October 2015

When you love what you do


When my children, Ben and Emily, were young, one of my greatest hopes for them was that as adults, they would do something that they could be completely passionate about.

I think for the most part, they are living that. Ben works in sales, and he’s really quite good at it. And Emily is an amazing mom to five young children – I don’t have to tell you what an… Read More

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A bold response to a call for help

2k13-0225-AK4_4351  Rehab Center for The Journal Magazine Issue 2 2013   Photo by A Kramer

As we move about the day, working alongside our colleagues, we might be surprised at the journeys some of them have traveled.

Take Kathy Green and her husband, Kurt. Both are Texas Children’s employees. In fact, Kathy has been at Texas Children’s about as long as I have. She met her husband here, and they have two children, ages 6 and 8. Kathy and Kurt are not only employees, they… Read More

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