Texas Children’s Pediatrics Turns 25!

July 31, 2020 | (42) Comments

This weekend marks an exciting milestone for Texas Children’s—tomorrow, August 1, we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Texas Children’s Pediatrics! What a special and momentous occasion for our organization!

I knew we were onto something incredible when we first came up with the idea of Texas Children’s Pediatrics, but as I reflect on the past few decades, I am more confident than ever that establishing this network of primary care pediatric practices is one of Texas Children’s greatest accomplishments. In the early and mid-1990’s, health care was changing, and as a young pediatric hospital, we knew we needed to change too in order to keep up with our growing community. Here we are—25 years later—and I’m still amazed at how far we’ve come.

Today, Texas Children’s Pediatrics is the largest pediatric primary care network in the nation with more than 250 board-certified pediatricians and 60 practice locations—four of those locations added in the first half of 2020 alone.

This network has helped us take better care of the children we serve and create long-term relationships with our patient families, while retaining many of the gifted physicians trained at Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine. Most recently, the remarkable leadership of Texas Children’s Pediatrics has helped us in our venture north of Houston to the state capital of Texas. What began as a journey into various neighborhoods of Houston has led to an expedition into communities across the state of Texas. Over the years, we’ve seen how profoundly this network has impacted the children in Houston, so there was no question what we should do when it came to expanding our care into Austin.

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we are currently facing, Texas Children’s Pediatrics has been quick and efficient in ensuring we provide the same quality of care, whether it be in person or through virtual visits. Each practice has worked effectively to overcome obstacles and keep physicians, employees, patients and families safe and comfortable.

As you all know, Texas Children’s was founded with the mission to care for all children, and through the Community Cares Program, we found an additional way to embrace this value. At the Community Cares Program practices, the teams assist families with added health care services such as meeting with social workers, nutrition education, assistance with insurance program applications, and more. Needless to say, Texas Children’s Pediatric practices are so much more than a doctor’s office.

As we celebrate 25 years of astounding success for Texas Children’s Pediatrics, I want to thank two of the best leaders that I have had the honor of working with—Kay Tittle, President of Texas Children’s Pediatrics, and Dr. Stanley Spinner, Vice President of Texas Children’s Pediatrics. Kay and Stan truly are two superheroes in the world of pediatrics. They have been nothing short of phenomenal, working together every day to help children and their families receive the care they need, when and where they need it. On top of caring for our patients, they have both been instrumental in our growth and are without a doubt, the reason why we’re here celebrating 25 years today.

Please join me in congratulating all of the physicians, staff and employees at Texas Children’s Pediatrics for 25 years of excellence. I hope each team member knows what a difference you make for these families—many of which would not have access to care if it wasn’t for you.

I am deeply grateful for everyone’s dedication and commitment through the years, and I am beyond proud of what we have accomplished together.

However, there’s one thing I know for sure—we are not done yet. Here’s to the next 25 years of caring for generations of families in our great state of Texas! Congratulations, Texas Children’s Pediatrics!

42 Responses to “Texas Children’s Pediatrics Turns 25!”

  1. Althea Riddick

    Congratulations Texas Children’s Pediatrics and May God Bless many more!!
    It’s such and a honor to be a TCP employee to give 17 years of service!

  2. Stacey J Boyd

    Congratulations Texas Children’s Hospital the best place to work in the world.
    It is also my Four year anniversary on August 1st and it is truly an honor to be an employee of Texas Children’s Hospital. Thank you for allowing me to work here and I hope for many, many years to come.

  3. Congratulations Texas Children’s Pediatrics it was my pleasure to be part of this growing organization. We are growing stronger even with the Covid-19. We are all working smarter to be safe during this time. It has been an amazing time for me being able to share 31 years of service with Texas Children’s Pediatrics.

  4. Elizabeth Olivares-Reed

    Congratulations TCP and especially to Kay Tittle and Dr. Spinner! They truly are phenomenal leaders and have such great character. They always do what is right, not what is easy. I’m not surprised at TCP’s growth with their strong leadership. Proud to take my kids there too! TCP will always hold a special place in my heart since that’s where I started my wonderful career!

  5. Sara Montenegro

    Congratulations, Texas Children’s Pediatrics!

    Thank you for the vision 25 years ago, and thank you for the amazing leadership team, physicians, and staff across TCP and our TCH system for supporting TCP over the first 25 years.

    I am so proud of where we are today, and the amazing care we provide to children across Texas today, and that we will continue to provide into the future.

  6. Daniel Gollins

    A lot has been accomplished in a short 25 years, allowing TCP to provide outstanding care for our community. This is because a true partnership between physicians, APP’s, staff and leadership, it takes a team effort to grow and succeed for 25 years. Its exciting to see what comes over the next 25 years, in Houston, Austin, and wherever else Texas Children’s decides to plant its roots.

  7. Lance Lightfoot

    25 years of excellence! It’s inspiring to know we not only have the biggest pediatric primary care organization, but we also have the best! Wonderful, dedicated physicians, staff and leaders who have been committed to the Texas Children’s mission from day 1!


  8. Jasmine Davenport

    I am currently at the Pavilion for Women but my first job under Texas Children’s was with Texas Children’s Pediatrics. Working for an organization with Kay Tittle as the leader was a real honor. She is such a sweet, fair leader and she truly loves what she does. Whenever staff members names would get mentioned in the patient surveys she would write us a personal hand written letter thanking us for our hard work and dedication to our patients and their families. It was a small gesture but it meant alot. I agree with Mr. Wallace’s statement, “Kay and Stan truly are two superheroes in the world of pediatrics.” Happy anniversary TCP!

  9. Yolanda Roberts

    Congratulations, Texas Children’s Pediatrics for 25 wonderful years! I am proud to be a part of an organization that makes such a difference in so many lives worldwide. It is truly a Blessing to work with such great leadership and to witness the progress that has been made throughout the years. I am looking forward to the future of Texas Children’s Pediatrics and working with our “One Amazing Team”!!!

  10. Stan Spinner

    It has been an honor and a privilege to have been a part of Texas Children’s Pediatrics, which for me, will be 25 years as of December 1.
    I could not ask to work for a better team of leaders, physicians, APP’s, and staff.
    Along with Kay, Dan Gollins, Sara Montenegro, and our incredibly dedicated directors and assistant directors, I feel that I have truly been part of a dream team.

  11. Virginia Tomlinson

    Congratulations, Kay, Stan, and the entire TCP team! I’m personally so very thankful for the amazing pediatricians our family has enjoyed through the years. Thank you for your tireless leadership and service!

  12. Jeanette Scott

    Congratulations to all the Texas Children’s Pediatric Offices its been 17 years for me with TCP FANNIN an never a regret its a great Organization to work for. Here’s to the next 25 years!!!!!!

  13. Alicia Ardon

    Wow! I love Texas Children’s I remember when my kids were little, I always had them on the TCHP and I took them to Texas Children’s Pediatrics. The doctors and staff were always courteous. I felt like my children were in good hands. Now my children are healthy adults and I work for this great organization!

  14. Jesse Parr

    Best decision our formerly independent pediatric group ever made-to become part of Texas Children’s Pediatrics! And the bonus was to bring TCP to Aggieland here in College Station!!

  15. Ryan Breaux

    Congratulations Texas Children’s Pediatrics. We truly appreciate the leadership and vision not only then but now. Our boys have had the benefit of being cared for by pediatricians within TCP and has been a great resource for our family.

  16. Hemangi Desai

    Congratulations to TCP .
    Happy 25th BirthDay !
    Very proud of the organisation & thank you very much Mr.Wallace for believing in local Pediatricians & supporting them in creation of TCP.
    I have been with them since 1997 and hope to work many more years to come.
    Always making changes for better & easier.Educating & caring for their employees and treating them with love and respect. Honestly my life saver !
    Great people to work for like Ms. Tittle,Dr Spinner & Dr Yen.
    I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

    • Brian Talbot, MD

      Congratulations to TCP. I’m proud to have been a part of this grand experiment for 23 years. Here’s to the next 25 and the children of Texas and beyond.

  17. Lori Stoddard

    Congratulations TCP!!!!! I was taking my kids to TCP Katy and Cinco Ranch well before I started working at the Pavilion. I love the doctors and nurses! Thanks for everything you do.

  18. Roula Zoghbi Smith

    Congratulations TCP on 25 great years! It’s a testament to the vision and leadership throughout – it has been amazing to see your growth in both Houston and now Austin! Looking forward to seeing what this one amazing team does in the next 25 years!

  19. Vic Griffis

    I brought my son here for a very scary injury to his eye…about 35 years ago after stopping at a local hospital. After about 10 minutes with no responsiveness from the ER physicians there,
    I drove 85-90 mph to TCH… All I can say is” What a difference!” It was amazing and super attentive with a calmness and reassurance that words cannot describe. We will never forget that experience. All is well so congrats I am proud to be a small part of caring for children!

  20. Christine Fochler-Massey

    Congratulations to TCP for their 25 years of service to our community, & here’s to many more years of service. I am a proud employee of this great organization! My children have been a part of the TCH/TCP community, & now my grandchildren. I have seen a lot of great growth for the better in my 29 years. Cheers, & again congratulations to all my fellow co-workers for all you do on a daily basis for our little ones.

  21. Tangela James-Milstead

    CONGRATULATIONS TCP on 25 years !!!!!!! I have been apart of the organization since January 2000 making my 20yr mark of this great milestone. I love my job and the families that I have serviced here at the TCP PINEY POINT location. I am looking forward to what ever my future within TCP/TCH has in store for me going forward in the next 25 years of excellence.

  22. Angela Powell

    I remember when Dr. Doncaster said he were moving to a new clinic called TCPA over 20 years ago and hoped that we would follow as his patient. Since then all 3 of my children have received amazing care at the clinic and I have the pleasure of watching many more physicians and clinics get added into the group. Looking forward to see what is next as we expand into Austin!

  23. Clarisa

    I started off at a TCP and I met the most wonderful people there! We’ve all gone off on different journeys at different locations but I’ll never forget my original fam.. I still get to work with my main, the one that molded me, she is the reason I am where I am.. being around her is a huge plus. ❤️ I enjoy watching everyone’s growth throughout the years. I look forward to seeing all of us accomplish our goals. I consider myself blessed and I am grateful because I wouldn’t have it any other way. Starting at TCP opened up my mind to so many possibilities and helped me create my goals. So many families, parents and patients left lasting impressions on me that to this day I carry with me as a reminder of why I do what I do. I’m forever thankful with the ones that have helped pave my way even in the smallest form. I’m grateful for Kay Tittle as she demonstrated genuine care when I found myself in a tough position, she is the true definition of a great leader! TCP is blessed to have you as their president! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY #TexasChildrensPediatrics

  24. Danny Danziger

    Thank you Kay, Sara, Stanley, Dan and the entire team for all that you do for us and all our patients. We are all proud to work with you and look forward to continued success.

  25. Kimberly Troupe

    TCP…Oh how I love thee!!!!!!

    There is always a beginning to everything we start. I’m so grateful to have started my journey at TCP Cypresswood. The love, the laughs, the days and nights in afterhours, but most importantly the caring providers and team members that TCP has!

    25 years of blessings with many more to come!

  26. Chantell Davis

    Big Congrats to TCP! My son is also a patient and we truly appreciate all the Hard work, Good Patient care and Great service(s) to the community. We appreciate all that YOU do!!

  27. Jayson Salazar

    I started my career at TCP back in Sept 2001 and now at TCH Main Campus since 2011. Time sure does fly by. Congrats TCP on your anniversary and coincidentally my birthday as well. Great things happen on Aug 1st 🙂

  28. Annette M. Garza

    Congratulations TCP! I am proud to have been an employee at TCP CBO for
    21 years! My career began at TCP in 1999 and I am blessed to work under the amazing leadership team lead by President, Kay Tittle! Thank you Kay and to your leadership team for your support and leadership. It is an honor to be part of the TCP TEAM! I look forward to more experience, knowledge and growth!

    GOD BLESS Texas Children’s Pediatrics!

  29. Debra Ward

    Congratulations TCP on 25 years of amazing service! It is an honor be part of the TCP team!

    A special “Thanks” to our President, Kay Tittle the entire TCP leadership team!

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