Stay connected to each other, not the phone

Mobile phone obsession

Our Radiologist-in-Chief Dr. George Bisset told me something recently that got me thinking. A few weeks ago, Dr. Bisset requested a product demonstration from a vendor. The vendor representative offered to provide the demo over Webex, but Dr. Bisset insisted on a face-to-face presentation. He felt the meeting and the product’s potential impact was important enough that it should be held in person so his team could get a… Read More

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Families are knocking … open the door


One of the most frequent calls I get is from a concerned parent asking for my assistance to get an appointment for their child. On August 1, I held a meeting to discuss patient access and scheduling at Texas Children’s. I heard from each member of my leadership team and was advised that they receive calls for assistance every day. Did you know that we have nearly 100 distinctive… Read More

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It is resolved … you’re the best

Harvey resolution

It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago our great city was submerged in water. And although the sight of the devastation is something I will never forget, what I have thought about more often since then is how we, together, braved the storm.

Shortly after Hurricane Harvey, I met with Texas Children’s Board of Trustees, and I explained how we’d fared during the storm. I shared our… Read More

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Music to my ears

Rudy garza

“The key characteristics to look for when selecting people are a winning attitude and a strong work ethic.”

I am asked all the time, “Mark, how do you make decisions about picking new leaders? What are the characteristics you’re looking for?” Of course there are a lot of important things to look for when we’re selecting people to come here. Texas Children’s is a very special place, and every person… Read More

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