Doing what’s right, by choice

December 10, 2015 | (10) Comments

Each fall, we ask you to get the flu shot to protect yourself and our patients against a potentially deadly infection. As many of you who have worked in other health care organizations know,  getting a flu shot is very often mandatory at  any place else that provides care.

But at Texas Children’s, we have always felt that people who work here are innately driven to do the right thing for our patients. Therefore,  our approach to  flu vaccinations  has always been very  simple – it’s the right thing to do for our patients, and we’re all here to do the best we can by our patients. That means getting vaccinated against the flu so that we have the best chance possible at keeping our patients healthy.

Even U.S. News & World Report recognizes that the rate of flu vaccine compliance at an organization is an indicator of the quality and safety of its environment. That is why they have now included  flu vaccination compliance as one of the measures in their annual best children’s hospitals assessment. While our driver for encouraging you to get vaccinated isn’t primarily about our U.S. News ranking, I can’t fathom that one of the nation’s top children’s hospitals would ever struggle to get complete compliance with flu vaccination.

We ask that you get vaccinated against the flu to protect yourself and to protect those around you who  depend on you to be healthy. When you’re healthy, the patients in our care – children and women – have a much better chance of having a better outcome . Being healthy also allows you to be here for your team and co-workers during one of our busiest times of the year.

I realize that  some people have very strongly held beliefs against getting a flu shot. But  this is so critical. We need everyone at Texas Children’s  to get vaccinated by December 31. Encourage your colleagues to do the right thing, make sure everyone in your family is vaccinated, and educate those around you about getting the flu shot.

This is not about us. It’s about the people we care for. I’m not asking you to do it for you, or me for that matter. I’m asking you to do it for our patients. Please take this responsibility to heart – we owe this simple act to our patients and their families.

Flu vaccinations are free and available in Employee Health at our Main and West campuses. If you receive your vaccination elsewhere, your Texas Children’s insurance will cover the cost. Please call Employee Health at Ext. 4-2150 if you have questions.


10 Responses to “Doing what’s right, by choice”

  1. Amber Tabora

    Thank you for this message, Mark! This is such a simple and important thing that we can all do to help protect everyone around us and especially for our patients. Why would you even want to take the chance when getting the vaccine is so easy and harmless? I know everyone will take your message to heart–sometimes folks just need the reminder. It is absolutely the right thing to do, and that is absolutely who we are here at Texas Children’s. So let’s get ‘er done!

  2. Trudy Leidich

    Thanks so much for the reminder Mr. Wallace. Such an easy way to make sure we protect our patients, our families and our selves from illness. And the Flu shot is a free gift this holiday season! 🙂

  3. Diane Youngblood RN

    If youget the flu, you can spread it to others even if you don’t feel sick. By getting vaccinated, you help protect yourself, your family at home and your patients. Today, another 23 flu shots were given while rolling the flu cart to Tx Children’s employees.
    A Caring Team Protecting Themselves and Patients.

  4. Dana Danaher

    Associates, providers and staff are the first line of defense for safe and effective patient care. Who will take care of our kids if you are out sick? Who will help ensure they receive the care they need and deserve? Who will help your co-workers when they become stretched and tired from working short handed? Take care of yourself, your team and your patients. Get the flu vaccine!

  5. Jill Fragoso

    Thank you for your impactful message! Receiving the flu shot is quick and easy. It is one of the most important actions we can take to prevent ourselves, our family, our colleagues and our patients, from coming down with the flu. The flu can be life-threatening to even those who were previously healthy! We want to amplify unity and achieve a 90% vaccination acceptance rate before Dec. 31. As leaders in this healthcare organization, we owe it to each other and our patients to do everything we possibly can to protect them. Receiving our flu shot each year is an easy way to accomplish this.

  6. Michael Knapick, MD TCP Barker Cypress

    My nurses are great at giving shots. This is the second year in a row that I truly did not feel the needle or vaccine going in. No soreness the next day, either.
    So, get your flu shot today. No excuses. 🙂

  7. Hosting

    Ask family members to tell you about a time when either they did the right thing and are really glad they did, or didn’t do the right thing and are sorry about it. What would have resulted if they had made the opposite choice?

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