The freedom to lead


Maxim no. 7: “Most companies are under-led and over-managed.”

Leadership Maxim No. 7 expands on the principles laid out in Maxim No. 6. The ability to manage – making sure processes, procedures and protocols are followed – is an essential and necessary skill.

But if you are solely focused on managing, you may have less time to concentrate on new ideas and growth. I believe that everyone is a leader, in… Read More

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Balancing act


Maxim no. 6: “Leaders lead people; managers manage an asset, process or thing.”

Leadership Maxim No. 6 is one of my favorite maxims because it highlights two distinct, yet very important, skills that are essential to running an organization like Texas Children’s – leading and managing. With more than 14,000 employees across our system, it takes exceptional leaders and managers throughout every level of the organization to ensure we deliver the… Read More

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Kicking off Leadership Maxim series 2.0


“Leadership always influences or determines outcomes, not some of the time, but all of the time.”

Over the course of many years of dedicated effort and thoughtful consideration, I have refined and developed a list of ten leadership maxims. You hear me share them often, in person, Connect stories and on this blog. These maxims guide me daily and represent my leadership philosophy, and they are the core of our… Read More

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Here, every day is game day

Mark Wallace and a group of employees in January 2012, celebrating the Texans' play-off run.

Mark Wallace and a group of employees in January 2012, celebrating the Texans' play-off run.

It’s that time of year again – football season. The regular season kicked off a couple weeks ago, and for the next few months, football will dominate our weekends.

Whether you’re a fan of the pros or a little league parent cheering from the sidelines, I think we all recognize the faithful dedication required for any sport. And personally, beyond the excitement of the actual game, what I appreciate most… Read More

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