. The respect the management team gave to customers, was the same respect they gave to their employees. We observed and learned from that great example. That point in my life is especially meaningful because we were a young crew in minimum wage jobs; but were treated like future leaders.

    As I continued my education, advanced in jobs and eventually managed employees, I put into practice all of the lessons that I had learned over the years. I learned that people can make or break a business. Your team is who you depend on, so treat your team well. Open communication, training, mentoring is key. A true leader does not expect or demand respect; a true leader earns respect by giving it. And when you have earned the respect of your employees, you gain their loyalty.

    I observed, learned and absorbed the lessons of the great leaders in my life; and much of who I am was shaped by their example.

  54. Jamey Griffin

    For me it was the easiest decision ever to come to TCH-West Campus EC. It was love at first sight when I walked through the doors in May 2011. Leadership from the get-go, had me at “Hello”. I was coming from a place where I felt management didn’t even know I existed to a place where leadership made me feel wanted and truly appreciated. It was a game changer for me and I’ve never looked back. Leadership is key to the staff feeling their voice matters.

  55. Casey Stranahan

    I am thankful that I have the opportunity to be around the great leaders in my office! Good leaders influence the way that I work through their visible commitment to TCH, ability to work well and encourage the many members of their teams, and in their deft handling of complication situations. This type of leader shows me what I should strive for in my own actions and influences how I approach my work everyday.

  56. Kristi A Lemmert

    Throughout my life, personal and professional, I’ve had the good fortune to learn some of the greatest leadership skills from those who didn’t even know they were leaders. One of the best influences I’ve had has been my dad. He taught me early on that anyone can be a follower, but it takes courage and strength to be a leader. He taught me that a firm handshake and a warm smile will build trust faster than anything else. I’ve utilized these skills over and over again and they have never failed me. I don’t need a title to lead. I believe that the efforts of the whole are always greater than the sum of the parts.

  57. Chris Ward

    Good leadership reminds me that in some form or fashion, we all are leaders in whatever role that we are in. As I press on through each shift, I am reminded that I am here to be of service to my colleagues, families, and most importantly my patients. As I soak in those valuable leadership nuggets from those around me, I am reminded that so often it is what we do that leaves a lasting impression as opposed to what we say. Indeed…the blessing is in the DOING. As I embrace the leader within, I must continue to consider that I am a representative of TCH in each interaction I am apart of. One can only hope that he represents well.

  58. John Guerra

    When I first promoted to a supervisor with the police department, I heard a saying that I really felt a connection to. “Effective leaders always look for ways to learn from others. Leaders constantly train and develop their team members to become future leaders within the organization.” I’ve always felt it was my job as an effective leader to develop my team so I could pass the torch to them one day.

  59. Melissa Falcon

    Over my 14 years at Texas Children’s Hospital I have been blessed to work with wonderful leadership! They all have this common influence on me, doing what’s right for the patient or situation all the time! When you do the right thing you feel confident about making choices in your role.

  60. Amy Wallace

    I have had the honor of working under great leadership at Texas Children’s Hospital. The biggest influence of good leadership has been understanding and applying the concept of helping individual needs meet the needs and goals of the whole. I have learned to think what is best for the organization instead of what is best for me or my small group. Finding a way to infuse the mission and values of TCH into every day practice while also guiding individual needs to meet a universal goal is a challenge I happily accept.

  61. Ana Thornton

    The question is: How has good leadership influenced the way that I work?
    Where to start…I started my master’s level social worker journey at Texas Children’s Hospital on a day like today in 2011. This was my first social worker position out of graduate school.
    Here are some of the ways good leadership has influenced the way I work.
    1. I see failures and errors as opportunities to learn and learn how we can improve the way we serve our families.
    2. I am perfectly comfortable with mentorship from co-workers of all ages and backgrounds, as every point of view is valued.
    3. I am inspired to see the everyday things I do at work as part of a larger mission to ensure the health of Houston.
    4. I have learned to contribute and take the lead on what needs to be done even if I do not have the title of leader.
    5. I learned the importance of leading from behind, which has been a very important lesson for my personal life as well.
    6. One cannot lead well at work if one is not doing self-care and leading a principled life outside of work.
    I could go on and on, but it would take days.

  62. Seema Patel

    Good leadership has given me the confidence to break out of my comfort zone and try things I never thought I could do. My leaders taught me that even undesired outcomes can be great learning experiences, and we should all strive to be better tomorrow than we were today!


    Great leaders understand they are responsible for more than just themselves. Great leaders also understand they are part of something greater than themselves. That “something greater” includes people all up, down and sideways on the org chart. Never miss an opportunity to recognize the leadership shown by any teammate, regardless of their station. No one diminishes their leadership by inspiring and encouraging leadership skills in others.


    Encourage and empower your people to always be thinking, “How can I go ‘ABCD’?” “ABCD” stands for “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.” Seek not to meet, but strive always to exceed expectations. On a scale of one to ten, think about how you can turn it up to eleven (which is one higher…for you Spinal Tap fans). But keep in mind that as a leader of others, you must be willing to empower others. And doing that entails giving up some of your own power. Are you willing to do that? That’s for you to decide.

  65. Chad Penny

    There is a quote that is displayed on the campus of Sam Houston State University that describes perfectly my interpretation of leadership. “A leader is someone who helps improve the lives of others or improves the system they live under”.

    That is my goal in life, to improve the lives of others…”so that others may live”. I feel that’s all of our goals here at TCH and something we take seriously. As a Sergeant here it’s my responsibility to lead from the front, and I feel that I will do that and already do that daily. That was something instilled in my from my military days and will continue to live in me and through me all throughout my career at TCH.

  66. Virginia Garcia

    Q. How has good leadership influenced the way you work?
    A. Good leadership has influenced the way I work by providing discipline and solid foundation – it starts with me and is the abc’s of my work effort! Before I can create a great piece of literature (or lead a team/project), I have to be able to recognize the letters. Then I can use that knowledge to read words, create sentences. Good leadership isn’t what someone else does, it’s what YOU do and how you allow it to influence what you do it.

    “The people who follow you, know that you made something impossible happen. Maybe that helps them believe you can make other impossible things happen.” Jon Snow, Game of Thrones (S7, E4)

  67. Carrie Clark

    Good leadership has influenced the way I work by motivating me to work towards a unified goal. Everyone plays a part in the puzzle that comes together beautifully for the overall betterment of patients, staff, and our community. Good leadership has a positive impact on my outlook of how I view my work because I feel equal, not inferior based on job title. Good leadership appreciates and values the work of their team. Good leadership recognizes quality work and assists others when they notice differentials.

  68. Sylvia Palomo

    As a leader myself the most important leadership skill I must have is always treat everyone with dignity, respect & equal. Good Leadership starts with (You) your passion, confidence you have in your heart for what you do daily. Here at TCH we help Children, families through life challenges at times life changes.
    We continue to learn how to cure our children daily with the best Physicians in the world we continue to make those dreams come true daily. As a large organization at times we have opportunities to overcome, as a leader you always overcome those opportunities you keep striving for what’s best for our Children , families and your partners. As leaders you always lead by example with your passion ,dedication you inspire your teams/partners to be the best everyday as they grow and become successful. Those relationship you build daily with your teams/partners help care for our children and families make the impossible , possible.
    We are family/partners with a goal our hearts of passion we continue to cure all of our children.
    Everyday I ‘thank God ‘ for the opportunity he’s given me to be a part of this wonderful organization called ‘Texas Children’s

  69. Lourdes Hinojosa

    Great leaderships develops great employees and together we are able to continue building an amazing organization.
    Good leadership has allowed me to grow and to become the person I am today.
    I am extremely blessed to be at Texans Children’s where great leaderships shines every day.

  70. Joanna Thielmann

    Good leadership helps influence the tone of an organization. At Texas Children’s Hospital, our patients come first; our team is compassionate, caring, and focused on excellence, not only in patient care, but also their experience. That leadership, from managers and colleagues alike, allows me to feel proud and confident in the team I represent and valued and appreciated as a professional.

  71. Good leadership influences the way you work in a domino effect type of way. A great, productive team starts with great leadership then trickles down to the team. Without a strong caring leadership team, there wouldn’t be any great accomplishments. My leadership has demonstrated TCH’s beliefs& Mark Wallaces maxims, therefore, making me a stronger, harder working, more carign and loving co-worker, wife, mom & employee.

  72. Sara Aguirre

    Good leadership has allowed me the flexibility to grow and learn. It has influenced how I interact with people and use positive reinforcement with patient’s and their families.

  73. Kristin Thorp

    Leadership comes in many different forms which is what makes it so necessary for success! To me being a good leader is inspiring others to share a common vision and leading them to not only recognize but utilize their abilities for a common goal. Good leadership inspires me to give more than I think I can, be an example of what I want from others and to take every opportunity to grow and improve thru collaboration and relationships! Good leadership has truly formed me into the leader I am today and I hope to help inspire others to lead by the love, strength and positivity I exude every day!


    A good leader is one that requires no announcement, people will know. Your actions can and should inspire others to want to do better, because you have shown the way.
    To be a good leader should not be all about the title, you should know how to serve, it inspires others.
    A good leader will love the team and share the vision, they will treat you with respect, dignity and a caring heart.
    A good leader will praise you when you’re caught doing it right and going above.
    A good leader who wants a team will explain why you do what you do.
    When you work for something bigger than yourself, you work harder.

  75. Debora Ybarra

    There are no “bad” leaders…because every leader style provides an opportunity to learn and to develop your own leadership style in a positive manner. Since 1995, I have had many leaders and have learned something from each of them. Those leaders who influence you to continually learn and improve have exponential impact in that they improve you and you improve your patient care delivery and the patient benefits and the community benefits….so on and so on.

  76. Lalita Wadhwa

    A good leadership is like a permeating light that illuminates every aspect of an organization. I have learnt to seek that light to clearly see my goals and destination.

  77. Angelica Castillo

    Being a good leader resembles honesty, humbleness, and dedication. Showing the care to the patients to the best of your abilities and making sure the patient understands your commitment to them 1000% of the way is the ultimate goal.

  78. Roxana Santaella, PT

    Being a leader for our children is how we help our children do the best that they can. At Texas Children’s we are all leaders with each and every family and child that we meet. Every single person that walks in through those doors gets to interact with one of the phenomenal leaders that are here at TCH. In each and every role, we are leaders that help our children and families grow in every single aspect in their lives and our goal is to continue to be leaders in the community we serve!

  79. Jacqueline Pacheco

    A good leader is able to lead by example. They are the ones not only demonstrating the qualies of hard work and determination but are also able to bring that out in the individuals that they work with. Leaders are able to spot the potential in thier coworkers/employees and encourage and develop them to grow and reach their potential. Everyone is a leader, no matter what position you hold.

  80. Shelly Lopez-Gray

    I’ve been fortunate to work with many great leaders. They taught me resilence, empowered me to continue my education, and supported ideas formed by experiences from the bedside. They cultivated my individual strengths and always treated me like a leader. As a nurse, I was not only part of the conversation, they inspired me to initiate it and lead it. These leaders made me really believe that we all have the potential for greatness.When I go to work, I always think of the big footprints of those that have steered the path before me and believe that as a nurse, anything is possible when we’re able to stand on the shoulder of giants.


    Leadership has set the pace at which I perform and encourages me to improve upon that leadership as well. It defines the values that are to be upheld and influences the quality of execution. For me, leadership defines the way you choose to take control of your life.

  82. Candace Mike

    Leadership by definition is the act of leading a person, group, or organization. Leadership in nursing to me means so much more. Leadership by nursing definition to me is having the heart and courage to advocate, stand, and fight for our patients and families who can’t stand, advocate, and fight for themselves in there moments of weakness and vulnerability. Leadership to me means taking the high road in all situations and working towards love and mutual respect for the team. Leadership in my work life is letting the visions and values of my organization as well as those that were instilled in me as little girl wanting to be a nurse show in my care at and away from the bedside. Leadership is shown in the way I walk and I talk. TCH empowers every employee and staff to show leadership in there day to day tasks.

  83. My work has been greatly influenced by great leaders. I believe that great leaders put the needs of the organization and the team before their own. They truly care for each individual that they meet with and have a positive outlook on the tasks at hand. I’ve worked with many great leaders who have all made me want to strive to do better and go further in my own career. Watching them care and manage organizations makes me want to be there best person I can be and pass my knowledge and leadership on to other individuals. You never know what support a person has at home and sometimes by being a great leader you can become that positive push that someone needs to do their best.

  84. rufina torres

    Everyone is a leader. Leadership is someone who loves what they do. Sets an example for people to look at and follow and learn. I have worked with great people that show leadership here at TCH.

  85. Mariyen Javier

    Leadership isn’t all about the position, anyone can be consider as a leader. It is whether someone shows their compassionate and dedication for excellence and making a difference. it is not a title.

  86. Opera Wagner-Ross

    Happy, Happy, Happy, Birthday Mr. Wallace,

    Here is hoping that you had an amazing birthday! Wishing the very best during your next circle around the sun. 🙂

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