Every day is a new day at Texas Children’s

January 8, 2016 | (11) Comments

Often, when you hear someone say, “It’s a new day,” that means one of two things: There’s a change coming … a shift in the way things are being done. Or, more often, here at Texas Children’s we say it to mean let’s start anew tomorrow – tomorrow is a new day and another chance to offer encouragement, support or forgiveness. It’s an opportunity to learn, self-correct or right your course, or to innovate and advance an idea that could change or save a life.

So when I usher in a new year, I think of it in terms of days and opportunities – 365 opportunities to do something awesome. And I have a feeling that many of you are very much that same way, because that’s the only way we could possibly do the phenomenal things we do, year after year … day in and day out. It’s you, our people.

When I look forward to all that we aim to accomplish in 2016, I do so with confidence because I know we have the most incredible people of any organization. We are driven by our spirit, our enthusiasm and our constant belief that every day we come to work is a new day, a new opportunity, to make a difference.

To celebrate you and that spirit, I asked my team to create this video that showcases Texas Children’s people. Take a look:

You’ve heard me share my personal definition of leadership many times: Leadership = Vision + Structure + People, with people being by far the most important element in the equation. Well it’s true, and when I look back at all we accomplished last year, I am in awe of what you do and how you dedicate yourselves to fulfilling our mission in so many small and big ways.

So every day that you arrive, walk through the door with renewed anticipation of doing something great. Expect to do something that contributes to our powerful, unfolding story, because everyone here does. Move intentionally through each day, seeking the potential to change and improve something or someone — because here, that’s possible every day. At Texas Children’s, every day is a new day to be a part of something amazing.

Happy New Year to all!

11 Responses to “Every day is a new day at Texas Children’s”

  1. Samantha Raffield

    Thank you Mark, for taking the time to recognize the people assets we have working here each day.

    Sacrificing their lives and their families –doing the smallest of things, in the smallest of places, on the smallest of people which sums up to be the biggest things, in the largest places, on the biggest people!

  2. Valerie Mayer

    I knew that I was leaving my heart here at Texas Children’s Hospital when I left in February 2015. I am back and I am happier than ever because now I am where my heart was since the begining! I love my TCH family!

  3. Jackie Ward

    Texas Children’s Hospital is an amazing place and it’s a great time to be here to experience the “new days” that occur every day. Such excitement!! Thank you for your leadership Mr. Wallace.

  4. Jenni Aguilar

    I love this place!!!!!!!!!! Truly inspirational – as always Mr Wallace!!! I’m posting 2016- 365 opportunities to do something awesome in my office for all my staff to see!

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