Texas Children’s Is Caring for the Dream

July 23, 2021 | (12) Comments

Today marks the start of the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. For the first time, Texas Children’s Hospital is taking part in the excitement, celebration and historic 16 days of competition by serving and caring for our incredible USA Olympic and Paralympic team.

As the exclusive and Official Pediatric Medicine Provider of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC), Texas Children’s role is to support the USOPC’s athletes and provide expert care to Team USA throughout training and during the competition.

I can fondly remember watching the Olympics as a child. It was breathtaking, just as it is today, to see athletes from all around the world come together not only to compete, but to share a commonality among nations. It is, in fact, only once every two years that people from more than 200 nations are watching the same event and beaming with pride as they watch their own athletes walk into the Opening Ceremony.

There is no doubt that the Olympics and Paralympics are a showcase of the world’s greatest and most talented athletes but when we take a closer look—at the heart of it all—the Olympic and Paralympic Games represent unity.

While some may look at the next two weeks as just another sporting event, I believe we can learn a lot from the Games. To put it simply, we may not all come from the same background and we may not all look alike, but we are all a part of our global community.

This belief is what Texas Children’s was founded on and it’s why I firmly believe we’ve grown to where and what we are today.

From day one, Texas Children’s has treated every child, no matter where they come from, and our reach expands far beyond our nation’s borders. We commit to this each and every day because there is truly nothing better than being able to help a child reach their full potential.

I am proud to know that we are treating the best of the best in Tokyo this year, but I am even more proud that Texas Children’s ability to “Care for the Dream” is a result of decades of caring for patients from all over the world and all walks of life.

As we enjoy the Games, I want you to remember and keep in mind all that we have overcome as a nation and a global community in the past year. If it weren’t for the hard work of so many to accelerate years of research to develop safe and effective vaccines, we would not be celebrating the Opening Ceremony today. Vaccines continue to be the best way to protect ourselves and each other from contracting COVID-19 and I want to encourage each and every employee and physician to get your vaccine as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoy watching the games this summer as we witness history by watching the first Olympic event held after a year-long postponement—a postponement that impacted every athlete and every country in different ways.

There is no doubt that these Games will be different, but I believe the spirit of the Games will be stronger than ever before!

To learn more about our USOPC partnership or how you can support Team USA, please click here.

12 Responses to “Texas Children’s Is Caring for the Dream”

  1. Ann McClarney

    Proud to see Texas Children’s involved in so many places in the world, proud to see us at the Olympics. Proud to see Texas Children’s story being told.

  2. Thank you, Mr. Wallace! I too remember growing up and watching the games. What a special organization we get to be a part of. Looking forward to celebrating all the athletes from around the world. After the year we have had, this will definitely be extra special. Thank you for continuing to encourage vaccinations and help everyone feel and stay safe!

  3. Reliza Jackson (RJ)

    Mr. Wallace, this was a great read. I, too, get excited when the Olympics circle back around. My family has a tradition where we all watch together and cheer for our favorite event. Now to have the opportunity at work makes this year even more special. I am looking forward to it.
    Thank you for all the efforts of making TCH and all its entities all inclusive!

  4. Amethyst

    As a child who also grew up watching the Olympics, I am so proud of this partnership! What a great addition to Texas Children’s story. Can’t wait to see what we do next!

  5. I am so excited about our partnership with the USOPC! I have always loved the Olympics, I truly admire the talent, strength and dedication of all the athletes. What a perfect match, our world class healthcare at TCH will make such a powerful impact on these elite athletes.

  6. Matt Timmons

    The Olympics have always been one of my favorite events and I am so thankful we finally get to watch it this summer! This is definitely an exciting partnership for Texas Children’s- I am proud that we are a part of this!

  7. Gabriela Sanchez

    Proud to be a TCH employee! I watched the Olympics over the weekend in awe, watching pride radiate off of the athletes while they compete. They have been labeled the best to represent Team USA, and it is that same pride that is felt to have TCH present and care for the athletes.

  8. Kara Abrameit

    I am so proud of our partnership with the USOPC and am looking forward to cheering on our athletes during the Olympics. This partnership highlights the outstanding care that we provide to not only USOPC athletes but also to the women and children we serve every day in our own communities.

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