It’s resolved … we are One Amazing Team!

May 26, 2020 | (38) Comments

A mere three months ago, our world changed almost overnight due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As each of us adjust to the new realities of this pandemic and continue to face unprecedented challenges ahead, there’s one thing I am reminded of every day – Texas Children’s is a sturdy and resilient organization.

As I have watched our agile team adjust and adapt throughout this pandemic, I have been inspired time and again. Inspired by our people, our mission and our collective dedication to ensuring that we will always be here to care for the children and women who need us. I have seen you all support each other by bringing in meals for your teams, making special homemade gifts, and just by acknowledging that you will be there for one another – all while still delivering the highest possible care to our patients and families. This has been difficult for all of us, but experiencing this together, has reminded us of our shared humanity and our deep appreciation of each other.

One of my maxims, “Leadership always influences or determines outcomes, not some of the time but all of the time,” has never been truer than it is today. Because of our strong leadership, we have reached many milestones together as a team. We continue to lead the way in diagnostic testing for COVID-19 and are making progress in developing a COVID-19 vaccine. In addition to these efforts, we implemented and enhanced our employee and patient screening processes, optimized e-health appointment capabilities, and ensured we have sufficient supplies to carry out our daily operations. While this is just scratching the surface, there are so many inspiring examples that show what it truly means to be One Amazing Team.

The members of our Board of Trustees have also been moved by your selfless efforts since the beginning and have repeatedly shared with me how impressed and proud they are of you. So much so, that they wanted to do something to honor every single Texas Children’s employee. Last week, the Board approved a resolution to recognize Texas Children’s staff and employees for their efforts during COVID-19, and I’m sharing it here.

The incredible acts of kindness that I have witnessed over these past several months will stay with me forever. I, along with every member of our Board, are profoundly grateful for all you are doing and giving of yourselves for our patients, families, and each other. We are all in this together and we will persevere.

With deep appreciation and respect,



38 Responses to “It’s resolved … we are One Amazing Team!”

  1. Alysha T. Grant

    This is remarkable … just knowing that a organization of this magnitude has constantly shown their appreciation towards every one. Not singling out any employee more significant than the rest. To know it is being acknowledge not just from immediate leadership but from the Board of Trustees is a wonderful feeling. I am so elated to be apart of such a wonderful organization.

  2. Paola Alvarez-Malo

    Wow! What a great recognition by you and our Board of Trustees! Thank you! It is such a privilege to work in an organization with the mission and the team that TCH has.

  3. Ellen C. Boone

    There are not words enough to express the deep admiration and appreciation I have for our leaders, Mark A. Wallace and Kay Tittle. They have never let us down, but continue to lead in a positive, determined, fashion to survive adversity and celebrate success. I remember being in a restaurant years ago (wearing my badge) and after passing our table many times, a lovely woman approached us to say “I love Texas Children’s. My child was a patient there and Texas Children’s saved his life. Thank you so much”. I am privileged to be a part of Texas Children’s organization that extends precious, skilled care to all children.

  4. Eva Alcorn

    I am always in awe at just how much Texas Children’s care. Time in and Time out, you all allow us to be great in caring for each other, our patients and their families through touch times. We continue to agile because of your leadership. IT IS NOW, THEREFORE, RESOLVED that the employees of Texas Children’s really appreciate you and the Board of Trustees because you Care In Action for us each and every day.

  5. Summer Gill

    This is such an encouraging and thoughtful expression of gratitude. I am honored to be a member of our One Amazing Team. The leadership and direction throughout these unforeseen times has been nothing less than phenomenal. Thank you!

  6. Kenya Roberson

    Mr. Wallace, I agree, that leadership influences outcomes all of the time! We have amazing leadership, directly and indirectly! So I say, Thank You, to you and all of the outstanding leaders within this great organization for a job well done!!! We’re all in this together!

  7. Kimberly Rosinski- TCP /TCUC CBO

    Thank you and the board members for recognizing the efforts of all of our staff and leaders. I’m so glad you brought up the maxim, “Leadership always influences or determines outcomes, not some of the time but all of the time,” WOW! How so true this is….had our leaders led any other way our outcome may not have been as it is today. We will get through this and we are all going to be better because of it. It has allowed us to push in areas of uncertainty at times, but through it all so much has been gained! Thank you for your great leadership!

  8. Cassidy Penn

    It really has been amazing seeing all of the support from all of the team members. I have worked a float pool shift, which has allowed me to meet people from service areas that I normally do not interact with. But each person is supportive and hopeful and staying positive through all of this. It really rubs off and helps you carry on with the same positive attitude.

  9. James Versalovic

    Mr. Wallace and our dedicated Board, We thank you for your commitment and leadership. From the very first day in March when we knew that this virus was being transmitted within the Greater Houston area, this amazing team came together and rose to the occasion. We will never forget the days that seemed to blur together as we grappled with a rapidly expanding challenge that seemed like a flash flood at times. Texas Children’s stood tall as a beacon for safety and as a refuge for so many patients needing care during this pandemic. We are even stronger now, and it is all because of Teamwork.

  10. Karen Sripan

    I am so proud to be part or the Texas Children’s family. Thank you to the Board of Trustees. We are so appreciative of their thoughtful recognition and endless support of the outstanding efforts of all of our TCH employees in going above and beyond to ready organization for COVID 19. We have a very promising future as we look to innovate and change the face of healthcare. I am so glad to be onboard for the ride!

  11. Stephanie Koopmann

    Thank you, Texas Children’s for everything you have and continue to do for us and the patients every day. So proud to be a part of such a wonderful team!

  12. Matt Timmons

    I have never been more proud to be a Texas Children’s employee than the last several months! Thank you, Mr. Wallace and our Board of Trustees, for recognizing and honoring our entire amazing team.

    • I would like to express my gratitude for creating such an atmosphere of support and recognition for our Amazing Team. In my 30+ years of experience in the medical field, I have never seen better guidance and inspiring leadership from the Board and Mr. Wallace. You created opportunities for us to not only cope with this unprecedented pandemic but to excel and feel appreciated for our efforts. I will always remember how this challenging time presented new opportunities for growth and compassion for every employee for our fine institution. I am grateful every day to be a member of this family. We appreciate your untiring efforts and respect your commitment and ingenuity. This has made us a better team overall. Kindest regards and respect to everyone who works for Texas Children’s and our patients’ well-being. Thank your for your respect and thoughtfulness for our well-being during these continued efforts.

  13. Irene García-Benavides

    Thanks to all Texas Children’s Family for always being there for each other as a family. I appreciate what TCH does for all of us. Thanks for this recognition to all employees. We are all in this together. Leadership rocks!!!

  14. Irene García-Benavides

    Thanks to all the Texas Children’s Family for always being there for each other as a family. I appreciate what TCH does for all of us. Thanks for this recognition to all employees. We are all in this together. Leadership rocks!!!

  15. Proud to belong and be part of Texas Children’s Organization and One Amazing Team. I’ve never seen Houston to be like this but we are gradually and cautiously getting back to ‘new’ normal. Thank you and continue to take care of one another.

  16. Blanca A

    It is truly a Blessing to be part of the TCH team and being able to see how working together we can overcome anything including the COVID-19. TCH is an amazing organization we are a FAMILY!

  17. Burke Wilson

    Mr. Wallace and the Board of Trustees: Thank you for recognizing the tireless dedication of every member of our team over the past few months. Our response to the global pandemic has been marked with fortitude and resolve. We are truly ONE amazing team.

  18. America Lueso

    Perseverance is not given privilege , however Texas Children’s masters it with grace and ease.
    TCH your continuous support for all of us is sincerely appreciated ! I am here to stay thru the good and bad times.

  19. Mr. Wallace and Board of Trustees, Thank you so much for all the kinds words. Thank you for recognizing all of our hard work and dedication. These past few months have been full of challenges and we all got through them. A BIG thank you for all that you all do for us. It is truly an honor to wok for such a strong and caring organization. We ABSOLUTLEY are truly ONE amazing team.

  20. Angela Powell

    During a time of constant change and uncertainty, it is so easy overlook amazing achievements an organization makes to adapt. Thank you Mr. Wallace and the Board of Trustees for pausing and recognizing everything this One Amazing Team is doing to lead the way through our new reality. Things being done today will helps us to be even more successful when we finally get to the other side of this pandemic.

  21. Patricia Lewis

    Mr. Wallace, I’m a new employee of TCH and I’m so proud to be apart of a team. That has shown great love and compassion to one another. The challenges have been overwhelming some days, but the endurance to press forward has been a great team effort. Thank you and the Board of trustees for recognizing the strength in the TCH employees.

  22. Darrell Williams

    Amazing story! I’m glad I was able to do my part for the TCH organization. I have adjusted to the changes quite well. Thanks TCH Board Of Trustees for recognizing and celebrating us!

  23. Jennifer Sanders

    I am continually amazed by the ability of the Texas Children’s family to face any challenge and rise to any occasion. We are blessed beyond measure to work at an organization that is agile, strong, and caring. Thanks to you and the Board of Trustees for recognizing the selfless, awe-inspiring work of the Texas Children’s team.

  24. Joyce Barrs

    Our Leaders are Amazing. I will forever be appreciative of the way the employees were cared for during COVID-19. The Company didn’t have to pay 60% of our salary so our families could have benefits. This is going beyond the call of duty for your employees. I am forever grateful.

  25. Deanna Courts

    Mr. Wallace and the Board of Trustees, thank you for taking the time to recognize everything the TCH team has done through these difficult times. Your guidance and leadership through this time of uncertainty has been a beacon of light. I am proud to be a part of this One Amazing team!

  26. Angela Banks

    Thank you to the Board of Trustees and Mr. Wallace, it feels good to be appreciated, even the more that you all did not show respect to person or position. You recognize that as a collective the Dream work because of Team work. I am so thankful for being apart of an organization such as TCH; where the head of the organization is ALWAYS showering out appreciation and compassion. TCH ROCK!!!!

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