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Last week’s conviction of Harvey Weinstein marked a turning point in the #MeToo movement. As I read the news last Tuesday, I was fixated on the high stakes that would follow this jury’s decision. The significant media attention on this trial meant that the outcomes of the case would have a lasting impact on the how women’s voices are heard and respected, and how future cases are treated in the court of law—as well as in the court of public opinion.

Although there is still much work to be done, the guilty verdicts on two of the charges against Weinstein are evidence that the tide is continuing to shift in the treatment of survivors, and that we are beginning to shed light on perpetrators and calling them out on their reprehensible behavior.  The brave women who testified and refused to back down despite any backlash they received, did so because, for the first time, they felt supported and empowered by the millions of people holding them up.

The #MeToo movement was founded by sexual assault survivor and activist Tarana Burke in 2006 to raise awareness of sexual abuse and assault, and to help survivors heal. Ms. Burke intended for her social justice efforts to help remove the silent shame of survivors. What happened, though, was that #MeToo propelled a conversation that was long overdue, and put a spotlight on an issue that is shockingly common and devastating to its survivors, especially when they feel voiceless, alone or discredited. When it comes to sexual assault, victim blaming is rampant in our society. However, in cases of home break-ins, robberies or car accidents, it would be hard to imagine blaming the victim.

More than a decade later, #MeToo was reignited as revelations of sexual abuse, assault and harassment amassed in the film and media industries, politics and corporations around the world. When accusations involve powerful, well-known and seemingly respectable leaders, people often express ambiguity about right and wrong.

Let’s be clear: all people–women and men—deserve to feel safe. And more pointedly, all people deserve to feel safe, especially from sexual abuse, harassment and assault, in the workplace. All of us are responsible for creating that environment and holding each other accountable.

Here at Texas Children’s, regardless of job or title, everyone deserves to come to work or to receive care knowing that this is a safe environment where you will be respected, your personal boundaries will not be crossed, and you will be valued for your hard work and contributions. We have zero tolerance for sexual harassment – or harassment of any kind – in our workplace.

Texas Children’s inclusive and interactive culture thrives on teamwork and mutual respect. Our diverse perspectives, ideas, backgrounds and cultures are the best things about us. And my personal commitment to you is to do all I can to ensure a diverse, inclusive culture that is respectful and safe for every single one of you, every day.

Workplace Harassment Policy

Workplace Harassment Procedure

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  1. Katie Rushdi

    Thank you, Mr. Wallace, for sharing your thoughts and support on this very important topic. I am so proud to work for an organization whose leadership makes us feel safe and respected every day.

  2. Aisha Jamal

    Mr. Wallace, Your voice, your validation, and your investment in a culture that promotes and supports women is inspiring. Thank you for giving us a platform to share our thoughts and feelings about a movement that began with two words, became a viral hashtag, and is now a global reawakening that has sparked change across communities, countries, and cultures.

  3. Roula Zoghbi Smith

    Mr. Wallace, once again your actions support your words around ensuring we always “do the right thing” at Texas Children’s. Thank you for taking this seriously and for weaving such an important topic and cultural movement into the fabric of our culture. It is no wonder TCH is not only one of the Best Places to Work, but one of the Best Places to Work for women.

  4. Paola Alvarez-Malo

    Mr. Wallace, one of the things I most love about working at Texas Children’s is the clear commitment to ensuring everyone feels safe and is respected. Coming from a different industry, I continue to be amazed at the inspiring culture at Texas Children’s. It is a culture that truly values contributions and embraces our diversity. I am proud to tell my daughters about where I work. My hope is that one day they will be as fortunate to work in an organization like Texas Children’s where their accomplishments will be what define their careers.

  5. Weldon Gage

    Mark, thank you for leading this organization in the right direction. The culture we’ve built at Texas Children’s demands that we treat everyone with dignity. The amazing women that work at Texas Children’s deserve nothing less than our respect. The world around us for too long has tolerated terrible behavior towards women. It is good to see that changing. Thank you for reminding all of us what this organization stands for.

  6. Julie McGuire

    Mr. Wallace, thank you for your tireless commitment to a safe, diverse, and productive workforce. As a mother of daughters and a son, these sensitive conversations are critical to ensuring empowerment not overpowering in interactions with others. Will definitely be sharing your blog with them.

  7. Cherry Nguyen

    Mr. Wallace, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this important topic. I have always been proud to work for Texas Children’s but even more proud to have you serve as our President and CEO. Texas Children’s is a place where our people feel respected, valued, supported, and empowered every single day. At ERC last month, we had three 45-year honorees and 491 employees’ celebrating 15+ years. That speaks volumes! We have something truly special here at Texas Children’s and I am so proud to be a part of it. You are the best!

  8. Jessica Varon Fleischer

    Mr. Wallace, thank you for always being the guiding force for our organization. Your support of important topics like the #MeToo movement makes Texas Children’s a leader for all corporations and organizations. This is a critical issue in our society and it’s an honor to work at an organization that proudly stands up for doing what is right.

  9. Opera Wagner-ross

    Thank you so much for addressing this very important topic. Once again, you have demonstrated outstanding leadership of our Texas Children’s Team. So very happy to work for an organization that values and prioritized respect for all employees. Your words continue to inspire.

  10. Teresa Tonthat

    Thank you for always advocating to do the right thing, Mr. Wallace. I’m proud to work for an organization that is committed to keep Texas Children’s a safe environment where everyone feels respected, every day.

  11. Andrea Romay

    Mr. Wallace, Thank you for your insight and for creating an environment where all of us can flourish. I hope one day we don’t have to distinguish men and women because we recognize we are different but equal in potential and rights. Thank you for your leadership and for reminding us that each of us is “responsible and accountable”.

  12. Nancy Cordova

    Mr. Wallace, thank you for openly addressing what has been a sensitive topic for so long. Your strong leadership in standing firm as an organization to do the right thing only reinforces the positive culture of Texas Children’s. I am proud to work for an organization that values and respects the women and men it employs and serves.

  13. Kabby Thompson

    At Texas Children’s we do the right thing every time without compromise. This is yet another example of why I am proud to work at Texas Children’s. As always, Mr. Wallace you are the epitome of true leadership. The culture you have built at Texas Children’s is nothing short of inspiring. Thank you for creating a safe and inspiring place for us to dedicate our careers to.

  14. Kristi A Lemmert

    I am so thankful that you tackle this topic head on and do not leave it in the dark like it something to hide. You are so right; ALL people deserve to feel safe and I do feel safe at Texas Children’s and proud to work for an organization that supports the rights and safety of us all equally. Your leadership continues to inspire and ignite me.#ONEAMAZINGTEAM

  15. Cassandra Anderson

    Mr. Wallace, thank you for sharing your thoughts and views on this important topic. We need more CEO’s and leaders to be supportive of their employees when harassment is happening in the workplace. I am extremely proud to work at Texas Children’s Hospital, where the culture is like no other, and the CEO genuinely cares about all of the employees. Thank you for making this a safe place for all of us. Your leadership is amazing!

  16. Michelle Lawson

    Mr. Wallace, it’s a great reflection of your leadership that you not only believe in the value of all people, but also share your beliefs with us all. The benefit that each employee receives is to be empowered to treat each other with dignity and respect and to stand up for those who experience injustice when we encounter it. This is one of the great ways that makes TCH the best place to work and to receive care!

  17. Erika Hayes

    I love that this blog is titled “Solidarity” — Those who are less powerful in the world MUST support and advocate for each other. We must fight an abuse of power with power; and there is certainly power in numbers.
    There is also power in light. Let’s vow to always shine a light on those with ill intentions so that others who may follow in their footsteps will think twice. This is how social justice happens — solidarity, light, consequences.

  18. Eden McCleskey

    I really like that you included “feeling safe if you come here to receive care.” Because of course being a safe supportive and non discriminating workplace is a huge part of our culture and part of why so many of us spend our whole careers here. But abuse during medical care is a thing that does exist, and it’s important for us to always remember that our patients and families are vulnerable and trusting and we have a responsibility to safeguard them in all respects.

    Also, children come into our ER who are victims of abuse, sexual abuse, rape, etc. And everything about how we treat them and interact with them matters. I’m glad that we have a team of certified sexual abuse nurse examiners who know how to work with these patients and the authorities.

    I highly recommend the Netflix series Unbelievable. It does an INCREDIBLE job of portraying the different ways (some subtle, some not so subtle) that police officers respond to those who report rape and how that can play out in enormous ways in the victims lives, public safety, criminal justice, etc.

    Thank you for encouraging this discussion!

  19. Linda Aldred

    So many emotions surround this topic that it is sometimes hard to put them into words. Thank you for finding the words and reminding our organization that we will always remain steadfast in our commitment to keep them safe, and to always hear them. We have a rich culture at Texas Children’s because we live compassionately for those we serve and for each other. Thank you for always leading the way!

  20. Sarah Maytum

    This is such an important conversation, and true to Texas Children’s, we never step away from the important conversations. As a woman who has spent the majority of my career here, I consider myself fortunate to have been surrounded by so many people who are caring, thoughtful and inclusive. Let’s keep talking about the issues that matter- it is through those conversations that we further demonstrate that Texas Children’s is an exceptional place to work and receive care!

  21. Michelle Riley-Brown

    Mark, Thank you for this powerful message. You have built a culture of “always doing what is right, not necessarily what is easy.” I admire you and commend you for always supporting women, and all of our employees. It is important for everyone to feel respected and safe in the workplace. Thank you for being the phenomenal and inspirational leader that you are.


    Mr. Mark Wallace,
    The example is demostrated with facts and you are a person who with his deeds shows the example that we should follow.
    Thank you for being what it means for Texas Childre’s Hospital.
    GOD bless your lfe Mr. Wallace

  23. Angela Banks

    Mr. Mark Wallace,
    Thank you for being the light of Texas Children Hospital. The love, support and care you portray to all of us is what keep me going as an employee of TCH. From the first time I met you at the New Employee Rally to the times I have run into you in the hallways you have never waver from caring and using those moments to express your appreciation. I want to say thank you for Caring, Loving and Support us (the employees of TCH). Most of all for assuring us that we have a right to feel safe, respected, in TCH workplace and that our personal space matters. May God continual blessing be upon you.

  24. Jenny Little

    Mr. Wallace – Thank you for your unwavering commitment to ensuring everyone at Texas Children’s is respected and has a safe and supportive work environment. Your values have formed the moral fabric of the organization, and this blog is an important reminder of what we believe in now and what we’ve stood for for the past 30 years. As a women I’m so grateful to work for a leader and for an organization the encourages and empowers employees to do what’s right. One of many reasons why TCH is the best place to work!

  25. Jessica Holzer

    Mr. Wallace,
    Thank you for your willingness to address such an important issue. I am honored to work for an organization that is committed to make every employee feel respected.

  26. Dan DiPrisco

    This is an important issue within our society that needs highlighting. We do such critical work here at Texas Children’s and it is our responsibility to, as you said, ensure that our colleagues feel safe in the workplace. We are a world-class organization because of the people that come to work everyday ready to serve children and women. No matter who we are as individuals, we are great because we are OneAmazingTeam! We all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Thank you for reminding us of that.

  27. Jennifer Duos

    Thank you for being willing to speak up and speak out about a topic such as this. I am so proud to be an employee here at Texas Children’s Hospital. It is leaders such as yourself who inspire us all to use our voice and our positions of power for good.

  28. Tami Zhan

    Mr. Wallace, this is so inspiring. Thank you for always supporting the TCH mission and its employees. I really appreciate your leadership and your continuous effort to make TCH one of the Best Place to Work for everyone!

  29. Dominique Patel

    Mr. Wallace, thank you for your leadership and always guiding the organization in the right direction. It a honor to be part of a organization that takes a stance on all important matters in society. Thank you for creating a strong Texas Children’s family.

  30. Shayla Westmoreland

    Mr. Wallace,

    Thank you for this strong message of solidarity. The Texas Children’s culture allows women to feel value, respected, and empowered. It is an honor and privilege to be able to learn and grow here. Thank you for being a beacon of light to guide and inspire us all!

  31. Justin Loudon

    Mr. Mark Wallace – Thank you for adding your voice to this important conversation. One of the best parts of being on #OneAmazingTeam is knowing that you’re valued and respected for who you are. It’s a powerful message when both voices and actions align to create a space that requires the best from each of us.

  32. Diane Scardino

    Thank you for speaking out on this important topic.
    Thank you for setting a clear tone for our workplace.
    Thank you for holding everyone in the Texas Children’s family to the highest level of ethical conduct and protecting our amazing culture.
    And Thank you for inspiring all of us to accept nothing less in our spheres of influence.

  33. Amber Tabora

    It is our sacred duty to honor all people with respect and compassion, regardless of gender, race, beliefs, etc. This blog is a strong reminder of why that responsibility is so important for all of us. Thank you for creating an organization and a culture where this is absolutely a fundamental expectation and not a luxury. You have set the tone that is at the heart of this one amazing team, and we are all blessed to be part of it.

  34. Binta Baudy

    Thank you for your transparency and always keeping the conversations real and relevant. This blog and others are very important topics that we often acknowledge, but never discuss. Thank you for continuing the conversation and being such a great advocate.

  35. Janda Jelks

    I find it so refreshing that our CEO stands with us in solidarity about “feeling safe when you receive care here”. I too am apart of the #MeToo movement and as a member of the TCHPFW campus I am proud to know that we help provide voices for those women who cannot. Over the past 5 years I have been here I have seen the great work this hospital provides to not only myself but also my son (born June 2017). Thank you for all you do and bless your continued walk as our leader!

  36. Jenn Jacome

    I so appreciate the inclusion that all people should feel safe and free from sexual harassment, in addition to abuse and assault, in the workplace as it relates to this discussion. Far too often, young women are taught to expect some level of sexual harassment as a “normal” part of being a female in the workforce.

    It’s what our mothers and grandmothers had to endure — it’s normal. It’s a shared experience nearly every female worker has at least one story about — it’s ubiquitous. It’s the conversations friends and sisters share — it’s unfortunately all too relatable. It’s one of the many lessons I hope my own daughters never have to learn first-hand — it must become obsolete in our society.

    When places, like Texas Children’s, take a strong stand and say not only is this not our culture, but it is not and will not be tolerated, that sends a message. It’s a signal that what was once normalized by our society is, must and can be eradicated.

  37. Virginia Tomlinson

    So thankful to work in a place that has this level of commitment to an inclusive and harassment-free workplace. Thank you for sharing, Mark, and for holding us all to the highest standards every day.

  38. Mary Jo Andre

    Mark–Thanks so much for your transparency and for bringing this important topic to the forefront. I am so proud to work for an organization that is committed to holding people accountable to the highest level of ethical conduct and standards. This is such an important conversation, and I am so appreciative that you are always leading by example and doing the right thing. Thanks for your constant focus and commitment to talking about issues that really matter.

  39. Jennifer Sanders

    Thank you for your thoughts and your tireless support of an inclusive culture within our organization. We are blessed to work in an environment that promotes and celebrates the contributions of all. This is just another example of how we do what is right, not what is easy. Thank you for leading the way.

  40. Owen Sears

    Most of my childhood and adolescence was growing up in a family of 4 girls and myself. I now have 2 daughters. This topic is extremely important to me on a personal level.

  41. Sara Montenegro

    Mr. Wallace – Thank you for taking the time to put these words together, and capturing an important time in the world. Our culture supports women and children, through all aspects of life – both for our employees, and for the patients/families we have the opportunity to care for. We are lucky to work as #oneamazingteam at TCH, and I’m proud to carry this message forward, to make a difference in the world.

  42. Ann McClarney

    Mr. Wallace,
    I think coming from a place of not having power, I expected harvey weinstein would never see the consequences of his behavior. When he was convicted, it was truly a hallelujah moment. A beginning for this country, as usual Mr. Wallace, Texas Children’s is leading the way as an employer and as a community leader.
    Thank you for not turning a blind eye to what needs to be fixed and moving the conversation to a place where we as employees can start to have honest conversations.
    Proud to call you Leader.

  43. Sarah Moser

    Thank you for bringing this topic to the forefront at Texas Children’s. It is an honor to be part of an organization that promotes dignity, respect, and a strong moral compass. As an employee, a patient, and parent of a patient, I am able to see this, firsthand, throughout the entire organization. I am so proud to be part of Texas Children’s. This truly is one amazing place!

  44. Constance Taylor

    Mr. Wallace, Thank you for your timely remarks about a subject that for so long was so taboo. Being a mother of a teenage daughter who I try to protect fiercely, but all the while knowing that the time is soon approaching where she will have to go it alone, it’s comforting to be able to take these words to her during our regular mommy-daughter talks and articulate what it means to be respected in and out of the workforce. Thanks to you, I know she will be much better prepared to address these situations than earlier generations of women were. You are truly an inspiring leader!

  45. Seema Patel

    Thank you for your willingness to address this issue so publicly. Every woman can tell many stories of times when they’ve been harassed, if not worse, solely because of their gender. It can not and should not be tolerated, and I appreciate you making it very clear that that kind of behavior is not acceptable here.

  46. L.Jacob

    Mr. Mark Wallace,
    You have such an amazing personality to spread smile on faces & infuse positive thinking. The core concept of Solidarity rejuvenates the sinking minds. God has blessed you with such an inspiring spirit to keep TCH an incredible place to work. If there is hope for the future, there is power in the present. The topic you selected on the blog is very promising.

  47. Heather Cherry

    Mr. Wallace, thank you for your candidness around such an important topic today. I am grateful and proud to work for an organization who consistently leads the way in supporting a healthy and safe work environment. All of us have the responsibility to care for each other, support each other, and treat each other with the upmost respect and dignity. Thank you for always lead by example in this way and continue to set the bar high for all of us. #OneAmazingTeam

  48. Ryan Thompson

    Mr. Wallace – thank you for this powerful message. I am proud to work for an organization that has leaders that speak out on important issues in our society. As a #girldad, I want my two daughters to grow up in a society that treats them as equals. Our organization is promoting this from the top down.

    Thank you!

  49. Tabitha Rice

    This is such an important topic and reminder that everyone deserves to feel safe and heard. Thank you for leading the way and encouraging this dialogue. #OneAmazingTeam

  50. Jeff Wagner

    Mr. Wallace, Thank you for the timely and important message. Your personal commitment to each of the Texas Children’s employees and the patients and families we serve is paramount in our society and today’s culture. As you state, “ensuring a diverse, inclusive culture that is respectful and safe for everyone,” is a shining example of solidarity in action and your steadfast leadership.

  51. Paige Schulz

    Mr. Wallace, thank you for your personal commitment to this movement. It is encouraging that we are making progress as a country, but even more gratifying to know you work for an organization that is leading in this space!

  52. Gail Vozzella

    It takes courage to speak up and do the right thing. Texas Children’s, with your leadership, is always out in front facing any challenge. Thank you!

  53. Ketrese White

    Mr. Wallace,
    Your bold & courageous leadership sets the tone for all of us to rise up and ascend beyond the fear to do what is right regardless of how hard it might be. You consistently pursue the path of excellence by defining expectations above and beyond what’s easily attained to stretch us beyond our comfort zone. Thank you for leading this topic and setting clear expectations of what our culture will not tolerate. I am honored to be part of this phenomenal team.

  54. Katie Kalenda-Daggett

    Your conviction and confidence send a powerful message and set an important example. “Let’s be clear: all people–women and men—deserve to feel safe,” touched a chord with me. I may have even said “amen!” out loud when I read it. I believe whole-heartedly in that truth, and I see it and feel it each and everyday here at Texas Children’s. Thank YOU.

  55. Kelley Hernandez

    Mr. Wallace, thank for your stance on this. It is wonderful to know we have a leader that will stand for what is right. No person (man or woman) should have to deal with inappropriate behavior at any time especially in the workplace. Thank you for your wonderful leadership.

  56. Jackie Ward

    Mr. Wallace once again you take the bold and unwavering position on issues that are so meaningful to all of us. The issue of feeling safe and respected in the work place is one many organizations do not take a firm position on and certainly top leadership do not take this sort of a stance. But we have a CEO who stands behind his ethical and moral compass and speaks boldly about them. THIS is why we have the amazing culture we have at TCH. I can’t thank you enough for your leadership.

  57. Deborah Bland

    Mr. Wallace,
    I am very proud to work for a leader and employer who represents the very best in attitude, behavior and setting standards for doing the right thing(s). Thank you representing our work culture, our human culture, in an outstanding way.

  58. Emily Wolf Schaffer

    Kudos and sincere thanks, Mr. Wallace, for this post. I am new to TCH and came here in no small part because our organization is female-dominated. I have said that if the future is female, the future is already at TCH. Few things make me prouder. Congratulations and thank you for giving me (and, undoubtedly, many other women) the shot in the arm I needed just as the last qualified female presidential candidate dropped out of the race. I am ready for our country to catch up to TCH.

  59. Joan Andrada

    Your message here Mr. Wallace is so powerfully felt. Thank you. It is a wonderful feeling to be part of this One Amazing Team. At TCH, safety, inclusion, respect, compassion, diversity, solidarity, leadership, service, teamwork are goals that are achieved, enjoyed and worked on tirelessly by everyone. I feel blessed to be here.

  60. Melissa Fischer

    Thank you for supporting the #MeToo movement and bringing this conversation to the organization. It is extremely important for everyone to feel safe and respected. I am grateful to work for an organization where we are empowered and encouraged to do what is right every day.

  61. Melissa Falcon

    “We hear words, we see action, we feel attitude. Good leaders make sure they match. Good leaders make sure they contribute to a constructive environment.” While reading this quote – from a current podcast – I thought of you Mr. Wallace. Thank you for this blog post and yet another example of your strong leadership. Thank you for the reminder.

  62. Burke Wilson

    Mr Wallace: Thank for taking time to pen your thoughts on this important issue. Every member of this team has a personal responsibility to ensure this culture of safety and mutual respect is maintained for every member of the TCH team. We respect the individual and the rich perspectives every person brings to work each day to care for the women and children we serve.

  63. Sara Dean

    Thank you Mr. Wallace for being a leader who is unafraid and unapologetic in holding this organization to the highest standard. Your exemplar of leadership and humanity is of utmost importance when expecting your entire employee team to follow suit. As I care for women at TCH, it is reassuring to know that I am counseling and treating them in the same respect that our organization is built upon. I am proud and honored to have worked at TCH for almost ten years and it is your leadership and those you have appointed to be around you that will keep me here. Thank you for setting this expectation for our #oneamazingteam.

  64. Ivett Shah

    Thank you Mark for the encouragement and the support you provide to all employees regardless of their race, creed or gender. You have worked tirelessly to build a culture of safety, not only for patients but for all employees. We know that the work must continue and I’m proud to be a part of an organization that faces difficult topics and isn’t afraid to speak up for what is right!

  65. Matt Timmons

    Thank you, Mr. Wallace, for addressing this important topic- we should all feel safe and have a voice. I continue to be proud to work for Texas Children’s Hospital under your bold and steady leadership.

  66. Kimberly Rosinski

    Mr. Wallace, Thank you for this blog and your thoughts on this topic. I feel so blessed to work for such and organization where we all feel valued, respected, and safe. Thank you for cultivating such an environment.

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