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July 12, 2019 | (15) Comments

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Austin for our New Employee Pep Rally. As most of you know, the New Employee Pep Rally is an event I’ve hosted for the past 30 years so that I can meet all of the new team members who have joined Texas Children’s in the last quarter.

I originally got the idea for these receptions from my pastor. When I joined my church many years ago, the pastor held a welcome event to meet all of the church’s newest parishioners. It was such a great way to make a big congregation feel like a tight-knit community, and I immediately knew I had made the right decision in joining this wonderful congregation.

I look forward to the New Employee Pep Rally every time it rolls around. Having the opportunity to meet our new team members who are excited to be a part of Texas Children’s energizes me and fills me with excitement every quarter – and our first event in Austin was no exception.

As I was driving to Austin on I-71, I thought to myself, “This is going to be really good!” Turns out, it was even better than I had expected! Our first pep rally at the Specialty Care facility in Austin was one of our best ever!

We officially welcomed nearly 70 new employees, physicians and staff to our one amazing team, and each of them was so excited about what we are bringing to Austin! Between the pep rally and a tour of the facility, I spent nearly two hours at the Specialty Care site and enjoyed every minute. Please scroll through the photos I’ve shared below so you can see for yourself how excited our team is and what a fantastic time we all had meeting each other.

The Austin community is also equally excited to have Texas Children’s in their own backyard. Texas Children’s Urgent Care opened in March 2018 and has already seen more than 3,000 patients this fiscal year. We have three Texas Children’s Pediatrics sites and our Specialty Care has already had over 2,300 patient encounters since its opening in October 2018. And this is only the start – our specialty services in the capital city are continuing to grow with more to come in the next few months.

When we decided to expand to Austin a couple of years ago, it was a natural extension of our mission to provide care and access to more families in Texas. This is precisely what it means to provide the right care, in the right place, at the right time. The pep rally was a great reminder that we’re not just adding new locations – we’re expanding our care, our mission, and our culture.

We are all very excited that Texas Children’s continues to grow in strength and in numbers – but, just like my pastor, I always want to make sure that every new employee knows that they are special to our organization. Each employee brings a unique skill set and personality, and all of us together contribute to our One Amazing Team and the incredible culture we have created. These new employee pep rallies bring us all together, and whether you’re based in the Texas Medical Center or 175 miles away in Austin, each of you is a part of Texas Children’s.

We’re at the beginning of something magnificent in Austin, and we’ve got a great team there leading the way.

15 Responses to “Hello Austin!”

  1. Hannah Pataky

    Mr. Wallace – thank you so much for coming to Austin to celebrate the 1st Annual Austin Pep Rally! It’s certainly an exciting time to be part of Texas Children’s! We definitely look forward to your next visit!

  2. Angela Zamora

    I definitely agree this Pep Rally was one of the best. Thank you so much for coming to Austin to celebrate with the amazing team here! We cannot wait for your next visit.

  3. Lummer Dumapat

    It was a great turnout and thank you Mr. Wallace for taking the time to visit us in Austin. You definitely have strengthen and reaffirmed the flame that is burning inside us to continue the TCH mission and vision in the Austin area. My team was amazed that our president took the time to get to know them and invest in their lives with sincerity and authenticity. It really means a lot and again thank you. Always great seeing Mr. Wallace, until next time. .

  4. Kara Palmer

    Thank you Mr. Wallace for coming to Austin to meet us and to share your passion for Texas Children’s past, present, and future! What a wonderful event it was and what a perfect selfie we took! 🙂 See you on your next Austin adventure!

  5. David Bank MD

    Mr Wallace
    Thank you for being an inspirational leader for all the TCH employees in Austin. All of us feel privileged to represent such a distinguished organization and improve the lives and health of the families in Central Texas!

  6. Sandy Kohlhauff

    Amen Mr. Wallace ! It was such a pleasure to have you come visit us in Austin. Your commitment and dedication to the mission is such an inspiration. Thank you for your exceptional leadership.

  7. Sophia Perrault

    Mr. Mark A. Wallace is inspiring, charismatic and every definition of the word “Leadership”. I’m feeling so blessed to be part of one amazing team! Go Austin!

  8. Lesli Rossler

    The Pep Rally was really inspiring and uplifting. It was great fun for everyone. Just re-enforces what a wonderful place TCH is to work and the value of each individual.

  9. Alison Humphrey, MD

    It was such a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Wallace, and thank you so much for taking the time to travel here and meet with each of us personally. I couldn’t agree more that we have an exceptional team, in a vibrant city, and we are thrilled to be extending the TCH mission to our local families! We’re looking forward to your next visit…and in the meantime, I’ll be crafting my personal definition of leadership!

  10. Radha Ram

    Hello again, Mr. Wallace! Thank you for hosting such a fun, meaningful, and energizing event. We all love working at Texas Children’s and are honored to be part of Texas Children’s newest specialty care clinic!

  11. Deborah Parrott

    Thank you for visiting us in Austin! I am so excited to be helping us grow in this wonderful city. What a great opportunity to serve the children in central Texas and to share the TCH mission with new families.

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