Every day is a new day at Texas Children’s

New day - TCH people video

Often, when you hear someone say, “It’s a new day,” that means one of two things: There’s a change coming … a shift in the way things are being done. Or, more often, here at Texas Children’s we say it to mean let’s start anew tomorrow – tomorrow is a new day and another chance to offer encouragement, support or forgiveness. It’s an opportunity to learn, self-correct or right… Read More

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The gift we give every day

offering a gift

Last week, as I was thinking about my Christmas message to you, I of course thought about all the things the season typically means – family, beloved traditions, lots of good food and opening that perfect gift. But over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about gifts much greater than anything that fits beneath a tree. In particular, I thought about what a gift it is… Read More

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Doing what’s right, by choice

Flu face

Each fall, we ask you to get the flu shot to protect yourself and our patients against a potentially deadly infection. As many of you who have worked in other health care organizations know,  getting a flu shot is very often mandatory at  any place else that provides care.

But at Texas Children’s, we have always felt that people who work here are innately driven to do the right thing… Read More

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Thankful to be a blessing

Thanksgiving v2

One thing that I have been acutely aware of since I was a small child is that those who are blessed should do all they can to be a blessing to others. This is something that I always tried to teach my own children, and it’s something I have kept in mind my entire life.

My wife, Shannon, shares this belief, and has one of the most generous spirits of… Read More

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