Here, every day is game day

September 17, 2018 | (183) Comments

It’s that time of year again – football season. The regular season kicked off a couple weeks ago, and for the next few months, football will dominate our weekends.

Whether you’re a fan of the pros or a little league parent cheering from the sidelines, I think we all recognize the faithful dedication required for any sport. And personally, beyond the excitement of the actual game, what I appreciate most is the incredible tenacity of any athlete to return game after game with renewed determination.

I see that relentless spirit every day at Texas Children’s. It takes an incredible amount of energy and dedication to do what you do across this organization on a daily basis. Every child and woman in our care is precious, and everything we do, directly or indirectly, touches them, renews their hope or delivers an answer for which they’ve prayed. That’s infinitely powerful, and it’s why every single day at Texas Children’s is game day.

Click here for the Texas Children’s-Houston Texans “Every day is game day” video

With that power comes the responsibility to be ready, for everything, every day. Because every day, we have a chance to take actions and make decisions that prepare us to be catalysts for something amazing or to help someone in need. As the President and CEO, I’m very deliberate about how I ensure I’m game-day ready. Without fail, this is what I do every day:

  1. Pack my positivity. I don’t think in terms of a glass being half empty or half full – I simply appreciate the contents and believe whatever the amount, it’s enough to nourish someone or to give life to something. In other words, I am perpetually positive. I believe you can extract goodness from any situation and that this outlook removes doubt and worry, and makes more room for creativity and to dwell in possibilities.
  1. Seek ways to learn. The opportunity to grow intellectually or emotionally every day fascinates me. As soon as I get up, I start reading – combing through emails, reading the news, reviewing the financial markets. I enjoy the immediate jolt of engaging with new information. I read as much as I can, and I talk to as many of you as I can. Honestly, that’s where I learn the most, because when I talk with you, I’m exposed to all the insightful and innovative ideas you have.
  1. Manage my energy. Years ago, there were lots of books, articles and seminars about how to manage time. I’ve seen that shift is now focused on managing energy, and for me, this has been life changing. We all have a maximum pool of energy, and we must deploy that energy at the right times and in the right places. I’m a morning person, so I try to tackle my most important or toughest tasks in the mornings. I make mindful choices about how my time is spent, whether at work or at home. And I try to engage and surround myself with people who have a warm and positive energy.
  1. Take care of my body. Because I am a pretty early riser, I’m able to exercise most mornings. Whether I swim or lift weights, I feel great satisfaction from being active and doing something that’s good for my body. Throughout the day, at the office, I make sure that I’m eating well. Even when I have a day packed with meetings, I plan accordingly so that I provide my body with what it needs for me to think, feel and be at my best. And as many of you know, I walk the hospital often. This is always a good way for me to stay on the move and also to connect with many of you.
  1. Pray. Prayer could easily be at the beginning and the end of this list, because I do it very often. Prayer and meditation insulates me with a sense of peace and calmness throughout the day. Subsequently, my mind is clearer when I must make difficult decisions, and I am reassured about the direction in which to lead our organization.

We all have a game day plan – it’s why we are one amazing team and how we do so many amazing things every single day. I want to hear from you below. Tell me how you get game-day ready. How do you prepare your mind, body and spirit to be the very best for our patients and our people every day at Texas Children’s?

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Mr. Wallace wants to know what you do to make sure you bring your A-game to Texas Children’s every day to help us provide the best care possible to our patients, their families and our colleagues.

We will randomly select two winners from the comments below to each receive a pair of tickets to the Houston Texans vs Dallas Cowboys football game on October 7, 2018.

The two winners must be Texas Children’s employees. The drawing will be from comments posted between September 17-23. Winners will be notified by the Corporate Communications team by September 25.

183 Responses to “Here, every day is game day”

  1. Stephanie P.

    Begin by saying a prayer before entering work and when you leave. Bring your A game to work by learning something new everyday with the patients we take care of. Being able to help them enjoy there day and have them forget they are in a hospital for a second. Walk in with a smile, and be ready to be a team player.

    • Christine Greer

      Wake up everyday with a positive attitude. Pray for safety and well being for you and those you encounter to and from work. Put on a smile and be courteous towards those individual and be happy. exercise, meditate, drink plenty of water take breaks don’t overwork yourself.

  2. Leilani Jovero

    A-game at work!!!!
    Set GOAL for the day… making sure my goal and my patient’s goal are clear and met…
    SKA— bring my Skills…Knowledge….and good Attitude
    Know my teammates and work as a team…

  3. Dajia Bennett

    Always have and always will is to always say a Prayer and give God thanks for the blessing to see another day, giving thanks for the opportunity working at the most amazing hospital in my life and to also bless the children I will be caring for. By bringing my A-Game at work, “As planned” I put myself aside and put the patients’s goal first to make sure they are well taken care of and loved. I “Go Out on the Field” to work as a team with the staff and to bring excitment and laughter. “Ready…Set…Hut”, my mind is set and being prepared and ready to provide the best care as I continue to learn each minute. Then “TOUCHDOWN” by providing prayers and hugs making sure they have a smile on their face before I leave to bring on my next A-Game.

  4. Tina Dewey

    Every day is a blessing when my eyes open, knowing that I have been given another day inspires me to make that day the best it can be and focus on finding positive in everything we do.

    Remember life is like an EKG, it has to have the highs and lows and sometimes lots of both in order for us to experience living.

  5. Clarisa Zavala

    Everyday I prepare my mind, body and spirit by saying a simple prayer and being thankful for another day and to be able to deliver that message to fellow coworkers and patients. Everyday at work I can see and the struggles patients and parents have and to be able to make a difference in their day makes my day. Not everyday is good, but there is good in everyday!

  6. Michael Way

    Stay hydrated! I start off each day with a bottle of water. I have found this makes me feel better later in the morning around the time I would crash had I started off with caffeine. The more water you drink during the day, the more energy you will have!

    Have a goal! I come into work each day already trying to figure out how I can help to make my patients’ lives better. This helps me to remember what the priority of each day should be.

    Take care of yourself! Self-care is so important for both your physical and mental health. Go for a walk around the block, spend time with friends or family, or just go out and enjoy nature. We are giving so much of ourselves to our patients each day, so it is perfectly fine to take some time for you to be selfish!

    Be grateful for the life you have been given. As people who work in healthcare, this one can be easy for us since we get a reality check each and every day. I wake up every morning thankful that I am able to get out of bed on my own and put one foot in front of the other, when some of the patients I work with are unable to even raise their heads. Having this mindset can help me get through some of the toughest days.

  7. My daily game day is greeting my cancer center unit with a warm smile at the front desk I,m the first face they see in the morning . i send out daily up leftin messages to keep our unit morale up.

  8. Rosemary Campo

    Every job is a self portrait of the person who does it. Make sure when you come to work and are with a great organization make sure you autograph your work with excellence for all of our patients and peers !!

  9. Bringing my A game to work everyday means showing up to work everyday prepared for the events of the day. I feel that leading by example is crucial to the success of our organization. I am also an early riser, so tackling all of the important work at the beginning of the day is best for me as well. Taking care of your body and mind is very important. If you are not feeling your best then you are not able to perform at your best!

  10. Eva Alcorn

    Honorable Mr. Mark Wallace, you are truly a gift to the earth. Please continue to use your Kingdom Gifts in changing Lives! We are blessed beyond measure to have you as our Leader.

    My Moment of Public Gratefulness on Display.
    We appreciate YOU Mr. Wallace

  11. Joseph Harwood

    Pray first and foremost thanking God and giving thanks for everything no matter how big or small, positive or negative. This helps get my attitude right because attitude in any situation or when facing any outlook will determine your actions and more importantly the lenses to which you look through and more ultimately the decisions we make. Also by adjusting my attitude and taking on an attitude of gratitude helps to see and want to help people and encourage them in whatever need they may have!

  12. Chantell Davis

    My A game start each day off with Prayer for Family, Commute, Staff and Patient(s). I arrive to Clinic ready to “Rock & Roll” so that things run as smoothly on my end. I believe in planning ahead to prevent delays of any kind. I look forward to each work day for it gives me that feeling to know that our patients come to TCH for a reason and I want to be able to welcome them in and send them off pleased with our services. That’s my “A” Game

  13. Shahara Henderson

    Waking up thankful and praying for a productive day for myself, family and friends. Also packing the appropriate things for work like a smile, great lunch, water, and a positive quote that I can reference back to throughout the day.

  14. eureka mays

    Being amongst the living is a blessing all by itself. Making a difference to someone makes life worth living. Being able to come to work with a smile and that smile becomes contagious is my a game.

  15. Consuelo Guevara

    Working in Customer Service you have to always be on your A-game! I wake up every morning and start with a hot fresh cup of coffee. I make sure I give myself enough time in the morning to get ready without having to rush. I put on some upbeat music to keep by spirits uplifted and always remember to smile. A smile could change someone’s whole day.

  16. April Drebert

    As I walk through the doors of the hospital I am getting into the right mindset, leaving anything from home at the door and think about how can I serve our patients and families today. Then I prepare with all the tools I need, stethoscope, prn, scissors, etc. When I walk on to the unit I get report from the ongoing nurse and ask questions to fill in the blanks to obtain the whole picture of the patient and anticipate their needs. As I am caring for my patient, I think about how my care is contributing to their illness and needs to ensure I am making a positive difference. At the end of my day I reflect on anything I could have done different and what went well to continue to bring my best A-game every time!

  17. Opera Wagner-Ross

    Self-Care is a very important focus that’s often overlooked. It’s OK to prioritize yourself. Take proper care of yourself because you will not be your best at work or home if you are not healthy both mentally and physically. Self-care is not selfish, it’s essential to being the best version of YOU! 🙂

    Great article and tips, MW!

  18. April Kilpatrick

    I bring my A-game to West Campus every morning. I am blessed to work at this rewarding organization. Even if I end a day with questions or problems to be solved, I start my day with renewed energy and motivation on how I can make today better than yesterday! I am the department educator, so I know if I want therapists to show up for their patients I must instill the motivation and essential skill set to my fellow coworkers. I always arrive with a go-getter attitude and a smile, and even give out hugs if someone is not having the best day. I know small things like smiling, receiving/giving a hug, or even saying good morning can make the biggest difference in patient/families lives. If I show up with these components I know the day will be a “win” for staff, patients, and families.

  19. Julie Edwards

    In order to bring my A game daily, I start my day with a good stretch and large homemade chocolate-coffee smoothie. Walk into clinic with a smile and positive attitude. Our team has a quick huddle to make sure the day flows smoothly and we get our balloons and toys ready to hand out to little smiling faces. A positive attitude, exceptional quality care & focus on the patients experience and satisfaction is how I bring my A game. Plus, it’s easy to come to work everyday when you do what you love.

  20. Caitlin K

    I’m so impressed that prayer is included in your five readiness items!

    Daily, I hydrate well and eat well in the morning before work, I say hello to everyone I see on my way in (whether I’m in the mood or not), and I ask God to guide me and use me as His instrument to do His good work.

    Some days are harder than others – less sleep, less down time, more craziness. But everyday I choose to be my best self!

  21. Katrina Simms

    I always start with a long morning prayer. To have a great productive day. To always do the best I can and to always succeed and continuously think of ways I can make my job more successful and to be more successful. For this was my dream job as a child. And I would never take it for granted and is thankful everyday.

  22. Alysha T. Grant

    Game day ready… keeping in mind that a prayer for the best team there is first .. God’s kingdom and giving thanks for the managed blessings he has given me.. then knowing I love where I work and the work I do is a testimony in itself for that wasn’t always the case. Plus, enjoying my team… it is a TEAM effort what we do on a daily basis to reach a common goal. Staying positive and uplifting for my coworkers not only motivates them but myself as well. There is a reward in being proactive and making the day GREAT! which is a choice I must make. Cheering each other and celebrating the little things make a HUGE difference in one’s day. So my “A” Team statement is no stranger to us.. TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAMWORK!

  23. Lauren Westerfield

    I bring my A-game by making sure that I make self-care a priority. If I don’t take care of myself, I won’t be at my best to take care of my patients or my teammates. Part of it is working little moments of self care in throughout the day, whether that’s taking 5 minutes to listen to a mindfulness meditation if clinic is stressful or making a “starting the day strong” ritual of a cup of tea first thing in the morning.

  24. Every day I come to be apart of the TCH family I see the family and patients that let me know that we have a purpose and for that reason I bring my A game every time I step foot in to this house not hospital to a lot of our patients this is there short term home and I want to be able to make this place as warm and loving as possible. For them to know that we all will do what ever we can to make there loved one better.

  25. Yvonne Chavez

    Bringing My A Game Strategy is to: Wake up Everyday and Thanking God that I was able to wake up, then Pray for The Children that we Help Everyday here at Texas Children !! Then Cheer on My Texans!! And Hope that no one Gets injured and we have a Great Victory Season!!! Go Texans and Thank you TCH!!!

  26. Alene Whitesides

    I’m committed to providing my best with my TCHP members. I pray for members I’ve touched or they’ve touched me. I pray for the company and my co-workers. We’re in this together putting our best foot forward. Some days I have so many things on my to-do list I don’t know where to start. I use my rule of 3. I’ll pick three tasks and complete them and move on to another group of 3’s. Gets me through my day so I can look at my task list and know I’ve done my best!

  27. Jerry Garcez

    “Prayer could easily be at the beginning and the end of this list, because I do it very often.”

    I’m with you Mr. Wallace. Prayer is how I start and end my day. With many more moments in between!

  28. I bring my A game by 1) Having a long talk with God on my way to work 2) Remembering the God I serve 3) working like I’m working for Him because if I do that, I’m sure to give my all 4) Loving the Job I do and the career I’ve chosen. Everyone is not able to have a passion for the work they do. I have that privilege have to remember that it is just that, a privilege 5) Caring about the people I work with, everyone has a story and things that they go through on a daily basis, my goal is to keep everyone smiling and try to make our day flow.

  29. Chimira Peacock

    The most important thing that I do to ensure that I bring my A-game every day is making a positive work-life balance my main priority. That way, I can better compartmentalize my time commitments, as well as the various aspects of my life that are all important to me.

    Being thankful is also essential. If I am appreciative of everything that I have been blessed with, then I cannot bring anything but my A-game to work every day. One quote from Oprah that I live by is “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more; If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”.

  30. Ruby Garcia

    The way I bring my A game to work is by waking up with a positive attitude, grateful that God woke me up followed by taking care of my body and working out. Whether it be by jogging around my neighborhood or going to the gym, working out always let’s me de-stress and get my mind and body right. Of course I can’t forget about breakfast to nourish my body. This routine usually helps me stay energized, focused and prepared for what is in store for me at work. I am in a better mood after a workout which is why it is beneficial to do it in the morning.

  31. Shubhada Hooli

    How do I bring my A game? I reflect about a patient. She might be a 10 year old who came to our emergency room gasping for air due to asthma or a 5 year old with severe pneumonia who I cared for at a Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative supported hospital in Malawi. I remind myself of what went well and what we could have done better. When I approach my research I remember the children (and their families) who inspire my work. I push harder for them.

  32. Vanessa Jimenez

    I had a wonderful teacher in high school that repeated this statement to us everyday and it’s stuck “To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is to be sorry”. Even if I am just 5 minutes early to anything, I don’t feel rushed. I am better able to prepare for my day and make sure my team and patient’s get my A-game performance every time!

  33. Daniel Davis

    Give thanks to God every day. Always stay positive. Being negative is a choice that I always standing on the sidelines. When you stay positive in everything you do you inspire others to be positive too.

  34. I start each day with a moment of gratitude to prepare my mind and spirit for the day to come. By filling my heart and mind with positive thoughts, I am able to give that throughout my work day. I also take care of my body with plenty of water and nutrient-rich foods that will fuel me to have the energy I need.

  35. Stephanie

    Bringing my A-game to work every day means I wake up thankful to be able to work alongside so many talented and compassionate individuals. I am able to serve those patients and families that I come in contact with, and share in their journey while they are here at TCH. The environment that we create for those patients and families that receive care here, is powerful and impacting beyond words. Being able to walk alongside these individuals as they face some of the most challenging experiences they will ever have to face, is so powerful. We have the opportunity to provide our compassion and empathy. We are a team here at TCH, every position fits together to serve patients and families. Teamwork makes the dream work! #GoTexans

  36. Tamara DuBose

    In order to ensure I’m on my A-Game every day, I wake up and fill my spirit with positive thoughts by reading a short daily devotional! As a wife, mom and leader, I believe that in order for me to be a positive light for my family, team and staff, it’s important for me to feed my spirit first! I try to come in to work every morning with a smile and a goal of positively impacting someone’s life each day!

  37. Blanca Vargas

    How I get game-day ready! after praying first thing in the morning .
    Every Single day that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs Its not about being perfect its about effort and when you implement that effort into your life and are able to maintain your own highest standards of integrity regardless of what others may do you are destined for greatness ..keep going remember where you started.

  38. missy wilkerson

    What bringing my A game everyday means to me:
    ~ Start with a grateful heart….being happy to have been given another day. Take in the sunrise, savor the cup of coffee and ask to “use me” God when you arrive to work. ( Use me God is shared from our wonderful Chaplain Jessica Shannon).
    ~ Be prepared….by wearing a smile and greeting everyone 🙂
    ~ Being aware….meeting needs before they arise and being available to listen, learn and be a leader!
    These things get me through my A game everyday!

  39. Becca Tinsley

    I bring my A-game by spending time in my Bible and prayer, bringing water, and a positive attitude! What I do outside of work greatly influences how I feel at work. I try to communicate well with my family back in Arkansas, exercise, and eat healthy to keep my energy level up and keep my mind focused!

  40. Wanda James

    Everyday I remind myself why I’m here. Doing my job to the best of my ability supports my family financially, supports my own personal growth, and my coworkers. My A-game helps providers document the care they give patients, helps the organization collect revenue and helps families gets their loved ones connected to care. Everyday I just have to remind myself that I am here for a purpose, and the patients are counting on me to bring my A-game.

  41. Heidi B Flota Sanchez

    Staying positive is the best way to make your day go faster and enjoyable.Bringing sunshine to our patients and team is the way I enjoy my day at work.
    Keeping an eye out for improvement is also a must. I love to say “Let’s work SMARTER not HARDER” And it is so much more simply when your team believes the same sand backs you up.
    Above all One amazing team we are because we work as a FAMILY!

  42. Christian Jenson

    Great insights Mr. Wallace!

    I bring my A-game by doing some of the same things! A quick meditation in the morning followed by a run around Hermann Park or some biking and then trying to take in something that will give my body the fuel it needs to make the most of the day ahead. And the team I work with at Texas Children’s inspires me to improve and be better everyday!

  43. Aniejane Thankachan

    In order to bring my A game every day, I start preparing the night before by getting a good night’s sleep. In the mornings, I focus my mind on being positive and excited about what I will be able to achieve at work. I always say a prayer on my drive in, listen to uplifting music, and make sure to greet everyone I see with a smile. I am proud of the work I do every day, proud to be working with amazing colleagues, and proud to say I am part of the Texas Children’s family!

  44. Blanca Vargas

    Bringing A-game to work after praying every single day , is where transformation happens That’s how change occurs its not about being perfect its about effort and how you implement that effort into your life to assist and help others every day .when your able o maintain your own highest standards of integrity regardless of what others may do .YOUR DESTINED for greatness keep going remember why you started.


    Counting my blessings, I am reminded everyday I come to work how blessed I am to have my health and a healthy child. I strive to offer my best for our patients and families. They need our compassion, patience, and empathy. We go through the day at times so busy that we rush by someone without looking at them, or something as small as a hello. I try to step back and remind myself of my blessings and try to acknowledge the person I am with and include them in my blessings. Hello everyone and have a great day.
    P.S. Don’t forget to Smile

  46. Tiffani Love

    I bring my A-game to work every day by planning my goals and tasks the day before and reviewing my calendar first thing in the morning. Similar to Mark Wallace, I also believe prayer and positivity go a long way!

  47. Amanda Serrato

    I wake up every morning, and pray that my day will go well, and that all the people that come across my path will be blessed in everyway. I also pray that I will be an asset in people’s lives, the way that I help them here at TCH. I am thankful for every family and patient I come across because I realize life is taken for granted, I am blessed with so many things that many people do not have, or are diagnosed with. Every day I learn new things and I read more about different things I come across in the clinic to help me in my job duties. I drink a lot of water and I am eating healthy to help my self stay focused and not be tired throughout the day. I always look forward to keeping my coworkers in a positive mindset everyday no matter what the day has in store for us. I always bring my A-game to work every day!

  48. Jason Raper

    I start every day with a smile, even if I’m not in a good mood. Smiling is like an infectious disease that promotes good will. I ask myself every day; “What can I do better today?”. I then proceed to spend the rest of my day answering that question to the best of my ability.

  49. Eat. Pray. Love. MOVE! It’s so important to make choices and decisions that care for your body, mind, and spirit…ONE day at a time! Without proper care, those around you (family, friends, patients, co-workers) will also suffer. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the to-do’s. But, if I sit back and mentally focus on TODAY, it reduces the stress of feeling like I need to have it all figured out. I love how TCH supports employee health and satisfaction since it can also directly affect the quality of patient care as well! A-game ready!

  50. Janai Buxton

    My A-Game comes in the form of my attitude. A positive, optimistic attitude is always my best defensive strategy to any situation. In my job, we are not always able to deliver good news to the families who are trusting their child’s care in our hands. However, I am always able to give them a smile. Also, my A game would not be possible without a team which consists of colleagues, nurses, and the patient’s family.

  51. I can totally relate to # 5 -“Pray,” and the statement Mr. Wallace made, it “could easily be at the beginning and the end of this list..” For me, it is the beginning and ending of my day. Whether it is a good day or bad day, or a good experience or bad experience, I give thanks. Thanks for the opportunity that I am here to experience all that life has to offer and to learn from each one of those experiences. Whoever said that our entire life would be perfect, as my minister says, we have “Seasons in Life” just as we have seasons in weather. We live and grow in strength through each of them.

    My job is to administratively support The Attending’s, The APP’s, The Assistant Clinical Director and the Managers on PICU/NICU. I see on a daily basis what not only our patient families deal with but what our medical teams do in every way possible to help heal. That is indeed a blessing to witness and I “Pack my positivity” in bringing my support, my willingness and eagerness to help them in whatever way is possible to help “the healers.” That brings up the “Manage my energy” part as I am always on the go seeking ways I can help whomever/wherever. That is what makes me….me! I take great pleasure and pride being a part of our NICU/PICU team at The Woodlands and when my day is done, I go home and end my night with another prayer of thanks. I am indeed honored and blessed to learn, grow and witness all that is happening here at Texas Children’s Hospital.

    My game-day ready is walking out my front door knowing I am part of one amazing team and as such do my best to display that professionalism and positive attitude to everyone I see along the day!

  52. Jennifer Bee

    I bring my A-Game by always putting our patients and families and my colleagues needs first. I always try to think how I would want to be treated and how my child might feel in these situations. When you walk a mile in their shoes, your perspective will change. My favorite new quote is, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” Continue to pass positive energy to others.

  53. Diana Moore

    I bring my A-game by making sure EVERY patient and family is treated as a VIP. I’ve been on the other side of medicine and fighting for the best care for my mother (pancreatic cancer warrior).. I try to be the person on the other end who makes a difference. If I don’t know how to help someone, I find out who can and provide those resources. My patient’s families know that if they call me, they will get respect, compassion, and an advocate to ensure they are taken care of to the very best of my ability. I believe we are a team here at TCH and I am more than willing (and able) to assist anywhere that I am needed. My providers know that I am capable of ensuring their patient’s needs are met with quality care. I love TCH and our families and it is my pleasure to help when and wherever I can.

  54. Sophia Bailey

    I bring my A-Game and game-face to work everyday by always being cheerful and in an upbeat spirit in the mornings. I am always singing and dancing and my coworkers think that I am being silly but they enjoy it as sometimes they join in the song or even dance a few steps with me. The song is usually stuck with them for the rest of the day and that usually reminds them of how their day was started.

  55. Tarina jordan

    My A-game is treating everyone exactly how I would like to be treated. I cannot expect anyone to go the extra mile for me if I am not willing to go the extra mile for someone. We should treat our patient’s, their families and our colleagues the same way we treat ourselves.

  56. Being relentless in providing excellent patient care is part of the A-game. Putting your best face forward and meeting the needs of not only the patient but of your team as whole. You have to choose to be extraordinary everyday to provide a welcoming and warm atmosphere for the patients that you care for on a daily basis.

  57. Karla Rodriguez

    Bringing my A-game to work everyday means following my motto of Live, Love, Laugh! Live- Living in the moment by being positive, energetic and awesome! Love- loving yourself, loving what you do, loving who surrounds you and spreading love and kindness. Laugh- Smiling and laughing as much as you can because it is good for the soul!!

  58. Priscilla Spiller

    Working in pediatrics, every day can be so different. The one thing that stays consistent, is being passionate about what I do. Some days are easier than others to bring in your “A-Game”, but what makes me want to is the joy and happiness I receive from my patients and my colleges. Each and every day is a new opportunity to give it your all, to brighten someone’s day and bring on that A-Game!

  59. Dolores Castillo

    1. Pray – giving thanks for the next breath that I have been given and for all the blessings.
    2. My life at times can be stressful. There are many things that I can worry about that can make me distracted, stressed, frustrated, and just plain annoyed, all of which will hurt my performance at work. I try to not think of things that will distract me at work and focus on what needs to be done. Things in life that I have no control over, I still may worry about these, but I’m only creating stress, wasting energy, and preventing myself from focusing on aspects of my game that will actually help me play well. I always ask myself “is the thing that I am worried about under my control?” If it’s not, I let it go and focus on things that I can control. If it is within my control, instead of worrying about it, I try to do something about it.
    3. Trust in my ability when I arrive at work. Whatever capabilities I bring to work, I trust myself, and work as well as I can with what I have on that day.
    4. Expect the unexpected. I try to stay positive and calm, look for solutions to the unexpected, and stay focused on my goal for the day which is to work at my best. I can work better if I can keep my cool and my mind on what I’m trying to accomplish.
    5. Preparation. First I prepare what I need to perform my job. Second, I try to get physically ready and energized. Finally, I get mentally prepared so that I can work at my best and have only one thing on my mind: working with my team as WELL as I can.

  60. Beth Smith

    Always greet others with a smile, try to be their brightest light for the day. It will help make your own day brighter.
    Try learning some new ways on old things.
    Praying for all the happiness and health.

  61. I listen to KSBJ every morning on my way in from work. With the busy morning of getting the kids ready for school, I take a moment and say a prayer in my car on my drive here. On the left side of my desk at work is a frame that says “One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”. I look at it every day and think about ways I can help to make the work day go smoother in my team. After my day is over, on the right side of my desk is a clipboard with Psalm 107:1 “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good and his love endures forever”. I read that right before I walk out; and that is how I bring my A-game to work 🙂

  62. My recipe for an A-Game:
    1. Prayer. I wake up and go to bed with prayer. I am thankful for my family, our health, our blessings and our careers.
    2. Positivity. I try to remain positive, do positive and inspire positivity to those around me. 3. Exercise. I exercise 3-4 days per week to reduce stress, clear my mind and reset. In turn I am teaching my children the importance of exercise through leading by example.
    4. Nutrition. I eat healthy and am teaching my children the importance of nutrition. Nutrition is very important to how we feel, act and perform.
    5. Education. I am always looking to learn something new, volunteer to step in where there is a need or read an educational article or blog. In fact, I am testing for another professional certification at the end of September, to benefit my credentials, my career and my contributions at TCH.

    I bring my A-game to work daily with a clear mind, humble heart and good attitude. I am ready to learn, help, grow and produce every single day. I am new to Texas Children’s only being here a little over one year, but let me say the atmosphere at TCH is exceptional and uplifting. Employees are held to a higher standard. We all have to be on our A-Game by the foundation that has been laid and the exceptional leadership at TCH. I love TCH!

  63. Becca Schiff

    I always look forward to celebrating with great food on game day! Celebrating and coming together with your team in a meaningful way ensures we keep positivity, build our community and look forward to celebrating our wins with each other. The NICU has a lot of amazing cooks and bakers too so we find lots of ways to celebrate!

  64. Alisha B Lee

    HELLO TCH FAMILY!!! Everyday I bring my “A-Game” to work by starting the night before to make sure I am fully prepared the next day and getting a good night sleep. I try to be early for work, prioritize my task, don’t hold back, ask questions, be flexible, and bring a BIG SMILE and Positive Energy. Lastly, I Pray and State Positive Affirmations to myself that ” I AM ENOUGH!” Stop. Stand There. Breathe it all in. You are Enough!!! 🙂

  65. Thomesa Wilson

    My “A Game” day consistently begins and ends with prayer. But on the day before I have to plan to be successful for the sake of my family, my team and myself. I am a huge planner and as a leader my calendar drives much of my day. When I anticipate the needs of my day(s), I have a better sense of purpose for the day and prioritizing can be done. I am also able to navigate the unexpected and challenging events much better.

    Once the game starts I’m all in and I leave it all on the field! I have to infuse energy into engagements with my family, my team and the wonderful families that we have the opportunity to serve. Creating positive synergy is a must! A little motivational music goes a long way. So I keep some mellow tunes on in my office. I usually listen to Gospel/Christian music and I am able to hum along successfully through my day.

  66. Clarissa Guzman

    I bring my A-game to work each day by coming to PLAY:
    Positivity (My Game Face) – your attitude plays into the energy you inject onto your team/organization. I come to work with a positive attitude so I can attract that from my team, patients, and families.
    Leadership (Being Team Captain) – your devotion as a leader is what keeps your team together. I lead tirelessly each day to demonstrate my commitment and to inspire my team to be/do better.
    Achieve (Scoring a Touchdown) – your success is the team’s success therefore it cannot be achieved without a team effort. I work closely with my team to ensure great patient care and customer service, even if that means jumping in to help.
    Yearn (Passion for the game) – you must have passion for what you do, otherwise there is no strive to be better. I love my job and the organization I work for, that is what keeps me yearning to be better each day.

  67. maria Freer

    In order to bring my A-game I double check my schedule and speak with my provider on a regular basis to keep our flow going. I always remind myself that I am here to make a difference in each of my patients life. I engage not only with the parent but make sure that my patient knows I am here for them and because of them.

  68. Rachel Schwandt

    In order to bring my best self to work in the morning, I wake up earlier than I need to so I have time to sit in my big green chair. I spend my time in the morning reading scripture or another book about spiritual practices, journaling, and prayerful. Those moments I take in the morning to prepare myself for the day are essential to my being able to work well with my CVICU team. I believe that a person works from a place of rest instead of resting after work.

  69. Katherine Williams

    Always have a contagious smile and be encouraging-to patients, to co-workers but mostly to parents. Their kiddos are looking to them for emotional support and stability-usually in a time of fear. I always felt if I could keep a parent calm, the child would follow. Smiling instinctively makes anyone feel better.

  70. Hester De Jong

    It is important to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. For me personally I appreciate the life/work balance at TCH. to come to work everyday and be kind and considered of other peoples feelings. To be the best.
    I self care by going to the gym, lots of yoga, enjoying time with my husband, sleep and go on vacation.
    We do not always have the best news or information to tell families, however if we can insure them that we are here for them to walk the journey with them, this sends an important message to the families, they feel included.

  71. Katrina Ellett

    My A-Game starts with remembering “I’m too blessed to be stressed!” When I arrive at the office I leave any personal issues I may have at the door. I present a smile and positive attitude to everyone I encounter throughout my day … I even sing a little!


    I start my day by thanking my Heavenly Father for another day and just being appreciative of the fact that I work for a company that is as dedicated to it’s employees as well as it’s patient’s. Never allowing someone else to take my joy. I always display a daily POSITIVE script and I also read the Daily Word. My favorite quote – “Your attitude is contagious, make sure yours is worth catching.”

    Have a beautiful day.

  73. For me it is very important to start my day off with prayer. I focus on giving thanks, for my the health and well being of my family, patients, friends and self. I thank God for granting me another day on this earth and ask him to guide me to his purpose for me on a daily basis. I believe every day is a blessing and has a reason. Every day it’s an opportunity for us to bring a smile to another persons face, be the peace they may seek during difficult times, be the healing hands they need or just the ear to their worries. Knowing I have a daily purpose on this earth and the organization is what helps me keep going.

  74. Meliza Aguilera

    I’m devoted to bringing my A-game daily by focusing on patient care in the best of my ability. Patient satisfaction is key to ensuring the most successful outcome possible. Also, your attitude in the workplace towards your colleagues makes the difference in how the clinic or hospital runs. Always show up to work with a compassionate smile! & everything will be perfect, like our TEXANS! 🙂

  75. Lesley Chong

    Game day game plan: The golden rule: Treating and attending to our patients and families the way I would want my own children and family members to be cared for under stressful and out-of-the-norm circumstances.

  76. Thanks Mr. Wallace for sharing
    My game day
    Since most people get excited and positive about Friday; for me I say every day is FRIDAY except Saturday and Sunday and I have an exciting and positive day everyday.
    I start my morning at 3:45 a.m. with Meditations 15 – 20 minutes; Exercise 45 minutes and Yoga 20 minutes. After all of that my mind, body and spirit are ready for the day. I love smiling through some of my meditation. It feels so amazing to just smile for no apparent reason at all (just to smile). That smile even carries throughout the day.
    While getting ready for work I tell myself; “Today is a good day and no matter what I’m doing my dominate intent is to feel GOOD”!
    I greet everyone who I make eye contact with a heartfelt Good Morning or Hello; understanding my saying good morning to them has nothing to do with their reply to me (It’s my Good Morning/Day I’m sharing).
    I love to laugh (and I do it a lot).
    If I’m ever faced with a negative emotion; I give it 30 seconds make peace with it and then I find a better thought; which makes me feel better (remembering my Dominate Intent).
    I tell myself life is supposed to feel good understanding I create my own reality.
    This is the game I play each day to Win the Game of Life and all I come in contact with who are cooperative component Win as well.

  77. My A-game coming to work starts with a meditation on how I could possibly contribute in a positive way towards the welfare of others. I bring with me a positive attitude with tons of smiles, trust in my skillsets and abilities to effectively perform at work and the determination to bring home that sense of fulfillment as I give my best at work to be of help to others.

  78. Javier Hernandez

    I come in to work everyday with a purpose; my goal is to help make Texas Children’s Hospital the best place for Women and Children. I am determined to help make this happen, and I put that thought in my mind everyday in everything that I do. God bless Texas Children’s!

  79. Nyesha Jordan

    I am committed to bringing my game day plan everyday by praying each day which helps to manage my energy! I try to lead by example and make sure my staff know I am committed to not only the team, but the mission of our department!

  80. Nyesha Jordan

    I am committed to bringing my game day plan everyday by praying each day which helps to manage my energy! I try to lead by example and make sure my staff know I am committed to not only the team, but the mission of our organization!

  81. Natalie Varela

    I bring my A game every day to work by remembering one of my favorite TCH core values, live compassionately. I always find the good in a bad situation and remember that no matter what I’m going through, God has blessed me with another day and I’m going to enjoy it. I make sure to smile at everyone as I’m walking through the hospital because you never know what someone is going through and that smile can turn their whole day around.

  82. Suzanne Iniguez

    Every Day is Game Day!

    Take the opportunity each day to spread positivity.
    Embrace new challenges.
    eXude grace under fire.
    Acknowledge the great work that your team mates are doing.
    Never give up!
    Share in the celebrations


    The way I bring my a-game is when I come to work I give 2 million% to the patients and they families, I been at tch for 4 yrs.’ started out in patient escort, and now working front desk at the devoplemental autism center, From day one here at tch I’ve given my all to the patients and their families. I’m going to continue to give my all and keep tch on the top.

  84. Joanne Villarreal

    In order for me to bring my A-Game on game days (work) is first establishing a daily goal at my workplace such as personal improvement and communication. I make sure I attain what needs to be performed and to improve performance and maintain a great moral. I will bring a positive focus and outlook on our patients and my co-workers. I will make sure by bringing my A-Game to work each day will make this organization a great place to visit and work for.

  85. George Fedee

    Texas Children’s is an organization full of wonderful people and patients and it’s very easy for me to bring my A game every time I come to work. This includes dressing properly, showing initiative, doing what is asked cheerfully, being honest, and always giving friendly service no matter what. I feel that each of us is capable of creating a more dynamic work environment and every day I simply decide to set the example and show my team members what hard work, passion and commitment looks like. I start work each day focused on being the best I can be and hope that by doing so I help raise the standards and performance of those around me.

  86. Jennifer S.

    The “A” game that I live by daily, is making sure I wake up with a positive and thankful statement of mind. I am truly blessed to be working for a wonderful corporation such as the TCH family. I live daily, to inspire and make a difference in someone’s life, daily. I love what I do and am truly honored to be here. I keep a smile on my face and look forward to my daily drives everyday coming to work here. I work with a wonderful team and they inspire me daily to do better and be better. Keeping patients happy and satisfied is my goal daily.

  87. Ashley Holloway

    How to bring my A Game to work: I start my day with prayer and a daily devotional. I remind myself to be positive and when negativity tries to surround me drown it out with my positive thoughts. I think of every child as my own and I care for them and their parents the way that I would want to be treated. Lastly I smile. A smile is contagious and you never know what someone else may be going through.

  88. Phillip Herrera

    It starts with attitude. Regardless if what is going on around me, I come to work each and every day with a positive attitude and an eagerness to help our patients and families. I allow myself to be available to all members of our #OneAmazingTeam in the hopes that together we can all achieve a higher level of success in caring for our patients. Together we are stronger…

  89. 1. Reflect Not Regret: Reflect allows you to be more self-aware and mindful of your actions. Reflect so you are able to make adjustments and be better next time. I bring A-game to work everyday by thinking positive and always not to think negative.
    2. Appreciate Challenges: Challenges are all around us. Even the moment you get into your car and on the roads, the challenge begins. Why isn’t the traffic moving on the freeway? I’ve been on the road for over an hour, and still haven’t made it to work. Challenges surround you daily, if you continue fighting it, there is no way you can have a great day at work.
    3. Be Mindful: Learn to be conscious of your own feeling. Be aware why you feel a certain way about certain work issues and colleagues.
    4. Finish Today’s Work Today: A great day at work today, started yesterday. And a great day at work tomorrow, started today. So, regardless of what you do, finish today’s work today.
    5. Think Positive: Tell yourself that today is going to be the a great day and don’t let anything stop you. We are going to win this game at work or on the football field!!

  90. Cynthia Salas

    I begin my game day with prayers and positive attitude. Keeping that in mind helps me to focus my energy on providing a positive atmosphere for our patients and their families and always keeping a smile. I love my team and always look forward to seeing all the smiling faces around me as we care for our patients and their families.

  91. Darienne Hartman

    – I start everyday my making sure I put myself in a good mood before I even walk through our practice doors. Whether that means spending some one-on-one time with my puppy or singing along to the radio in my car, I know that if I’m in a good mood then my positivity will spread to my fellow coworkers and our patients.
    – I like to make it a goal to learn at least one new patient’s name a day. When you use someone’s name, it shows you see that person as an individual. When you remember it, it shows your interest in and respect for that individual. Not only does this benefit the relationship we have with our patients, it can help better the relationship they see with Texas Children’s as a whole and really show them that we are here for them in any situation.
    – I make sure my team knows that I have their back. Whether it means letting them know when they’re doing a good job or just being there to listen when they are having a bad day. Keeping the communication open is vital in ensuring that our team does our best work we can, everyday.
    – Lastly, always stay hydrated and have a snack on hand. Nothing can mess up your mojo like being hungry 🙂

  92. Cheryl A. Escamilla

    My A game starts off by thanking the Lord for another day of blessed air and waking me up this morning. Asking him to continue to bless my family friends the world and our nation good or bad and asking to bring and guide everyone back home safely rather it be in school or work. I walk in everyday with a smile even on my bad days, I will not let the enemy win. I come in work with a mission and that is to take care, treat, and respect each patient individual as if I was treating my own.

  93. Game ready, work ready, game face on ready!! Bringing a positive attitude and a smile to work everyday is important to provide the best care for our patients. We must take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. I take care of my mind, body and spirit through meditation, exercise, eating right, and eliminating stresses in my life.

  94. Susie Fernandez

    Bringing my A game to work daily is very simple. I remember the patients, I remember the mission and count my blessings to be a part of such a remarkable team and organization. The patients, the mission, the team and the organization deserve nothing less.

  95. Marquetta WIse

    I bring my A- game by waking up with an ACHIEVE (Always Cheerful & Helpful In Every Variable & Event) attitude. I know that I have the power to change the outcome of our patients attitude. I make sure they leave with a smile and positive outlook.

  96. As simple as it may sound, I approach every day with a positive attitude and a smile. No matter what is thrown my way, I am always kind and compassionate when interacting with patients, families or co-workers.

  97. Jamie Pradia

    I bring my A Game to work by starting my day off with affirmations. When I affirm myself, I affirm the attitude, professionalism, and courage that I will commit to bring to work every day.
    The customers that I have chosen to service along with Texas Children’s Health Plan deserve prodigious service that is always personable.
    I commit to the core values and do the best job I can everyday.

  98. Tarryne Minor

    Wake up. Pray. Read. Stretch. Drink a glass of water. While I’m getting ready to start my day I ask myself, How can I be great today? How can I be a blessing to someone else? Once I get in the car I pray again with my 12 year old.
    Treat others how you want to be treated.
    Be productive.
    Be flexible.
    Be receptive to feedback and criticism.

  99. Karen Wilkinson

    I start my day with exercise if at all possible to keep my energy at the maximum. Everyday I try to prioritize my work load by focusing on what I can do to enhance our referring physicians’ experience when we earn the right to a referral as well as our patient’s experience. In closure, attitude is everything whether at work or in one’s personal life.

  100. Astrid Perez

    I always start my day, the day before I leave the office. I make sure that my work area is clean and organized to start my day the next morning! I also make a list in order of importance of the task that I need to complete when I get into the office the next day. This helps me come into the office with a game plan and ready to work!

  101. Katharine Beekman

    Before starting my workday I try to have a great breakfast with my son, he motivates me to do my best and go the extra mile at work because I think about when he was a patient at Texas Children’s and how great everyone treated him. My A-game is my everyday game because I always treat myself to a coffee or snack before clocking in. When you treat yourself in little ways you’ll notice you look at everything with a more positive outlook, even if the workload is larger or more complicated than normal you can tackle it with a smile. What keeps me giving 100% through the day are my fabulous coworkers, their eagerness to help means so much and without such a well oiled team it would be easy to let standards slowly let slip throughout the course of the day.

  102. Tenisha J.

    A-game work up:
    1. Early morning devotion
    2. Play time with the puppy
    3. Dash out to work out
    4. Shower and shine
    5. Drive in to work in silence to mentally prepare for the day. It clears my mind in order to focus on my patients, families and peers.

  103. Denise White

    Everyday I begin and end my day with prayer, I must thank God for bringing me and mine through the night safely, ask for forgiveness for any slights that I may have given to others, and the energy and guidance to get through the day. Then I pack a healthy lunch, kiss my hunny bunny good bye and go to work at the best childrens hospital in the world!

  104. Melissa Villafuerte

    My game day ready is waking up and being thankful for another day. Getting ready to walk thru the door at my work place and be the best team player I can be–always giving 100% and being determined and dedicated to my performance of my job. And even if I fall or stumble at times I am always ready to get back up and get in position for the next play.

  105. Shawnda K

    My A-game comes in the form of my passion for what I do. My passion is a gift from God, so thanking him every morning for blessing me with this gift is a must! Then I leave my home being sure to say “Be a…..” only to hear the voices of my two boys say “leader, not a follower”. This also reminds me that I need to ensure that I myself am being a leader, everyday at work! While driving to work, I mentally prepare for the day and walk in with nothing but a smile, and a good morning to all!

  106. Natalie Moya

    I bring my A game each day by being grateful for all that I have—a loving family, a great place to work, and awesome co-workers. I keep in mind WHY we are all here—to provide the best for our patients.

  107. Claudia Reeves

    I bring my A-game by getting a nice amount of sleep. I clear my head of distractions so that I can take great care of my patients. I am grateful for a new day to make a difference in someone’s life.

  108. Briana Williams

    First of all… What is A-game? To me A-game is a plan of action that you put into place based off of past experiences, even those with the occasional defeats. I have 11 reasons why I absolutely love working for Texas Children’s! Ironically 6 of those reasons are from a time when my husband and I experienced a pain that I pray no other family has to endure. We had a stillborn son and 5 miscarriages.. Our story helped us see how precious and rare a life really is. Helping children isn’t work to me, its an honor and a privilege.
    I was blessed to marry a man (single father) with 3 remarkable children (reasons 7-9). We thought our little (not so little) family was complete but then God blessed us with 2 more babies (We had together. Reasons 10-11). Being able to take care of children was something I never thought I would be able to do. I cherish my losses and use those experiences not only drive me but push me and sometimes drag me to the next level of my A-game..
    I recently applied to a Nursing program and will hopefully become an RN in the next few years.

    I plan of taking my A-game to NICU or Labor and Delivery at the Women’s Pavilion. I have been on both sides of the delivery room, because of that I will be able to encourage and comfort families through their most precious and sometimes toughest moments.

  109. Regem Biyo

    I bring my A-game every day by coming in with a positive attitude, prayers for a good day, and a goal in mind. Everyday I want to learn something new and make a difference in some way for my patients.

  110. Lawanna McNeal

    My A Game daily
    Starts out with a prayer thanking my Heavenly Father for His grace and mercy. My prayer to the Lord is that when I encounter my coworkers, patients and families that they don’t see Lawanna but the Love of Christ in my heart. I take my own experiences in life with sicknesses and allow God to impart His wisdom, patience, love, kindness hope, joy peace, grace and power to lead me so that I can give the best care to the best of my abilities to our amazing team and families at Texas Children’s.

  111. Chris Ward

    I can truly appreciate you mentioning the importance of prayer, for I truly feel that what each of us do here at TCH is indeed a form of ministry! Giving thanks and yielding to His will in everything keeps one centered and ready to get after it.

    For me, bringing my A game is trying to have an “attitude of gratitude”. That is, having appreciation for being in the position I’m in to help someone, and trying to share a smile with someone regardless of what I may have going on.

    May sound corny, but I really feel that sharing that smile on a consistent basis can really make a difference. We never know what someone (be it our patients, parents, or coworkers) are going through. That shared smile might be just what the doctor ordered! I’m so thankful that I see soooo many smiles each time I come to work, and regardless of how big we get- we seem to never lose sight of that. I am on the A team for sure. 🙂

  112. Emily Tree

    I start out my day with my alarm clock waking me up with Paul Simon’s Crazy Love, Vol II. It makes me smile and dance a little as the first thing I do in the morning. I make sure I eat breakfast and then pray, giving thanks and gratitude to my Heavenly Father for a roof over my head, food on the table, and a wonderful job. As I drive in to work, I listen to a devotional or audiobook so that my brain is awake and actively engaged in something prior to walking through the door. All of this gives me the energy I need to smile at my coworkers and patients and attempt to be my best self every shift. It has not always been easy and I have my bad days, but I hope I brighten at least one person’s day, every day.

  113. Gloria V Rivas

    I bring my A-game everyday by showing up on time, staying positive and feeling happy that as a guest service representative I will help make families days a little easier assisting them with way finding or any help they may need.

  114. Christopher Gaffney

    Travel the world when I’m not working. We provide services to children and their families from all over the world. What better way to relate to and understand them and their cultures than to experience it first hand. Drink plenty of water and perform some type of exercise daily. Both help me deal with stress, give me energy to do my job to the best of my ability, keep me in shape, and are good for my overall well being. I receive daily emails, subscribe to journals, and attend conferences related to my medical profession to always add to my knowledge base and to seek out innovative ideas which could improve how I practice medicine here at Texas Children’s Hospital for the benefit of our patients. Last but not least I attend church as much as I can to build on my faith and to make myself a better person, husband, friend, colleague, physician, and ambassador for Texas Children’s Hospital.

  115. Bianca Barnett

    I make sure I start my day off with some type of positive affirmation, weather that be a motivation video, song, T-shirt, or just telling myself in the mirror “You go girl or You got this!!” This starts my day off with confidence and power; keeping you in the right mindset to provide the best care to your patients. Monday’s (some of our harder days to face) I usually wear my shirt that states ” It is going to me an Amazing day”. Not only does this lift me up, it also provides positive energy to my co-workers and patients. Last but never least, I simply make sure I have a smile on my face. Smile are contagious and you never know who is watching and may need a smile as well.

  116. Amanda Rodriguez

    I bring my A-Game each day by waking up each morning with a positive attitude and the energy to get through the work day with a smile on my face and the strength to help all of our customers

  117. Amber Cordero

    I start my morning commute by listening to KSBJ and taking in God’s promises through the songs on the radio. This helps prepare my joyful heart to serve others and give grace where grace is needed. The morning messages help bring positivity and hope into my heart, when sometimes it is lacking. Listening to Christian radio helps me to “recharge” so that I can give to others, at work and at home with my husband and son. Our jobs are difficult, so in times of trouble or sadness, I reflect on the promises shared through KSBJ. I try to bring His light with me wherever I go. In my department, our patients learn about the birth defects that their babies will be born with. I try my very best to support our patients and encourage them along their journey through their pregnancy and beyond. I can only pray that my love for Jesus is palpable to others. Everyday I pray that I can be a bright spot along a seemingly dark journey for our patients and their families.

  118. Lekeithia Francis

    How I bring my A game to work daily. I start the day off in prayer and meditation , knowing that everyday is a different day . Always bring a smile and great attitude to the game willing to assist and help at any given moment. Always remember that it could be you in the situation and treat others the way you would want to be treated. And last always be the best you can be on a daily basis giving it your all, knowing that your team will unite with you if needed.

  119. Mary Ann Callejo

    I usually say a prayer for a good work day and I come to work with a positive attitude. I smile. I make sure I am available to my coworkers, patients and their families. I enjoy my job and am thankful for the opportunities to grow in my profession.

  120. Frances Garza

    I begin my day with being grateful for everything I have been blessed with. I come with a positive attitude and ready to give it all to the patients and families and most importantly to my colleagues . I love being a team player.

  121. I can’t necessarily state how I ensure I bring my “A” game to work but I can express what fuels me to ensure that every patient receives the best part of me; a smile. A smile can brighten anyone’s day and remind you how beautiful a hopeful heart can conquer. As long as there is hope, there’s a smile. As long as there is a smile, I’m there.

  122. Eva Alcorn

    My A Game Routine:

    1. Prayer, Reading & Medication – Its a must for me because there are so many people depending on my positive attitude, my positive perspective and my energy. I have to reset everyday @ 4AM!

    2. Dressing for the part – I, on purpose, chose what I am wearing for the day. The decision come with thought and passion because it matters. Getting Ready for Game Day involves giving thought to your complete gear @ 5:15AM

    3. Fuel is important to maintain your stamina so @ 6:15AM I’m eating a boil egg, toast and a nice container of Infused water. My water has lemons, cucumbers, strawberries and Mint leaves.

    4. Proactive Timing to my Purpose- I leave home at 6:45AM for a 30 minute drive to arrive for 8AM. Why so early? So glad you asked. I like to leave a lot of extra time to driving because the task along can be stressful. But preserving sufficient time for a peaceful drive will benefit you greatly. This allows you time to act as a courteous driver and provides a much safer transport for you and others. Yes most days I arrive to work at 7:15AM void of stress. Its work the sacrifice.

    5. Positive Outlook – On Purpose All Day

  123. Miya Taylor

    I come to work A-game ready Wednesday through Friday! Patient CARE and satisfaction are my main focus!
    C-(Contagious) Having a Contagious sprit through my smile. Smiling when I walk through the hospital makes me feel good and could also brighten someone’s day.You just never know who might need a simple smile!
    A-(Attitude) I make sure I come to work with a positive attitude. My attitude creates a positive impact in the lives I encounter at work!
    R- (Ready) Coming into work in “A Game ” ready mode. Ready to take on any challenge I may face and strive to get the best possible outcome.
    E- (Eager) I remain eager to learn, make a difference and impact patients in a positive way.

    I also think “What would the Dallas Cowboys do before a game” 🙂

  124. Darwin Smith

    My A-game begins the night before by preparing for the upcoming day. Preparation is what I consider a key element to remaining organized and successful. I do this by creating a daily To-Do List for work and personal goals.

    Next, prayer, meditation and reflection are key elements in which I use to clear my mind. I believe this is a great mental exercise to relieve stress and create mental stability. Despite the traffic, I do this during my drive to work. I turn the music off to thank God for another day, reflect on the previous day and to prepare for the work day ahead.

    My last key element is being conscious of my health. To me this consist of a balance breakfast and some form of physical activity. The energy that I receive from the combination of a smoothie after a great morning workout gets me ready to bring my A-Game!

  125. To help bring my A-game, I start the day with coffee and a something for breakfast. I greet my colleagues and patients with a smile and try to provide an empathetic, warm and positive atmosphere. I stay hydrated and snack throughout the day. The best advice I’ve every gotten is that one can only “Nurture from overflow”; if you’re not taking care of yourself, how can you take care of others?

  126. Linda Swayzer

    I have been bringing my A game to TCH for 30 years and I am proud of it.
    Everyday I pray and am thankful for everything I have, people I interact with and the families I touch everyday and have been for the past 30 years.
    I am always striving to be my best self inner and outer. Always having a smile on my face whether I’m home. work or any other place.
    Being my A game means being a team player and always looking out for each other. Being able to learn from other team mates and working together to accomplish one goal at the end of the day is what it’s about.
    I love what I do always have and always will bring my A game wherever I am especially here at TCH.

  127. Kaonta Spencer

    How do I bring my A-game to work, by starting my morning with prayer. It allows me the chance to reflect upon my blessings, pray for others as well as myself, and it gives me a sense of tranquility.

  128. Suzanne Iniguez

    Game Day Ready!

    Make each day count.
    Arrive on time.
    Recognize the attributes of others.
    Know your limitations and ask for help.

    Winning is a Team effort.
    All input is valued.
    Look for the best in people.
    Look for learning opportunities in every situation.
    Attitude is a conscious choice.
    Cheer on other team members.
    Every day is a new opportunity to be great!

  129. susanne blanco

    The way I bring my A game to work daily is this.
    Every morning on my way to work I pray ,
    I pray as well when I get to the room I’ll be sitting in for my shift for the parent’s and patient.
    I take care of myself not only spiritually but mentally and physically.
    Make sure I am always well rested.
    Try to always put myself in the parent’s shoes to understand their emotions and be empathetic always.
    Be kind and courteous and caring and kind no matter what

  130. I come to work everyday with a positive attitude no matter what ready to attack the day. Greeting everyone I meet with a smile and positive compliment. Throughout the day I constantly communicate with my team and make sure we get things done! I make sure to ask questions when I don’t understand and help others when in need but most importantly I am grateful that I work for a wonderful place where children are cared for and loved.

  131. I bring my A- game by spending time in my bible and in prayer each morning. I follow that with a workout to get my body moving and active. This helps me to focus and be able to give my best self each day.

  132. Always stay positive! See the good in situations and always have hope.

    Do not detach – be emotionally intelligent. Stay empathetic, understanding, caring and determined to provide excellent patient care in every way possible. With that being said…

    Take care of yourself! Be sure to unwind between shifts by staying active, prayer, spending time with family/friends/pets.

    Seek opportunities to learn and grow – Learn something new everyday. Seek new opportunities. Set goals and strive to achieve them. Be the best nurse you can be and never stop wanting to improve and be better!

  133. Amanda Payne

    To me, “Bringing your A game to work” means LOVING what you do for a living. When you love your work, it’s no longer work, but a joy. Practicing thankfulness each and every day and remembering that it is such a privilege to be able to do what we do here. Each and every patient contact that we have is an opportunity to be a blessing to that patient and to their family. To lighten their burdens and maybe alleviate some of the stress they could be experiencing, even if just for a shift.

  134. Game Day ready! Goes back to the Golden Rule: “Do onto others as you would have them do unto you!” If you treat people the way that you would like to be treated, it becomes contagious. Smile, respect, joy, happiness, good will. I always feel you should put yourself in other peoples shoes and feel what they’re feeling. Doing this allows you to understand that everyone has feelings, a heart, emotions! You should embrace it, positivity goes a long way. Make everyday a good day! A simple smile, how are you, and do you need help goes a long way.

  135. Being present in mind and body, and giving our best to the patients we care for is bringing the “A-Game”. If we treat every person we have the opportunity to care for, as our very own family, we can enrich their experiences and show them their value in life as well as in the facility. As an employee, patient, and the parent of a former patient here, I understand the weight of this concept from both sides. Compassion, validation, and care from the heart are what I personally strive to deliver in every patient/family interaction.

  136. Katelyn Y

    I try to prepare for the day as much as possible the afternoon/night before. It may take a few extra minutes to chart review at work and then set out clothes, breakfast, pack my lunch, etc. at home but when my feet hit the ground in the morning I am set up for success! The same is true for my mindset for the day. Prayer and meditation put me in the right headspace to take on whatever comes my way. This helps me to start my morning feeling one step ahead and ready to tackle the day.

  137. Ryan Krasnosky

    On of my old college football pillars of truth still inspires me. “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is your better, and your better is your best”. Learn from everyone, remain humble, and most important…. Be thankful for all we have been blessed with. To those who have been given much, much will be expected.

  138. Trechelle

    I follow a routine that helps me to prioritize my day, limit procrastination, and to keep track of daily goals so that I can be an efficient effective representative for Texas Children’s Hospital. I start each day with a positive thought of something I am thankful for and a prayer. I am a person who loves to learn so I seek knowledge through books, people and life. I book read daily (even if it’s one page) about communication, leadership, being successful, etc. I exercise or take a couple of minutes to meditate daily. These things help me during my workday. I can provide the patients with best information possible.

  139. To ensure I bring my A-game each and every day, I begin with a clean slate. With each day, an opportunity is presented to positively impact the lives of others, and a clear mind is the foundation for successfully doing so.

  140. First and foremost I give all the glory to my Heavenly Father above for blessing me with a job here at TCH for the past 14yrs. I have been blessed to be in the same department (Sleep Center/Neurophysiology) ) and work with Awesome physicians and staff. I try to make sure everyone in my department feels appreciated by either telling them or showing them by bringing them breakfast or lunch out of the blue. I love the people I work with and the place I work. TCH has been a big part of my life and I hope to be here for many more years. Oh Yeah, I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan :), it would be awesome to win. Good Luck Everyone !!!

  141. Tekeysha M

    I bring my A-game each and everyday by going above and beyond for our patients and families. I’m so grateful for each patient I’m able to help care for. I treat our patients and families how I would want my family to be treated.
    I love being apart of the TCH family.

  142. Christine DeBlas

    What brings my A-game to Texas Children’s Patients?? Easy… Its Patient care! It is VERY, VERY Important to always make sure the patient is absolutely satisfied the minute they walk in through our doors. It first begins with a simple smile and positive attitude. Making sure the patient is well taken care of from beginning till end when they are in our care, offering our customer service, and making sure we answer all questions before they are discharged!

  143. Julia Gaffney

    My daily A-Game strategy revolves around our core values – Embrace Freedom, Lead Tirelessly, Live Compassionately, and Amplify Unity – not only do I practice these at work but in my personal life as well.

    My mornings start with self-reflection and making sure I greet everyone I encounter with a warm hello and/or a welcoming smile. Throughout my work day I look for ways to work effectively and maximize my time as well and making sure when I work with others to create a collective atmosphere that invites other point of views and ideas. I stay in a positive and optimistic mindset and most importantly I try to take things lightly and enjoy the present as tomorrow is never promised.

  144. Amanda Riddle

    Bringing the A game to Texas Children’s is an absolute must in order to provide the best care to our patients and their families as well as our co workers. I pray before every shift and clear my mind and heart and bring in a fresh and positive attitude. Always provide a smile, an ear for families to talk to, compassion as well as empathy all the time. Realize that this job is a huge blessing no matter how hard the day or task may be. We get the opportunity and blessing to care for these angels and their families when they are at their most vulnerable and they trust us with their lives. I prepare mentally day before work by doing relaxing and calm activities and getting in a positive frame of mind, have all my things prepared so I’m not rushing, get a balanced breakfast and listen to my music on the way to work that gets me in a great mood. BLESSED TO WORK AT TEXAS CHILDREN’S!

  145. Each morning when we arrive at the office, I make sure my colleagues are supported by providing a listening ear as we begin our day. Simply being available is a small way to make others feel valued, and additionally fosters trust between team members as we talk through challenges together. Supporting my team promotes collaboration and compassion, amplifying unity among ourselves, and gives us the ability to share that spirit with others whether in our sessions with patients or interactions with our Texas Children’s family.

  146. Stacie Wallace

    My A game definitely begins with prayer. Ensuring my mind and spirit are at peace helps to get started. Each day is another opportunity to be greater. I know having positive energy and surrounding myself with positive energy is key to be successful. Taking care of my health/body also is imperative to staying the course. So many things can distract you from your goals but when you are equipped with the armour of dedication, commitment, and positivity you can’t lose.

  147. Melissa F

    Great reminder Mr. Wallace!
    In my current role within the organization I do not get much patient and family interaction (as often as in previous roles) which sometimes leads to losing focus of what we are all about and that is the children and their families.
    Recently I sat in the lab waiting area (with my son as a patient) and overheard a family’s struggle in simply obtaining lab work at various other facilities. The distraught father spoke of his newborns sons’ illness and was so grateful to be at Texas Children’s Hospital. He voiced that he heard Texas Children’s Hospital’s is “the best” and how he felt so blessed to finally be here and receive great care. He was nearly in tears about everything he has been through since his birth.
    His story and his heartfelt gratitude had me silently choked up and thankful to God for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of such a great organization full of team members that bring their A-game on the daily!
    My A-game challenge for myself is to “pack my positivity” and “take care of my body” and continue to be a part of #OneAmazingTeam!
    Go #Texans, beat the Cowboys!!

  148. Ben Mathew

    My A-game begins with prayer asking for wisdom, grace and strength to accomplish my daily tasks with excellence. I like the advise given years ago, “Don’t take yourself seriously but take your work seriously.” With that, I like to go about the day helping and encouraging patients and their families with each encounter. This also applies to the rest of the staff I have a pleasure of working with. Afterwards, recharge at home with my family to do this all over again!

  149. Kimberly Fowler


    – I start my day off by thanking the man above for another day of life and for another day to share my positive vibes with my family, friends, co- workers, and patients. God has blessed me with this job almost a year ago and I can’t be anymore thankful for the opportunity.

    -Before I walk into work and hit that time clock I say a prayer , asking god to give myself , co-workers, parents, and patients the strength to fight through the defense on this journey of life.

    – Once I walk into the building my mind and soul are filled with positive vibes and I will always walk through out the floors of the west campus with a huge smile and I always greet my co-workers and my patients with my fun , loving , and bubbly personality.

    – Remember to always treat others the way you would like to be treated. Everyone goes through the ups and downs in life and you never know what that person you come across is actually going through at that time. People who are going through some hard times always appreciate someone with a smile and a fun, loving, and caring personality.

    – Most importantly there is no I in team. I tell my softball team mates every game that there is no I in team . And we walk on that field together as a team and we walk off the field as a team. I like to always remind my co-workers that TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. A lot of us spend more time at work than we do our own home, My co-workers and other Texas Children’s employees that I come across on a daily basis are my family away from family.
    -I will always end my day on a positive note whether it was a stressful day or not. Be thankful for what you have in life and who is in life.

    God brought Texas children’s into my life for a reason and I am blessed and grateful for the opportunity to be part of an awesome hospital. We are all filled with so much great character and love.

  150. Alma Martinez

    Thank you for sharing your “game-day ready” tips! My “game-day ready” routine is to try to get at least 3 days of exercise a week, decent rest, drink plenty of water and stay positive. Although, what mostly re-energizes me and brings me joy is interacting with our patients and families. They are the ones that keep me grounded and put things in perspective.

  151. Micaela S

    This is such a great reminder! As part of a wonderful organization, I like to make sure that I bring my A game every day. From a good night sleep, to exercising and eating well. These items are essential when you want to bring your A game to work. Taking care of yourself is very important when you want to give your best at work. Every day is ALWAYS a new day to spread positivity and encouragement to others. Whether it be a coworker, your leader, a patient and their families. Bringing your A game is always doing your best to go the distance and achieving goals for yourself and of course as a team. I am thankful for many of the folks I work with today, as they inspire me to give my best at what I do!

  152. I start my day with an open mind and a positive attitude. If I can keep those principles at the forefront of my thoughts, I know I can provide compassionate and competent care to my patients. I like to keep a humble attitude to know that I am still not too old to stop learning something new. I am thankful that I can come to work and provide the type of care I would want for myself and my loved ones. Now I’ll take your advice and work on taking better care of myself so that I can be here to take care of the others. We can start with some tickets to the Texans game! 🙂

  153. Rachel Leva

    Most of my mornings start by me dropping my daughter off at preschool on my way to work. It’s hard not to leave there without a smile on your face. It also helps remind me why I do what I do, it’s all for the kids and their families!

  154. Leslie K. Morris

    Thought: Happiness begins and ends with you! That being said, I start each day with happiness and joy. I take the time to realize that I am lucky to have another day and grateful for the opportunity to spread joy and to serve. I believe sharing a heart filled with joy and gratitude leads to peace and progress. Smiles are contagious and happiness can change the world one heart at a time. Being truly happy and having a purpose sets the path for personal success which is about serving others.

  155. Bringing my A-game starts with a good nights rest! Waking up well rested with a good mindset. I always try to be upbeat and positive when I step through the hospital doors. Always hope for the best and pray for our patients to have positive outcomes.

  156. Cody Adams

    Bringing my A-game starts with embracing a positive attitude every day! To achieve this, it requires a commitment to maintaining a healthy balance in your personal life as a foundation for success in your career. 1) It starts with an adequate amount of rest each night to refuel, 2) Constructing a healthy diet regiment, 3) Embracing an active lifestyle, 4) Dedicating time to spend with family/friends, 5) Attending church and spending time with God regularly, and lastly 6) Continuing to push yourself to achieve the most out of everyday!

  157. Embracing a positive attitude everyday is the key to success! But, to bring my A-game, you have to maintain balance in your personal life to lay the foundation for success in your career. The key components to my A-game are 1) Getting adequate sleep every night to refuel the mind and body, 2) maintaining a health conscious diet, 3) staying active with fitness and my many hobbies, 4) setting aside time to spend with family/friends, 5) always seeking opportunities to learn, 5) challenging myself to be better than I as yesterday, and most importantly 6) being active in church/prayer.

  158. Nathan Money

    I make sure to take time for myself in the morning on the way to work to listen to spiritual texts or discussions. This helps me gather myself and be mentally and emotionally prepared for the day.

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