505 reasons to celebrate

February 15, 2016 | (14) Comments

Tuesday marked one of my favorite days of the year – the day we host our annual Employee Recognition Celebration to honor Texas Children’s employees for their years of dedication and commitment to the organization. And this year’s was our largest celebration yet – we honored 32 recognition award recipients and another 473 employees celebrating 15 to 40 years of tenure.

All told, we had about 8,900 years of service represented in the ballroom on Tuesday. Wow! That’s 3.2 million days of service to the mission of Texas Children’s, our patients and their families. That was more than enough reason to celebrate, and that we did, starting with an awesome brass band that kicked things off New Orleans style!

2k16-0075-AK4_1874 2016 Employee Recognition Celebration044As festive as it was, I was still so humbled by this room full of committed employees from across the organization.

Together, we’ve broken ground on new buildings, added floors to existing facilities and developed new treatments to advance health care for children and women around the world.

None of this would have been possible without each person sitting in the audience on Tuesday, doing their part to respond to our needs, innovate new ideas and lead tirelessly every day.

I remember when I joined Texas Children’s in 1989 – there were only 1,100 employees. The Clinical Care Center and West Tower did not exist. We did not even have a dedicated pediatric emergency center when I joined the organization. Today, we have more than 13,000 employees, and we had nearly 3.5 million patient encounters across Texas Children’s last year. We now treat patients from nearly 60 countries and all 50 states. We have the Pavilion for Women, West Campus, Health Plan, Health Centers, a network of 53 pediatric practices, four urgent care centers, the two Center for Children and Women locations, and we have a comprehensive women’s Ob/Gyn network.

Pause a minute, and think about just how much we’ve accomplished together. It’s simply amazing. Neither our history nor our future would be possible without the people who work here. And especially without those sitting in the room that day who have given so much to the organization for so long to bring these accomplishments to fruition.

And now, we are building Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands; the cranes are up, and work has started on our CareFirst tower; and we are expanding our care into east Texas through the STAR Kids program. This is all happening because of a strategic vision for growth, the structural leadership and support to advance that vision, and, most importantly, you – the people who drive and fulfill the vision.

It doesn’t sound like enough, but thank you. For the 15 years. For the 40 years. And for every year in between. Thank you to the Super Star, Catalyst, Best of the West and SMILES honorees celebrated on Tuesday and every year before. You all are the heart of Texas Children’s, and your legacy is tremendous.


14 Responses to “505 reasons to celebrate”

  1. Angela Hudson

    This is a stellar recognition program. Because I haven’t yet reached 15 years of tenure – I’m sure I will though!! – I’ve only attended in the capacity of a leader supporting other honorees. And every time, I just feel so incredibly proud that Texas Children’s recognizes its employees so beautifully. Last Tuesday was no different … and as a Louisiana native, hearing “Second Line” made me want to dance down the aisle behind the band! Congrats to all!

  2. Felicia Allison

    My mother Tommie Allison and my aunt Glory Jackson were apart of this amazing event they’ve both been with Texas Children’s for 25 years I’m hoping to walk in their foot steps of accomplishments with Texas Children’s…Congrats to Everyone!!!

  3. Karen Easley-Johnson

    February 9th 2016 will forever be one of the most memorable days to come. As I celebrated my 15th years of working for one of the greatest company in the US. Joining the team here at TCH was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Mr. Wallace is such a wonderful Man who made us all feel welcomed and special as he went around the room and personally thanked us all one by one. Because of him and his VISION for this hospital we can’t help but want to put everything we have to make this one of this best places to work and give SERVICE with a HEART!

  4. Maira Estrada

    It was an awesome experience to attend this event to Celebrate my 15 years with Texas Children’s . I LOVE TCH and Believe in Mark W. Vision and Mission. Had a great time with my Manager and Supervisor. Thank you for the opportunity TCH and Mark Wallace Best CEO to work for. God Bless you Always.

  5. Linda Lightle

    I attended this year’s employee recognition event with a team member in my office who has achieved a tenure of 15 years. I enjoyed watching her reaction to the wonderful venue, the fun pictures we did together, the wonderful service and food. She felt so honored and special to be cared for in such a manner of excellence. The most impressive thing to her was when Mark Wallace made the statement, “if I was unable to personally greet anyone here, please see me after the event so I will have touched everyone recognized here”. That may be a bit paraphrased but it tells his sincere sentiment. It touched her deeply. We were at the picture booth when he visited our table. She would have waited to greet him but we didn’t want to miss our bus. She left, however, with the sense and knowledge that she, personally, was important to Mark Wallace himself. Thank all of you for the service with heart shown to each employee of our wonderful organization, Texas Children’s.

  6. Janice Holmes

    I was well pleased at how wonderful the 2016 20th year Celebration for me and all was. Thank you Mr. Wallace for allowing it to exist. It made me feel like going another milestone. My sharing and caring continues! Thanks again!

  7. Kathy Burris

    It was a great event, my second time attending (Super Star 2 years ago and Best of the West this year); I know it is a huge undertaking for HR to set up and coordinate; they do a fantastic job! The food was great, entertainment was superb (and Jody Jiles was a huge hit!)! Thank you for allowing us to celebrate our milestones and recognitions in grand style….I am so proud to be employed by such a great organization. It is a pleasure and honor to get to come to work everyday at Texas Children’s West Campus!

  8. Chris Ward

    Mr. Wallace, a heartfelt “thank you” to you and EVERYONE that was a part of this celebration. I can only imagine the countless hours it takes to bring something like this together. It was truly above and beyond. You took the time to talk, laugh, take “selfies” and celebrate each of us. Your “realness” (if that’s not a word, then it is now!) shines through and I am truly blessed to serve in an organization such as this. I look forward to continued service to the women and children of our community for many years to come. Thank you again.

  9. Maria Aaly, RN, BSN

    Deep in the heart of Texas, is TEXAS CHILDRENS HOSPITAL!!! The only place I have ever worked. It has been an honor and a privilege to be part of the nursing team here for the past 35 years. Texas Children’s is and always will be deep inside MY HEART. Thank you, Mr. Wallace and all the team members who made this enormous event happen. Those few hours spent at this celebration, mean a lot to all of us. God Bless all of you, who work to lead the way!!!

  10. Annita Spivey Stevenson

    It was truly an awe-inspiring event to celebrate my 35 years of service with Texas Children’s Hospital. I have to give thanks to God first for allowing me to be here this long because I love, love, love Texas Children’s. I had an opportunity to stand and take a picture with the magnificent (and COOL) leader, CEO Mark Wallace. During my tenure, I feel blessed to work with pioneering departmental leadership who I have learned so much from like Sylvia Doyle, Judy Swanson, Linda Tollerud, Eric Allum and now Janet Winebar. I cannot forget the perioperative team we are one. I look forward to making another 5 years.

  11. Evelyn (Eve) I Braun

    It has been a blessing to be part of Texas Children’s since 1990. Today is my last day as I am “finally” retiring! The Employee Recognition event was a roaring success this year (thank you to HR and the miracle workers there) and it was wonderful to be part of it and receive my 25 year acknowledgement! The leadership of this wonderful organization is amazing and the foresight has been astounding under Mr. Wallace’s tenure. Little did I think when I sat at my desk in the (then) Nations Bank Building that the reach and height of TCH would be so great — And the Health Plan’s is fantastic! Thank you, Everyone, “for the memories” — Couldn’t have been any better! Eve

  12. adriana lopez

    I feel so blessed to be here at Texas childrens Hospital. It’s so rewarding to be able to make a difference in a baby’s life, one at the time.
    I never thought i was going to be able to celebrate another Quinceanera, not only that but to take a picture making duck lips with our super Leader, CEO Mark Wallace especially if it was he’s idea, He’s the CEO to work for. I want to thank all my peers the lovely ladies at the Lactation Dept that have thaught me so much!!!
    I love my second family at Texas Childrens!!!!! Cheers to another 15!!

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